Sri Lankan Embassy, London surrounded by Tamils

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The Sri Lankan Embassy in London is currently surrounded by Tamil protestors. They need people, especially non-Tamils, to come suppurt asap.
The address of the Embassy is: 13 Hyde Park Gardens London W2 2LU

Tamils in occupation here and at Parliament Square - where Parameswaran Subramaniyan is in the 21st day of his hunger strike, now joined by 2 young women - all vow to continue their protest until there is a permanent ceasefire.

'Show of might only could stop the war'
TamilNet, Monday, 27 April 2009

"Only a joint show of might, without wasting any time by the International Community, can stop Colombo. This is the last chance for the IC if it is really interested in seeing a post-conflict Sri Lanka," writes a political commentator in Colombo. "Everybody knows how the current war in Sri Lanka has been perpetrated by the international community through systematic sabotage of the military and diplomatic balance in favour of the genocidal state of Sri Lanka. Initially the IC wanted political solution to go hand in hand with the military option. The IC failed miserably in achieving it and the way the war seems to be ending, political solution will be a mirage for ages. The war doesn’t serve any of the purposes of the IC now and is going to be counter-productive. Now it only consolidates a genocidal state that can never be reformed”, the commentator further writes.

Further observations of the political commentator follow:

"A victory by the Sri Lankan state at this juncture is no victory even for that state.

"Such military ends were accomplished only in feudal times and in the colonial times.

"If the Sri Lanka state aims for feudal or colonial ambitions, it may have justifications in the war, but this will not serve the interests of the international community.

"Besides, Colombo could never end the actual war in this way. The LTTE and the struggle are not only sure to survive but will find resurgence in a more severe form.

"The current military operations and the possible incompleteness of them in the annihilation of the LTTE leadership, which Colombo is soon going to realize and going to complain about, will serve only for its excuses of not agreeing to meaningful political solutions.

"It is time not to be missed by the IC to directly intervene in order to restructure state in the island. But whether the IC is going to be successful or not has become a matter of hours now.

"IC’s future in the island, its interests in the region of South Asia, and its international ideological credibility hang in balance."

More Info: Historical background to the Ethnic conflict between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil population on the former British colony: