Why did Ian Tomlinson die?

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Countless accounts of police brutality have surfaced around the protests on April 1st and 2nd, be it the detention of protesters at Bank for hours [1|2], the vicious attack on the peaceful Climate Camp [report|video], including children, or the raids on the Convergence Center [1|2|3] and RampARTs [1|2]. Not to mention the police aggression at an event to commemorate the death of Ian Tomlinson and demand an independent inquiry [1|2].

Now new eyewitness statements corroborate the indications that policing of the protests is, at least in part, responsible for the death of a bystander. The Guardian relased a video on Tuesday, showing Tomlinson being pushed to the ground by a police officer. On the same day another march was held in the face of police brutality and to demand an inquiry into Ian Tomlinson's death, with the announcement that the police policy of containment would be taken to European Human Rights Courts and an online petition can now be signed.

After a big media outcry about police trying to safe the man's life coming under a "barrage of missiles", the story was first put right by eyewitnesses, coming forward with a written statement and interview, saying that protesters did everything they could to help the man, but police forcefully moved them on and refused to talk to them or the ambulance dispatcher on the phone of a person who had called 999. As the public had to witness during the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes who was shot in the head seven times, the British Police sometimes seems to lack in truthfulness.

Observer | Daily Mail | InTheNews | Times

update: (9/04/09) Guardian publishes new video refuting police claim of a barrage of missiles / hail of bottles, and confirming witness statements.

update: the Guardian has now published their witness statments here.

update: The IPCC has issued a press release.



picture of Ian Tomlinson: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1166819/Pictured-The-man-died-G20-violence-returned-home-work.html

You can see Ian in this Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm-oQPxdRLE

He can be identified at 0:05 by his distinctive grey t-shirt over blue top.

Note that the same line of dogs can be seen in the video as the photograph.

If you have any footage of this event or photographs, please search them for any shots of Ian.


great collection of links

this video is bollocks but in the sidebar it has the best collection of links to do with his death and articles/videos/links/info/reports about general police brutality, squat raids, climate camp violence and so on check it out-


looks like he was killed several times over

As far as I can tell it looks like Tomlinson was killed several times over:
1) he is assaulted by cops
2) they don't help him
after he collapses and protesters try to safe his life
3) the cops forcibly remove the first aiders and refuse to speak to the 999 operator on the phone
4) the cops move him
5) the ambulance has to stop before being let through police line to get to the man.

so yeah, they didn't try to kill him. but they generally didn't give a fuck if someone died during the protests. they were behaving like vicious bastards to most people. old word, but it's true: this is not what democracy looks like.




Actually, that's conclusive proof the copper threw him to the ground. Unless you've done a DIY autopsy...

Banker suit


"Why Ian Tomlinson died?" is asking Indymedia 5/04/09.
It was before the second postmortem examination revealed there was no heart attack - Read Times Online 18/04/09: Beaten G20 man Ian Tomlinson died of 'internal bleeding'. Not mention the police in the headline is at that point some kind of light - but still disgraceful - bias.

Internal bleeding, heart attack, etc. are not the first cause of death.
First cause is being beaten by the police.

Why Ian Tomlinson died?

Certainly not because his heart was fragile.
Certainly not because of bad luck.

Ian Tomlinson died because he was not wearing a banker suit.

Jean-Charles de Menezes died because he was neither white nor blond.
Looking like an Arab - strange idea in a context of global war on terror.

Moral of these unfortunately true stories:

Being an Arab (= terrorist), an Asian, a Black person
A working-class person, black, white, red, blue or whatever
Could dangerously increase your chances as an innocent person to be killed by the Metropolitan police in London.

P C Harwood

PC Simon Harwood Lives in Carshalton, Surrey, with his wife, a GP surgery manager, and their two sons The Crown Prosecution Service has referred to him only as "PC A". PC Simon Harwood faced two misconduct hearing in the late 1990s and in 2004. The first arose out of a road-rage incident while he was on sick leave with a shoulder injury, during which he reportedly tried to arrest the other driver, who complained that Harwood had used unnecessary force. The married 43 year-old had been due to face a misconduct hearing over the alleged road rage incident, understood to have happened in the late 1990s, but instead retired on medical grounds. A few years later, the father of two rejoined the Met as a civilian computer worker before applying to Surrey Police for a job as a police constable in May 2003.
A spokesman for Surrey Police said: β€œHe applied to become a Pc with us in 2003. Following our vetting procedure, liaising with the Met Police and passing a medical examination, he was accepted.” Pc Harwood spent a year and half working in Surrey before applying to be transferred back to the Met in the autumn of 2004.

Mi5 did it

The police beat me up, stole my bike, set a dog on me, dragged me into a doorway, dropped me on the ground and zapped the back of my head with a sonic weapon. To avoid members of the public witnessing this, they rushed through royal exchange passage and started attacking people, Ian being one of them. The video below reveals this. Note the Mi5 prick @23 secs who appears in shot and shows the copper his id to establish my whereabouts. Also the other Mi5 little prick who leads me into the arms of the filth, his microphone can be seen against my yellow shirt.. The police vans with the blacked out windows crawling up the street at the end can also be seen in the backgrounfd footage of the guardian footage.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDiqhkK_ucw ..