London Builds Up to COP15

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The UN Cop15 Climate Conference is due to take place in Copenhagen from 7th-18th December. Recent campaigns and mobilizations have clearly represented people's desire to dramatically reduce emissions across the world, but this seems to still have little impact upon Governments. Those in the global south who have contributed least to the problem are now facing the effects. Increasingly climate campaigners are saying that we cannot trust the market with our future and that we must not rely upon 'false solutions'.

As the world watches Copenhagen, thousands of people will participate in protest marches, direct action [more] and alternative forums. Hundreds of people from the UK will head to Copenhagen to participate in the protests. The Climate Camp London group is organising coach transport to Copenhagen, leaving on Friday 11th Dec. Ahead of Cop15, a large protest march called "The Wave" is planned on Dec 5th, which includes a call for an anti-capitalist block. Earlier on the day there is also a call for a Climate Bike Ride and a Climate Emergence rally at midday. The Climate Camp in London have also announced an action - the COP OUT Camp Out to take place after the Wave.

IMC Reporting numbers for the Wave demonstration and Cop Out action have have been announced. Be the Media by calling in your reports - 07929 469 640 - and audio messages - 08444 872 207.

Read the comprehensive "System Change, Not Climate Change" IMC-UK feature, and listen to a radio interview about why people are planing to take action in Copenhagen, in London and beyond.


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