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Monday Update: Building is at 1 Stamford St, SE1 9NT, see first impressions and pics. People needed to help sort space out!

The Cuts Cafe held it first public meeting on October the 1st to to "give everyone – groups and individuals – the chance to find out more about the project and how to get involved."  The location will be a squatted space opened for the two weeks leading up to the Trade Union Congress demonstration on October 20th. Cuts Café will provide a radical space in Central London to build resistance to these devastating cuts, and to explore the real alternatives to austerity. See full events listing.

The successful meeting that was attended by around 100 people included a number of speakers such as those from Uk Uncut and the Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) groups, who explained what they are doing and also how this might tie into the cuts cafe. After that, a speaker from the Cuts Cafe group spoke to a now very excited audience about the variety of events the Cafe will be holding as well as the politics and ideas behind the space. See full unedited video of the meeting. Listen to Cuts Cafe speak about project on Dissident Island Radio.


More info about the Cuts Cafe:

The government tells us that cuts to public services and social security are needed to save an economy in crisis, but in reality the crisis is capitalism.

For the two weeks leading up to the Trade Union Congress demonstration on October 20th, Cuts Café will provide a radical space in Central London to build resistance to these devastating cuts, and to explore the real alternatives to austerity.

It will be open for all of us who are affected, whether we are people with disabilities, women, migrants, workers, pensioners, students, unemployed… or anyone else not part of the privileged elite who are enriching themselves in this ‘crisis’.

By sharing this reclaimed space, we hope people working in their community, local anti-cuts, student, or autonomous groups, as well as the trade unions, will be able to collectively and democratically build positive alternatives with which to challenge the ‘politics as usual’ forced upon us.

This will be an opportunity for connections to form outside of those groups that we may already be involved with, and to reinvigorate the anti-cuts movement at the grassroots level.

Cuts Café, being part of a movement for creating equality and real democracy, will be organized without discrimination and, as much as possible, without hierarchy. We welcome you to come and participate in the running of the space.

If you or your group would like to facilitate a workshop or skillshare, screen a film, hold a discussion, or use the space in any other way please get in touch! You can also contribute by helping to provide some of the more material resources needed for the day-today running of the space, or just by coming down to share a bit of your time.

For more information email cutscafe@riseup.net or to propose an event get us at eventscutscafe@riseup.net.

Twitter: @Cuts_Cafe
Facebook: Cuts Café


First building lost

Due to quite a few tsg cops threatening ppl with unlawful arrest



This is the page to see all of the latest news on events that are happening in the space. Be aware dates and times may be subject to change.

Sunday October 7th:

2-4pm - Occupy Design UK

You’re invited to bring radical design, artwork and ideas to the first of a series of events we will be doing at the CutsCafe. This will be a space to plan creative responses to the cuts, make some work and decorate the new building with audacious radical art. See: http://occupydesign.org.uk/

Monday October 8th:

6.30-7.30pm Crypto Party at Cuts Cafe:

An introduction to practical cryptography for activists. We’ll explain why it’s important and help you get set up!

7.30-9pm Disabled People Against the Cuts:

Direct Action for everybody. Why we do it and how to plan it.

Tuesday October 9th:

1pm-5.30pm Green and Black Cross Legal Observer Training:

A hands on training about dealing with the police and supporting protest on mass and smaller direct actions.

2pm-4pm Seeds for Change present:

Consensus: what is it? And does it work? by Hannah Lewis

6pm-7pm Society at odds with nature: Anti-Capitalist Responses.

A talk by Gabriel Levy followed by Q&A

6pm-8pm Radical Teaching Collective.

How to work within school system/curriculum whilst also trying to engage young people in radical politics?

7pm-8.30pm Waging a Living Underground:

Cleaners fighting back and winning, a talk by Nigerian born RMT organiser Clara Osagiede

8pm Fitwatch present:

Direct Action is a powerful tactic against the snooping and prying of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and their new sidekicks, Police Liaison Officers. A little organised resistance can stop the FIT / PLOs from getting their ‘intel’ at crucial times -such as when they are recording the clothing and shoes of people in that quiet time when people are gathering for demos. Action like this can be very effective at keeping people out of police and prison cells. This is a meeting to discuss the role of FIT and PLOs, to share experiences of action against them, and to discuss ideas of how we might deal with them on the 20th October.

Wednesday October 10th:

6pm-7pm ACTION Atomic Weapons Eradication and Campaign Against Arms Trade present:

Whats the connection between resisting cuts and resisting the replacement of Trident? We’re all seeing the impact of austerity on our communities. So it’s difficult to believe that Trident submarines are being replaced at a cost of £25 billion and that the arms trade is propped up by £700 million of public funds a year. Come to this workshop to learn more about Trident and military spending and to discuss possibilities for direct action. http://actionawe.org/ http://www.caat.org.uk

6pm-8pm The Luddites, automation and austerity.

200 years ago, in 1812, groups of textile workers, known as Luddites, staged an uprising against machinery that was eliminating their jobs and skills and destroying their communities. They were facing economic recession due to the war with revolutionary France, food shortages and destitution if they lost their jobs. Although the Luddites have been portrayed by the capitalist victors as being against technology and progress, in fact they broke only machines they thought were ‘hurtful to Commonality’ ie. to the common good, and the common people. The issues faced by the Luddites are very much part of the current situation for working people. Digital technologies are replacing ever-increasing numbers of jobs with robots, 3D printing machines, ‘smart software’ etc. This trend is partly driven by the current recession and austerity, which push employers to reduce wage bills eg, by replacing librarians with automatic check-in machines. This workshop will discuss these issues and possibilities for action.

7pm-8pm COMPASS present:

A discussion on what is the real crisis and what are the real alternatives? By Neal Lawson

7-8.30 National Union of Journalists: Truth, the first casalty of the cuts

Murdoch, Leveson and journalism under austerity. How can independent journalism survive the cuts? How do writers get organised in a race-to-the-bottom market? By Donnacha DeLong, NUJ

8pm-9.30pm No Pay, No Way:

A pressure group fighting against unpaid internships in charities and NGOs, and campaigning for paid entry level positions in the sector. The group comprises current interns, ex interns and those who cant afford internships at all. Come to this workshop to hear more about the No Pay No Way campaign, get involved and fight back!

Thursday October 11th:

5pm-6pm- Occupiers present: An Assembly on Assemblies!

Groups including #15m and #occupy will talk about their experiences in public assemblies and possible structures, including consensus.

6pm-7pm- Robin Hood Tax:

Dispelling the myths of the financial transaction tax and what it could mean for the UK.

7pm-8:30pm- UKUNCUT present:

From Anger to Creative Action www.ukuncut.org.uk/

Friday October 12th:

2-5pm: Catastroika & ArtProtesters Screening by London Against Troika Group

Screenings by London Against Troika Portuguese Group in London followed by open debate with representatives of other southern european anti-austerity groups in London, including London Against Troika representative, Democracia Real Ya/15M London representative, Global Project Italy/London representative.

6pm-7pm: Austerity and Violence Against Women:

How women under economic and physical attack are reclaiming their future – with Sarah Day, caseworker with women surviving domestic abuse.

From 8pm: Open mic, improv, & poetry against the cuts.

Including Claire Faucet, Danny Chivers, Slam the Cuts.

Saturday October 13th:

ALL DAY EVENT: 12pm-8pm Capitalism for Anti-Capitalists:

Join Kaput and Corporate Watch for an introductory session into the economics of the global capitalist system.

ALL DAY EVENT: 1pm Onwards- A future that works art workshop:

A collaborative art workshop by Holly Webley Naylor

7pm-9pm- Who Polices The Police?

A film showing followed by discussion with the family of Sean Rigg, a 40-year old black musician killed in police custody and Ken Fero.

Sunday October 14th:

ALL DAY EVENT: Cuts Against The Cuts

Need a trim? We’ll be joined by trained hairdressers. Come down for a free haircut!

1pm-2.30pm Smash EDO

Street actions and affinity group actions.

1pm-2.30pm SCMONEY

2pm-3pm- Able to Fight: Welfare Reform, Disability and Resistance:

A talk by Michael Calderbank

2pm-3pm Livestream Workshop

3pm-5pm Stop the G8:

The G8 conference is in the UK in Summer 2013. Never mind their nonsense about alleviating poverty and hunger, the G8 leaders will use the conference to dismantle borders for capital, financial investment, privatisation and policing. At the same time they will enforce borders for ordinary workers when it suits them and plan to further the domination of
natural resources by global elites.

A coalition of activists has formed to plan a mass mobilisation against the conference on the basis of non-hierarchy and a respect for diversity of tactics. Come and find out how to get involved. More info at https://network23.org/stopg8/

5-7pm Strike Debt:

Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and David Graeber

Monday October 15th:

2-4pm CUTS CAFE MATINEE Film Showing:

SANKARA with Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign

6pm-7pm Women of Colour in the Global Women’s Strike

6pm-7pm Housing Action

Activists from different housing movements come together to discuss their campaigns and how to draw them together. Squash – resisting the criminalisation of squatting. Digs – bringing together renters in Hackney. Housing Solidarity – direct action against exploitative letting agents. Housing for the 99% – building a coordinated housing movement.

7pm-8pm- Ewa Jasiewicz:

Skillshare how to organise your work place? Tools, Tactics, Ideas.

7pm-9pm Occupy Research Collective

8pm-9.30pm Radical London present:

“Community Organising to defeat cuts but also as direct action to build a real alternative to the system that makes them” -http://www.radicallondon.net/

Tuesday October 16th:

4-6pm Mental and Physical Health Service Users Empowerment

How can you become empowered to help yourself and others? The presentation, by Alan Ingram will be incorporating audience participation in a workshop format. Some of the groups work includes, running a Welfare Peer Support Group – giving support for those in the savage Welfare Reform Incapacity Benefits review process. Creating Guidelines for Service Users facing the dreaded Atos MH Care Services – Work Capability Assessment process. Creating a Template letter for a reply to DWP Job Centre Plus (JCP), intended to protect Service Users regarding the process.

5pm-6.30pm Greater London Pensioners Association (TBC)

We will be joined by a pensioner with 60 years experience of activism, to look back on lessons learned for our future campaigns.

6-8pm Plan C

6-8pm No Future in ‘a Future that Works’: Two Critiques of the TUC

A lot of protest in recent years against austerity follows the following blueprint: the TUC (or the NUS etc.) call for a day of action and people to the left of the TUC seize this opportunity to modify, radicalise, or to oppose the TUC’s politics. What unifies these radical criticisms is a dissatisfaction with the TUC’s call, aims and tactics. However, what exactly “we” oppose is rarely discussed – it seems that almost any critique of the TUC and its “conservative” anti-austerity is acceptable.

Consequently we do not engage with each other. Conflicting accounts are not discussed, mere assertion of opposition suffices. This
situation seems to us to be unsatisfactory.

Hence, we call this meeting to discuss our critique of the TUC. “We” is in this case, on the one hand, some students who were active in the 2010 student movement and, on the other hand, the Wine & Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London. Each group will present its own critique of the TUC’s call “A future that works”. Afterwards, we want to critique each other, receive critiques from the audience, and develop a clearer account of why the TUC’s “alternative” to the cuts should be resisted. The guiding question will be: “For what reason do we oppose ‘A future that works’?”.

The TUC’s campaign pamphlet can be accessed here:
- http://afuturethatworks.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/aftw-booklet.pdf

Wednesday October 17th:

3pm-5pm- Ken Loach Presents: “which side are you on?”

Short film on 9/11 and Q&A session.

6pm-7:30pm- London Coalition Against Poverty:

Fighting for our rights to housing and welfare: Mutual support and direct action work!

6pm-7.30pm Extra-ordinary Action Workshop by Susan Lelliot

Sue has over 25 years experience in community co-organising .She specialises in engaging ‘under-represented’, ‘mis-represented’ or ‘unheard’ groups. She has worked in many neighbourhoods experiencing negative reputation and community divides. Using photographs, film, anecdotes and stories she will share extra-ordinary stories of encouraging community action in ‘disenfranchised’ South East and London neighbourhoods and communities.

7.30pm Film Screening:

Riot From Wrong

Thursday October 18th:

1pm-5pm Language Classes

Join us for introductory classes in English, Spanish, Polish and Greek and Bring Your Own Language, to share with others.

5pm-9pm Language Exchange

Informal conversation and socialising and putting to use what the language classes have taught us.

5pm-6pm From Evolution to Revolution

It’s often said that ‘no revolution can change human nature’. However, scientists are now concluding that everything distinctively human about our nature, in particular our species’ unusual capacities for language and self-awareness, stem not merely from genetic mutations but from revolutionary social change. What can we learn today from the most successful revolution in history? By Anthropologist Chris Knight.

6pm-7.30pm Marindela – The Spanish Communist Utopia:

Dan Hancox, Guardian journalist and author.

6-8pm The future isn’t working:

Life beyond the wage and work beyond the wage by Michael Calderbank, Red Pepper

7:30-9:00pm Fuel Poverty Action present:

What is fuel poverty in relation to cuts/ capitalism/ climate change and how can we take action against those causing it over the coming winter.

Friday October 19th:

5pm-7pm Quebec’s Radical Student Movement

Two students from Quebec talk about the recent student uprising.

6pm-7pm ‘Its not all about Twitter’

Workshop on corporate capture of social media, as well as how best to use existing forms and alternatives for activism. Useful for anyone not familiar with using social media for activism by Phil Waddel