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leninology: What next after #j30?

About three quarters of a million workers took strike action on 30th June. This wasn't as big as some strikes in recent years, and certainly nothing close to the 'winter of discontent' evoked by the right-wing press. But I think it was far more important than the previous ones of the last decade, because it was a) far more political, b) not simply a sectional strike over conditions, and c) rooted …

Bank Robbery - street event outside RBS Angel

July 16, 2011 12:00

Outside RBS, near Angel tube station, Upper Street, Islington, London

youtube by me: Police violence at protest 30th of june

at todays protest overly trigger (rather batton and fist) happy police officers unnecesarily applied excessive force and made pre-emptive arrests with no evidence. I managed to capture some of the mentioned violence in the link below to my youtube channel, in my misc playlist you will also be able to find videos from all of the other protests! thank you for reading and or watching!

#J30 strike: stop search and arrest pics


Here's just a few of the snaps from today's london stop and searches and arrests. For sure the cops were really going for people with aggressive interventions and some rowdy push and shove when nothing at all had even happened, nothing. Best bit though was the solidarity shown by people at Charing Cross when they went for the young lads in the main march. Sure someone will have it on video - great…

J30 Strike gets public support across London


Across the capital most schools, colleges, local authority staff and civil service joined 750.000 UK workers on a one day strike to warn the govenment and capital to stay away from their pensions and wages. Across the UK over 12,000 state schools were closed.  Read full feature with links to reports, pics and videos here.

Updates from the streets: Tumblewire | Tumble pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

UK Uncut feed the strikers


Uk Uncut activists cooking full English for striking workers outside HMRC building Euston Tower.

Mass strikes by public sector workers on June 30th


The nation wide strike action on June 30th by over 750,000 public sector workers is the biggest threat yet to this government’s plan to make public sector workers pay for the economic crisis. While the banking sector has returned to enjoying the fruits of our labour, we are told that there is no alternative but to cut the services we depend on. For updates on where actons are happening see th…

Shift: Blue Labour “faith, family & dog-whistle politics"

We don't usually cover party-political issues in Shift Magazine, but in the context of growing working class struggle under the Tory austerity drive we are interested in the latest move by the Labour Party to reconnect with working class and community concerns. Only that this move comes under the heading ‘Blue Labour'. Could you briefly tell us what Blue Labour is, where the idea has come from and…

InfoUsurpa 20th June 2011

Infousurpa brings you this weeks events happening in radical spaces across London...

J30 trailer


At least 750,000 workers will be out on strike on June 30th, with more joining the action over pensions and other attacks all the time now. Resistance is growing, and here's a 4 minute montage of just some of the action over the past two months - all of which is on the new Reel News DVD, available from our website from Monday June 20th.

UK Uncut: Big Society Breakfast

June 30, 2011 07:00


Picket lines across the country

Lewisham Strike Assembly

June 07, 2011 19:30


Room 143, Richard Hoggart Building (main building), Goldsmiths

in bed with the resistance: Jousting with your inner Thatcher part 2

Jousting with your Inner Thatcher: Part 2 - ‘You shouldn't need the government to do it for you'

In the style of Adam Curtis: "This is a series of posts about how our politicians became so successful at promoting a US-style form of individualism that we all - even those who claim to hate her - came to have a little Margaret Thatcher hiding inside of us, guiding our every move."

That goes for t…

youtube: Generation OS13

The new culture of resistence

European Revolution vs European Subjugation


The occupation of city squares across Spain has shown the oppressed in Europe there is a way forward in our struggle for representation of our views. Fear dissappears when the need becomes greatest, and that is when a nation of traditionally fearful people like the Spanish, still recovering from a violent dictatorship 35 years ago, rise up together and take concerted action.

Don't Panic - Organise!

June 01, 2011 19:00

Manor Gardens Centre, 10 Manor Gardens (off Holloway Road), London N7 6JS

UKUncut Emergency Operation


On Saturday 28th local high street branches of different banks were transformed into hospitals in a 'UK Uncut's Emergency Operation'. Anti-cuts activists from several parts of London followed the call to "tell the government to leave our NHS alone; it's the banks that are sick" [read full call].

Video reports: Emergency Operation, Camden | Save Homerton hospital | Emergency Operation: Wood Green

Real Democracy Now Revolution

May 28, 2011 16:00

Join the Spanish Revolution against capitalism ! at the Spanish Embassy !

J30 - Generalise the Strikes

June 30, 2011 06:00



in bed with the resistance: So you think you're a radical?

I've always quite liked those essays and pamphlets that have from time to time been put out to confront politically active people with their own behaviour patterns. They tend to have a provocative edge and slightly supercilious note that I will attempt to emulate in this post. Because this one is for people who think of themselves as radicals. This is a post about how radicalism might not be radic…

Report from the first “June 30 Strike” assembly


Following on from the call for an open assembly to discuss, propose and organise for the first round of co-ordinated strike actions on June 30th, over 100 people turned up and squeezed into the Marchmont Centre in Bloomsbury on Monday 23rd May. Public sector workers, parents, carers, workers, unemployed, teachers, precarious workers were joined by spanish students who had been, since May 15th, hol…

Minor Compositions: A users' guide to (demanding) the impossible

This guide is not a road map or instruction manual. It's a match struck in the dark, a homemade multi-tool to help you carve out your own path through the ruins of the present, warmed by the stories and strategies of those who took Bertolt Brecht's words to heart: "Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

It was written in a whirlwind of three days in December 2…

Weekly Westminster Peace Presence

May 22, 2011 18:00


Parliament Square, Westminster

Open Assembly // Generalise the Strike

May 23, 2011 19:00


Marchmont Street Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB

Guardian: Are you a 'domestic extremist'?

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis explain how the Data Protection Act can open up police files. Plus a step-by-step guide to making your own request

Police spies and corporate infiltrators: what we know so far

Have you been on a protest recently? Have you attended a political meeting, or stopped by at a rally? Were you stopped and searched, or photographed by police?

Even if you have done nothing unl…

Statement from Queer Resistance re: Events on 29th

On 29th April Queer Resistance the LGBTQI anti-cuts collective planned a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration in Soho incorporating a picnic breakfast, performances, a zombie blessing and marriage ceremony by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence followed by a zombie flash mob through Soho. 


Policing and Protest in the Age of Austerity

May 05, 2011 17:15


Henry Thomas Room, London Met, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

youtube: Meggie, look how we missed you!

another homage to march 26 demo and f&m occupation

UK Inymedia: Solidarity for M26 arrested activists: GBC Benefit

In solidarity with ALL arrested activists from protests and direct action in London on March 26h, Anonymous Promotions have organised a benefit for Green & Black Cross, who are raising funds for their legal fees.

Infantile Disorder: The Black Bloc and 'Propaganda by Deed'

The intra-anarchist debate over the black bloc in the wake of the March 26th London demonstrations is the latest stage in a debate that has characterised anarchism - and indeed the radical left in general - since the mid 1800s. One hundred and fifty years on, the controvery is still raging. Where this disagreement has been comradely, it has shown a great strength of anarchism - the belief that a w…