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earlier this evening, a couple of dozen cyclists brought a little chaos to the junctions outside king's cross station in protest at new revelations over TfL's complicity in road deaths there. despite dozens of deaths and injuries to cyclists at the dangerous king's cross road intersections, it has recently come to light that between 2005 and 2009, TfL actually instructed its planners to ignore the needs of cyclists.

caledonian road

mini sound system

euston road

a gentle evening saunter

outside king's cross

only a few bikes but holding the road

york way

are tfl listening?

des kay addresses the crowd at the end of the ride

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also, where the planners, buchanan and partners, made bicycle-friendly recommendations, their draft report was watered down by TfL before final publication.

tonight's protest, attracting just a couple of dozen cyclists and pedestrians, held up traffic by processing slowly in a route up and down the euston road outside the station, while more than 200 explanatory leaflets were distributed to passers-by. it was the latest in a series of fortnightly actions, and the next one, to which all pedestrians and human-powered vehicles are invited, will begin promptly at 6.30pm on monday the 26th march.

later that week, friday 30th will celebrate the 15th anniversary of critical mass in london.

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