Climate Camp: Day 3: Workshops and Training

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Friday was the first full day of workshops at the camp [pics] after two days of set up - concentrating on it's main purpose, direct action training, education around climate change, and skillshare. Around 35 sessions ran throughout the day on a wide variety of topics including the first of five daily mass direct action trainings [Pics 1|2|3].

In the afternoon a group of over 150 people left the camp to protest outside Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf, before marching through the streets, with banners reading "Climate Killer Coal" and "More Future Less Capitalism" all without interruption by police [photo report|2|3|4|5] [press release] [cc website pics] [twitpic 1|2] [video 1|2|3]

Meanwhile representatives from the Council were given a guided tour of the camp and the police met with the camp liaison team outside the gates. Climate Camp Radio (who are broadcasting every evening) also published the live show they produced on Thursday evening [download]

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