A Tank of an Idea (part 1)

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December bought us yet another Occupy Lsx action, ‘Tank of Ideas’ (renamed Occupy Justice), in which a disused Court House was taken over with the intention of holding a mock trial of the Banking system. The owners of the Old Street based courthouse, Mastcraft (Old Street) Ltd were, unlike the Church, quick to start proceedings against the occupiers determined that nothing should interfere in there pursuit of profit redeveloping the site into a 162 bedroom luxury hotel.
At court the Occupiers for reasons as yet unclear, negotiated with Mastcraft and in full agreement with the Court were granted leave to stay in the building until the 23rd of January, when full possession would be granted for Mastcraft (Old Sreet) Ltd.

Occupied Tank on the way to Old Street

Who are Mastcraft (Old Street) Ltd we hear you ask ? Well after using numerous
private investigators, masonic contacts, paying off a few MP’s and Police, we came up
blank. So we switched to the old method of using a corporate search engine.
Mastcraft (Old Street) Ltd have the same directors as Mastcraft Ltd, a company which
in 2004 was described as being run by the ‘Asylum Tycoon’ and multi millionaire
Joginder Sanger and his family. Sanger, ran a 360 bed hovel in west London housing
Asylum seekers.

Mastcraft were in 2003 paid some 4 million pounds to house some of the most
vulnerable of our society in sub standard bed bug ridden accommodation. (see
www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-13618149-revealed-the-asylum-tycoon.do) It would
also appear that in the two years prior to 2004 Mastcraft (you guessed it) paid no
UK tax.

On further examination it would appear that with the help of various subsidiary
companies and ‘within the rules’ tax law, Mastcraft continues to pay little or no
tax. Over the next few days we hope to bring you a more detailed picture of this
odious companies financial escapades. It would be fair to say that this is just the
sort of company which the ‘Occupy movement’ are against.

‘’Occupy London would like to thank Mastcraft for having the imagination to work
with us in giving this fine building a new lease of life.’’
‘’ We hope this agreement will serve as a model for others to follow.’’

Obviously with the lack of any computer access by those in ‘Occupy London’ we can
all understand how an error resulting in this kind of inaction could happen.

More, much more, too follow.......