Reconnect Space + #Globalnoise Prep Today (sat)

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Reconnect - bringing our community back together!

203 High Holborn

A celebration of local creativity, we've acquired a HUGE space this weekend with space for hundreds of artists, performers, etc to come and express themselves. 

the building has been empty for 9 years due to corporate waste and mismanagement of resources, the venue has 10 galleries each the size of football pitches and we are hoping to FILL it with only 5 days notice. :0)


Focallocal are spreading the word about this HUGE space and celebration of local creativity at the Hobo Hilton in Holborn, giving London's creative community a huge stage right in the heart of central London to exhibit their work.

There is space for over 200 artists, makers and creators and 2000 visitors, the 5 galleries alone are each almost the size of a football pitch!!! 

Saturday, 6th October, 2012


12 - 6PM :: OPEN SKILL SWAP downstairs in Lobby, bring anything you can teach and see who'd like to learn something new:



7.30 - 11.30PM - CABARET NIGHT

Its free, but all contributors and attendee's need to help us tell more people about this exciting event! try sharing this on facebook, inviting all you contacts, email, tweeting #reconnect, blogging, bringing video cameras, write to arts magazines, newspapers and reporters.


A few people have been writing asking us how our staff will look after their works and asking questions about how the exhibition is organised appearing to have understood that this is an established exhibition centre, so i think i need to clarify the situation this weekend.

This is simply a giant space that people in the community can come to celebrate and display their creativity. 

We were approached by a group who were in possession of a huge building, they wanted to use the space for the benefit of the community and spread the word of a creative space that everyone can come to and use to celebrate their creativity, and they had heard that we put on positive community activities. They have given us assurances that they are currently in legal possession of the building and will be until Monday.

It is important that everyone understands that Focallocal does not have the capability to staff or manage an event or venue this size on such short notice and although many of our members may be attending we will have no formal presence.

Focallocal is happy to spread awareness of this wonderful idea to bring people from all areas of the community together to celebrate the creativity of the London community, and is very interested in giving London's creative community an opportunity to display their work in the very Centre of London, which we believe is far too difficult and expensive in our current society. 

The success of the day is relying purely on the positivity of its concept and the people who come along to join in the celebrations. everyone needs to make their own decision regarding the safety and security of attending as it will not have any form of insurance or management, its is just an open space for a celebration.

Focallocal's interest in this project is purely in its message of connecting people within our community and helping artists to display in central London. We strongly believe that wasted space like this should be opened up to positive public projects and are happy to spread the word of any projects benefiting our community, but we don't have any opinion on the methods used to gain temporary access to buildings like this.

times we've been told are midday till around 10pm every day. come and go as you please, you will be entirely responsible for your own works, so either stay with them or form friendships with others nearby and have them watch the works while you are exploring.