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at st paul's this morning there were around 200 activists from more than 30 international activist groups. led by a new orleans funeral jazz band, they began by laying coffins at the gates to paternoster square where the london stock exchange deals in the profits and pension funds of major corporations responsible for worldwide misery. the ceremony was meant to celebrate the people who have tried to stand up to the huge mining and extraction dirty industries, many of them losing their lives, or livelihoods in doing so. [See also: part 2 | part 3]

early at st pauls


at the gates of the square

the procession

in the rain outside the stock exchange

at the bank of england

west papuan flag bearer

protecting the metal exchange

phillipine group

west papuan group

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a quick write-up and some pics from this morning's carnival of dirt protest in the city

the cortege then walked round to the front of the stock exchange in newgate street, where they blockaded the doors for a short while and listened to speeches, before moving on to the bank of england, and more inspiring words from some of the many groups represented. 

next, the crowd moved on to the london metal exchange where the names of the dead were read out, beginning with ken saro-wiwa in nigeria, and continuing with just a few from a very long list.

research has shown that over the last sixteen years, more than ten million have died in mineral wars, targetted killings, and militia battles directly connected to mineral and oil extraction world-wide. that is the equivalent of a 9/11 event every two days. and yet it hardly ever makes the mainstream news.

leaving some coffins at the metal exchange, the procession moved on to the altab ali park in whitechapel for shared lunches and some more speeches and music.

throughout the morning there were a ridiculous number of undercover "operatives" following the activists. we discovered that many of these work "on behalf of the corporation of london", although whether directly or through some other private security agency we are unclear. we'll be posting more on this over the weekend.

later in the day there was a street theatre action outside glencore commodity traders, and a carnival party to finish the day. (separate reports and pics)

loads of research and other information at the excellent site

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