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Edge Fund supports communities, campaign groups and activists organising for social, economic and environmental justice and is run by a membership of donors, activist and communities facing injustice.

A new grant-making fund, Edge Fund, has just launched. Edge Fund supports efforts to achieve social, economic and environmental justice and to end imbalances in wealth and power – and gives those they aim to help a say in where the money goes. 

Existing financial and political systems benefit the privileged few and put profit and economic growth before people and the environment. To challenge these inequalities effectively, Edge Fund believes it is critical that decisions are made collectively, by those who donate money and those who receive it. To this end the Edge Fund consists of donors, activists and members of communities facing oppression and injustice who make funding decisions collectively. 

Edge Fund seeks to support communities, campaign groups and activists who are: 

- Working for systemic change – those who seek to dismantle and replace the structures and processes that create oppression, inequality and environmental destruction; 

- Facing discrimination and injustice because of their class, ability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other factors – those who are actively working to challenge these injustices and to create just and healthy communities. 

The first round is open 1 October. 

Full details on how to apply 
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