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Arts Against Cuts March Weekend

March 12, 2011 11:00


University of London Union (ULU)

Mallet Street



United Kingdom

#March26 TUC Demo Alt Media meeting - Sat 12th


Alt Media + Grass roots reporting for March 26th TUC Demo

Saturday 12th March, 3pm - 6pm @ ULU (as part of March26 AAC Prep Weekend)

Calling all film makers, video shooters, audio recorders and radio enthusiasts, photographers, twitter reporters, DIY media makers, bloggers and writers. Together we are stronger >> Come and prepare and co-ordinate together for covering the massive March 26th d…

Utube: Resist26 Promo Video for TUC Demo





Utube: RMT Video Promo for March 26th Demo

Support the national TUC demonstration in London on Saturday, March 26 2011 against the savage government cuts and attack on the welfare state. We all know who is to blame for the crisis.

Visit www.rmt.org.uk/cuts


How can we stop the privatisation of the NHS

March 10, 2011 19:30

Saville Centre, 436 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LJ.



International Women's Day


8th March was the 100th International Women's Day [2 IWD]. One hundred years since Rose Schneiderman declared, “The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too. Help, you women of privilege, give her the ballot to fight with.” Despite significant gains, there is so much work still to do...

Last Saturday over 1000 women took part in the Million Women Rise march in London against v…

Green and Black Cross Skill Share WKend!

March 12, 2011 10:30

Venue TBC (almost certainly in a University space nr Russell Square)

Please check http://greenandblackcross.org or call us on 07946 541511

for final timings and venue nearer the day.

Where now after March 26?

April 03, 2011 15:00

10th London Student Assembly: where now after March 26?

Where? April 3, University of London Union, 3pm

NHS Direct Action #1 EC

March 07, 2011 15:45

1545 Liverpool Street Station, New Broad Street exit.

EAN Teach-in

March 16, 2011 16:00


16 March · 16:00 - 19:00

London School Of Economics and Kings College London

A Weekend Preparing for 26 March TUC Demo

March 12, 2011 11:00


THE MARCH WEEKEND  Sat 12 – Sun 13 March - A weekend of new ideas, discussion and making in preparation for 26th March TUC demo… 11am – 7pm, ULU, Malet St., WC1.

Day X for the NHS Demo

March 09, 2011 17:00


Assemble 5pm, Royal London Hospital, (main entrance, opp. Whitechapel tube)

Hundreds Take Direct Action Against Camden Cuts


Around 300 people marched on Camden Town Hall from Mornington Crescent in protest at the £35 million cuts the council was due to vote through. As more people joined the demonstration it became clear that only a few people were being allowed inside. Chanting "let us in!" the crowd pulled away barriers and surged towards the entrance but were pushed back by police. In the end only around 15 people …

Demotix: UK Uncut turn Islington RBS branch into laundrette

UK Uncut activists turned the Islington branch of RBS into a laundrette at 11am in response to Islington Council's threatening stance to axe dozens of vital services in a £52 million budget reduction. London, UK, 26/02/2011.

Pics: Brixton Natwest UK Uncut occupation


Brixton Natwest was today turned into a housing project to highlight the cuts being made to Housing Benefits. 

Pics: Natwest Marylebone H St Shut by #Ukuncut


Having moved off occupying Lloyds TSB on Oxford street for the big society teach in, the crowd of around 100 people marched over to Marylebone High Street, to find the Natwest there already shut down ahead of the protest (it's getting easier and easier to shut down the banks!).  

There they continued the teach in, handing out hundreds more leaflets to passers by, chanting and holding up banner…

Make the Banks Pay! #UKuncut Lloyds TSB Occupied



There are massive cuts to the school building programme so we've set up a UKuncut classroom in a bank - Lloyds TSB on Oxford Street!

Derivatives. Fractional reserves. Toxic assets. Sub-prime mortgages. Banking is complicated. Even the bankers who crashed the global economy into the ground didn't really understand it. And with massive Tory cuts coming to school building programmes, it's going …

Pics: Camden #UKuncut Natwest Creche Action


This morning around 50 people, parents and children have transformed Natwest in Camden into a creche, in a protest against cuts which will hit children and women. It's our society that's too big to fail, not the banking system. 

One mother said "People are realising the massive impact these cuts are about to have on our lives and our children's future - we've got to work together to defend our f…

Dayx4 Student Protests in London - UCL Occupied


Hundreds took part in the latest Dayx4 student protests, with feeder marches from several different universities, meeting to protest outside the Universities UK Vice Chancellors meeting [report and pics]. From there, refusing to be stopped by police, they took Euston Road and marched down Oxford Street protesting against UKUncut targets. Deciding against occupying ULU, they demonstrated in solidar…

Cuts Demo at London Conservative Conference

February 26, 2011 09:30

09:30 - 14:00

Hammersmith Town Hall

Outside the #Lambeth Town Hall #Occupation


Tonight the Lambeth council was supposed to vote on the cuts. Whether they did it or not is hard to say. The meeting hall was stormed by protestors, who did not quiet down even when they were threatened that the meeting would be adjourned. The protestors were set on staying, so the mayor and council members left. They went into hiding and what happened is hard to say. If they aren't absolute loose…

UKUncut RBS Bank Bail in Actions

February 26, 2011 09:45

Various actions planned - so far 3 confirmed in london:

9.45 am meeting Camden


12 midday meeting Islington Angel 


'Superhero' action - details to be released

http://ukuncut.org.uk/actions/362  /  www.twitter.com/cantstopanidea

more details below...

Wood Green Barclays Occupied by Haringey Residents


Big Society Bail-in. On Saturday 19th February local anti-cuts "bailed in" to the wood Green branch of Barclay's Bank to protest against the government cuts agenda. About half of the 30 or so local residents occupied the bank and turned it into a home - with rugs, chairs and cushions - to bring attention to the number of people that will face homelessness if cuts to housing benefit and other publi…

Brixton Barclays Shut Down by #ukunkut Protest


Following a call by UkUncut for a 'Big Society Bail-In' day of action targeting branches of Barclays bank across London, around 40 people shut down the bank's Brixton branch for most part of the morning. People gathered at the branch in Brixton Rd from 11am, blocking the front entrance until around 12.30pm, at which point the protest ended with most people moving on to other anti-cuts protests tak…

Urban75: Barclays Bank Brixton closed down by UKuncut

With Barclays Bank paying just 1% corporation tax in 2009 – a paltry sum of £113m after the company trousered record profits of £11.6bn – protesters have targeted their high street branches around the UK to highlight their dodgy tax avoidance shenanigans.

So far, 41 branches have been reported as closed around the UK, with actions still taking place.

Here’s some photos from the Brixton Roa…

Beyondclicktivism: You Cannot Stop an Idea

Article drawing together police actions against people at town hall budget cuts meetings, on the streets, egypt and the middle east, ukuncut (and HM Treasury civil servant training about the ukuncut protests http://politicalscrapbook.net/2011/02/hm-treasury-run-training-on-uk-uncut-as-tax-protests-rattle-whitehall/ )

"And again. And again. And again. The time for sitting quietly is over. We will …

Cops drag public out of Islington Council cuts mtg


On Thursday evening police were called to Islington Council's budget cuts meeting and physically removed people from the public gallery, after they heckled and chanted "If you vote this budget through, that makes you a Tory too". See videos 1 and 2.

Sotheby's Orgy of the Rich Anti Cuts Protest


Anti-Cuts Activists Disrupt Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction

LONDON – Over 100 anti-cuts activists disrupted Sotheby’s Contemporary Art auction in London this evening in protest against banker bonuses and funding cuts to public services and the arts. A dozen protestors inside the auction rooms staged a loud protest by mimicking sexual noises, fainting and setting off personal alarms in what t…

Fight Back! A Reader on the Winter of Protest


Published today, Fight Back! features reports, analysis, images, reflections and overviews on the UK's winter of protests, and the start of a movement against fees and cuts.

From a 15-year-old UK Uncut activist to a rebel Lib Dem peer, via kettled students and forward-thinking commentary - Fight Back! captures both the spirit and arguments of revolt, bringing together the best reportage and a…

UKUNCUT: Big Society Bail-In: Barclays 7+ Actions

February 19, 2011 11:00

On Saturday 19th February, the Big Society Bail-In will be targeting branches of Barclays bank in Central London, turning them into libraries for the day. We’ll be having poetry readings, story time (like the story of Bob, the fat cat CEO of Barclays who is getting an £8m bonus this year on top of his £1.35m salary) and educating people on the actions of the banks and the ways in which they c…