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Intruders at the Investment Banking Awards


The Investment Banking Awards are the Oscars of the financial world. Dished out for so-called 'innovation', some of the world's richest bankers gather together to congratulate each other on devising ever more creative ways to make obscene sums of money. See the film of the awards.


October 11, 2012 17:00




1 Stamford Street, SE1 9NT

And now we can get together this Thursday and share !!!



Launch of Re The Zine

October 10, 2012 19:30


The Gallery Cafe,

Old Ford Road

Bethnal Green

E2 9PL

#29S London Solidarity Spanish Embassy 6pm


Gather with us around the Spanish Embassy (SW1X 8SB) at 6pm to show solidartiy to the people surrounding the Congress in Madrid.

As the protests spread to other countries and cities, join us in london

Youtube: Black tie activists crash HMRC boss' retirement do

HMRC boss Dave Hartnett is the man responsible for cutting dodgy deals with Vodafone, Goldman Sachs and other large corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions in lost revenue.

When we discovered that he was making his retirement speech at an elite tax avoidance conference, we couldn't resist popping in. We donned our best Goldman Sachs and Vodafone costumes, bought some flowers and knocked…

Make some Global Noise on October 13th


International activists involved in the Indignato and Occupy movements have begun a campaign to create GlobalNoise, a worldwide cacerolazo, or casserole march, on Saturday, October 13th, 2012. The hope is that local Occupations and Collectives will take up the call to march, using the method of a casserole march to highlight whatever issues are the most important to their community.

Slow Motion Olympic Half-Marathon to Olympic Park

July 27, 2012 12:00

Departing from Covent Garden Piazza 12.12pm and planned to arrive at Olympic Park at 20.12pm.

Free UKUncut documentary 'The Missing Billions'


Make the time - watch this 24min documentary on cuts, tax evasion and both street and courtroom action to fight government austerity and use of public funds to subsidise the finance sector...

UKUncut secure challenge of Goldman Sachs tax deal


A High Court judge has declared that the anti-cuts campaign group UK Uncut Legal Action should be allowed to take forward their case against HMRC over its decision to let banking giant Goldman Sachs off of up to £20 million in tax- owed since December 2010. This blow to HMRC comes ahead of tomorrow’s report from the National Audit Office who have been investigating five similar tax deals with …

'payup' protest at holborn sainsbury's store today


sainsbury's is one of the worst supermaket chains for low pay. it actually pays its poorest staff 75p less than tesco according to 'pay up' activists. so this afternoon, the second of a series of noise protests briefly closed down the store at holborn (near their head office). unidentified security guards assaulted protestors and smashed their loud hailer.

Austerity in the UK - UK Uncut


UK Uncut interview on austerity measures in the UK and how it is in actuallity helping the rich getter richer while making the poor poorer.

uk uncut great british street party at clegg's


yesterday's ukuncut street party outside nick clegg's house was part of a nationwide action with parties taking place in half a dozen cities around the uk. the london party was a change in tactic, targetting a politician rather than tax avoiders or workfare exploiters. proving the old adage that you can't please all the people all of the time, the action has been condemned by some as crossing a li…

Street Party outside Nick Clegg's house in Putney


The blocs each set off from their meeting locations in central London and found themselves on a magical mystery tour  train bound for Richmond. Two blocs alighted at Putney and wandering some back streets and snickets, they finally arrived at Nick Clegg's street SW London, bringing the mesage home and forcing the government to listen to the anti-austerity message. Around 400 people now arrived aro…

Street Party - the future’s not what it used to be


Latest: All the blocs have converged to hold a Street Party at Nick Cleggs house in Putney. UK Uncut Press release

A supporter describing why they had come out today to protest says “These cruel cuts are designed to destroy our public services, the NHS, the Welfare state and our future. The cuts are getting personal and so are our protests.”

Earlier today preparations were underway across the …

The 3 Rs: Reform, Revolution, and "Resistance"

June 13, 2012 19:00

University of London Union - ULUMalet Street, WC1E 7HY London, United Kingdom

Room 3B

Kensal Rise library barricaded to keep council in!


Yesterday morning the community at Kensal Rise library in Brent, blocked the front doors of the library, preventing the council from removing their books. Fifty local residents heard the council were taking the books away, they amassed quickly in solidarity at the entrance and formed a human barracade to keep the removers inside while the police arrived on the scene at midday.

12M Global Day of Action – Meet the 1%


As part of the 12M Global Day of Action that occurred in over 350 cities, around 700 protesters gathered at St Pauls to take a tour [map | pics] of the financial institutions responsible for much of the crisis. Throughout the march, City of London police repeatedly tried to slow and halt the march and there were clashes as people pushed through police lines. The tour concluded at the Bank of E…

Shift Magazine: “A Vaguely Useful Thing?”- the Big Six Energy Bash

In February 2011, Climate Camp produced a statement which contained the following: “As a movement, to be relevant, we need to move with the times. Therefore the Camp for Climate Action has decided, after much discussion and reflection, to change.”


This meant no more national Climate Camps, with the intention being to “allow new tactics, organising methods and processes to emerge in …

Spirit of May Day Flickers Back to Life


Anti-workfare protesters brought chaos to London’s West End yesterday after the annual Trade Union May Day march and demonstration. A roving mob of around 350 people successfully shut down countless shops and businesses who use forced labour under the Government’s workfare schemes.

Mayday Workfare Demos Shut Oxford St. Stores


After the London Mayday trade union march up to 300 people took part in a roving anti-workfare demo with a banner reading "Workfare is Stealing Your Jobs", shutting down various branches of MacDonalds, Greggs, Topshop, BHS, Holland and Barrett and others including Boots, Pizza Hut, Greggs and more all along Oxford street and beyond. The protest was called by the London Solidarity Federations and…

Occupy give out hope to commuters on the tube


Occupy celebrate MayDay this morning giving out roses to communters on the tube and at Liverpool Street station. Each rose has a small message attached saying "There is something better out there" and links to their website. Further events continue later in the day with a march around the London Stock Exchange and actions against Workfare.

Indymedia Ireland: Peace Process Without Due Process

John McGuffin an Ulster Anarchist

John McGuffin an Ulster anarchist was cremated 10 years ago on this coming May Day in Belfast. I met John in London almost 40 years ago, when we got drunk together.John was the sole anarchist of the People's Democracy movement of the late sixties and carried alone an anarchist banner on the infamous Burntollet part of the civil rights march which was viciously …

UK Uncut's Great British Street Party

May 26, 2012 12:30


Let’s go on a journey back in time to the year 1948…

Britain was emerging from a World War and had a huge national debt. Much bigger than the one we face today. Did we see painful cut backs and austerity measures?

No, quite the opposite. We saw the birth of our National Health Service and the Welfare State. The UK was the first country to make health care, social care and financial security ac…

Eight Fortnum and Mason defendants acquitted


After a year the 'Trial C' group of defendants were found Not Guilty today. A report from the defendants website: When the CPS chose to prosecute only 30 of the 145 people arrested in Fortnum and Mason’s on the 26th of June, we laughed at the arbitrary criteria on which we were chosen. The judge then recognised that we couldn’t all fit into a court together, and broke us into three groups – tri…

The Guardian: Video: Budget 2012 protests

Budget 2012 protest: UK Uncut recreates dole queue outside Downing Street

Several hundred protesters are brought together by UK Uncut activists to form a dole a queue outside Downing Street today. The aim was to recreate Saatchi & Saatchi's 1979 Tory election campaign 'Labour isn't working' poster to highlight rising unemployment under chancellor George Osborne's economic austerity programme

report and pics on budget day parliament protests


after the ukuncut action at downing street this morning, protests focussed mainly on the media village at college green, with chanting and banners impingeing on broadcasts throughout the day.

report on ukuncut budget protest at downing st


up to 350 people formed a queue outside downing street this morning in a protest called by ukuncut revisiting and subverting the famous 'labour isn't working' poster that helped bring thatcher to power in 1979. as per the original ad, at the head of the queue was an "unemployment office". also at the front of the queue were some disabled activists from 'disabled people against cuts', who feel p…

Pirate Bay founder warns of cashless society


Peter Sunde warns London Web Summit that their must be some anonymity in payment systems while warning Bitcoin currently does not provide the solutions

report and pics on nhs demo and actions yesterday


a peaceful protest to save the nhs yesterday became a blockade of whitehall and then a march through the streets of london, with health workers, doctors and nurses, students, pensioners, a few children, alongside contingents from the occupy movement and ukuncut. as TSG officers were deployed, there were some incidents and injuries, as well as a controversial incident with some gun-wielding diplom…

NHS Demo + Block the Builders Action

March 17, 2012 14:30


Department of Health, opposite the cenotaph (SW1A 2NS) 2:30pm until 4:30pm

Then seperate action after the main demo - see below