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Lobby the BMA to oppose NHS privatisation

February 17, 2011 18:00



Lobby the British Medical Association’s

London Regional Council meeting

Ask them to oppose the Coalition’s plans for mass privatisation of the NHS

THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 6 pm onwards

At BMA Headquarters BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP 



TakeVAT, Egypt Celebration and Reclaim Love


Saturday 12th saw a series of events taking place across London. The day started with TakeVAT gathering at Green Park and going via the tube to Heathrow airport to protest against the air industries VAT exemption at a time when the rest of us are being hit with increases in VAT and general cuts [report and pics | video]. Lunchtime saw a planned Egypt solidarity rally turn into a celebration of the…

Video Clip of TakeVAT protest at Heathrow


A short clipbfrom today's TakeVAT protest at Heathrow airport - where people were inside terminal 3 chanting from the underpass / stairwell


See pics and background at http://london.indymedia.org/articles/7342




Pics from TakeVAT action at heathrow


A few quick pics from today's TakeVAT protest at Heathrow airport - see below for leaflet text. What struck me was the number of conversations people were having with holidaymakers and other passengers whilst watching the protest. There's a growing realisation about the unfair way in which the government(s) makes the rich richer, and hits the rest of us making us pay for their crisis. 


Lambeth Town Hall anticuts protest in Brixton


Up to 200 people gathered on Monday evening outside Lambeth Town Hall following a call by Lambeth Save Our Services, to protest against the cuts that Lambeth Council is planning to impose to the local community as part of their 'austerity budget' consisting of a package of £37 million of cuts. The protest started at 6pm right at the doorsteps of the council's building. Several people representing …

Excerpts of a chat: The revolution is everywhere


Excerpts of a conversation. We are still here, we are still angry!

Video: UKuncut action at Boots (b4 pepper spray)


Boots on Oxford street was shut down by protesters campaigning against cuts on Saturday 30th January 2011. Also targeted were Vodaphone, BHS, Topshop and Tescos.

All was fine, until a particular police officer decided to use CS spray against protesters! This is a short video of the demo before the trouble.

The Ukuncut protest was part of a nationwide series of around 30 actions

See rep…

March for the Alternative

March 26, 2011 11:00


The march will begin forming up at 11am, on Embankment, between Temple Place and Blackfriars. Details are still subject to change, but as it is currently planned, it will pass Parliament and Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, before entering Hyde Park at Hyde Park Corner.

Police pepper spray #ukuncut protesters


This afternoon after a series of fully peaceful actions in Oxford street the police have pepper sprayed ten people in the face - three have gone to hospital. UKuncut have issued a press release copied below.

#ukuncut shut Ox St Boots in NHS cuts action


Boots on Oxford street was shut down by protesters campaigning against cuts on Sunday 30th January. The Ukuncut protest was part of a nationwide series of around 30 actions [see liveblog]. Also targeted were Vodaphone [pic], BHS, Topshop and Tescos [pic] [See pics and background info...] The protest passed peaceful for most of the time, until suddenly and unexpectedly, a police officer pepper sp…

UkUncut: NAO to investigate HMRC's dodgy deals

"So great is the concern that the National Audit Office is now launching an inquiry into the way that HMRC reaches tax settlements with major clients. When the NAO report comes out, top tax officials can expect a grilling from MPs on the public accounts committee... The furore is an embarrassment for the government. It means that, in the age of austerity, there is a perception – whether fair …

UKuncut Boots NHS Cuts demo

January 30, 2011 13:00


Boots, 361 Oxford Street. It's virtually next door to Bond Street tube station, on the Central and Jubilee lines (both of which are scheduled to be running fine over the weekend), so easy to get to.

#Netrootsuk : Digital differences or common cause?


Held: Saturday 8th January, TUC Congress House, London. Around 550 attending.

"The idea behind the original Netroots Nation, and behind Netroots UK is to leverage social media and other tools for political action" - NetrootsUK website

For a large number of people at the event this obviously meant to leverage social media to put the Labour Party back in power. First we fight the cuts, then we br…

Wordpress: The Return of the Public

Students are not only challenging fees; they are challenging the future set out for them, a future of chicanery and shopping. Their rejection of politics as usual, and their willingness to reach out to others, have emboldened the trade unions and provided a model for action in the months ahead.

HSBC Occupied in #ukuncut action


In central London, 23 activists have staged a 'sleep-in' [1] as the £2bn that HSBC will save could have paid for the estimated £1.8bn cuts to housing benefit which will force many to lose their homes. 20 Activists are also currently occupying an HSBC branch in central Liverpool.

Emi Summers says "Its bad enough Vodafone got let off, but now other companies like HSBC are all pushing to get the s…

UkUncut: Mass Direct Action Against Cuts


Saturday 18th December saw around 55 decentralised UkUncut actions taking place across the country, with seven in London.

Vodafone, BHS, TopShop [twitvid] [video], HSBC and M&S were shut down in Oxford Street, with protests in other stores like Boots and more shops closed in advance of the demonstrations. Earlier spectacular actions in the snow took place in Brixton [utube video] and Hackney, whi…


December 17, 2010 13:00

    * What? Activists with 'Tax not cuts' model bomb will demonstrate against cuts in HMRC jobs and offices

    * Who? The anti-poverty charities War on Want and Jubilee Debt Campaign with PCS union

    * When? 1pm, Friday 17 December 2010

    * Where? Headquarters of HM Revenue and Customs, 100 Parliament Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2BQ

Utube: Video - Mark Blyth demolishes Osborne’s austerity

Video: a brilliant demolition of Osborne’s austerity economics

Professor Mark Blyth explains why public debt is not the same as private in a short film that is both clear and entertaining.

Presented by Mark Blyth, professor of International Political Economy at Brown University and faculty fellow at its Watson Institute for International Studies. He is writing "Austerity: The History of a D…

Kettle the Cops - not quite


When the cops were revelling in their unleashed brutality on DayX3, they also hit a 20 year old student on the head. At a press press conference on Saturday (video 1 | 2 | 3), it was explained how police neither let people accompagnie him, nor rendered assistance themselves. His mother has also explained how police were trying to stop him being admitted to hospital. After following a vigil last Fr…

JonnyVoid: Capitalism is dying, let it burn

A London College Student Writes for the void:

Having successfully escaped my college before they attempted to imprison us again, following the events of the 24th, when our tyrant deputy head locked the gates, resulting in many of us just climbing over them anyway, I began my journey to Malet Street.

I got on a bus and sat there for about an hour or two. Drove past Russell Square and saw the …

Krona: The Fight For Parliament - A Personal Recap


(UPDATED TUMBLR NOTE: I’m sorry for posting this again. News outlets contacted have refused to publish any part of this report and are continuing to ignore first-hand accounts, occasionally posting bullshit quotes from politicians, union hacks and police chiefs about how great the police were on the day. I want this reblogged and spread to anyone and e…

ImcUK: Kettled During 9th of December Protest

My name is Rosie Bergonzi I am an A level student from Brighton. I attended to protest on Thursday the 9th of December and was kettled onto the bridge despite being an innocent protester. The mass media coverage of this event has, so far, been incredibly biased. Here is my account.

When I got on the train up to London with a small group of my friends we were in good spirits, making placards…

LibCom: On violence against the police - The Commune

A participant in the 9 December demonstrations against education cuts and fees in Parliament Square writes on the use of political violence, and condemnation of it in the media.

The condemnations are as predictable as they are boring. The public-school educated Sun hacks, who write like some coked up parodies of proletarian semi-literacy, refer to “louts” and “hooligans”. The Daily Mail co…

Fitwatch: Met’s published photos – info for students id’d

Once again the Met have released a set of images of people they want in connection with the student protests last Thursday.

If you or one of your mates is one of them, you’ll be worried and unsure about what to do. Before you do anything, read this first.

The dilemma is this - if you hand yourself in, you are DEFINITELY throwing away your chance of walking away from all this. If you don’t …

Fitwatch: Beating police repression

The remarkable and brilliant student action at Millbank has produced some predictable frothing at the mouth from the establishment and right wing press. Cameron has called for the ‘full weight of the law’ to fall on those who had caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage to the expensive decor at Tory party HQ. Responsibility is being placed on ‘a violent faction’, after the m…

jodymcintyre: ‘Day X’, the ‘Day Parliament Would Vote On Tuition

Suddenly, four policemen grabbed my shoulders and pulled me out of my wheelchair. My friends and younger brother struggled to pull me back, but were beaten away with batons. The police carried me away. Around five minutes later, my younger brother was also forced through, the wheelchair still in his hands. Read full report...

The full force of the law


Last Thursday we saw another round of breach the human rights with open air detainment, crushing of protesters, furious baton charges and last but not least horse charges into tightly packed crowds. Sound familiar? Remember the G20 last year? While Cameron is announcing to bring down "the full force of the law" on protesters in this so called democracy, and there is public debate whether water can…

UkUncut Payday: 7 Ldn Actions

December 18, 2010 13:00


all over

Oxford Street: topshop 1.04pm / vodafone 1.04pm

See below for others, Brixton, Hackney, Hemel Hempstead, Walthamstow and Islington - different times.

Wood Green Tax Dodgers - Topman & Boots targeted


An angry crowd of Haringey residents marched on Wood Green Topman and Boots shops this morning (Sat 4th Dec) in protest against the corporations' tax-dodging activities and against the government's cuts. Protesters gathered outside Boots with placards, leaflets and a banner reading "Make corporations not people pay". Read  more ...


London Oxford St Topshop Shut in Ukuncut Action


11.20am. As part of around 23 decentralised actions across the country London's Oxford Street Top Shop has been shut down by over one hundred UKuncut protestors.

People gathered inside the store shortly before 11am. Security began physically throwing out press or anyone with 'big lenses' whilst a sit down was held, stickers saying "this item is free"  were plastered about, and chants rang out