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Their business and ours


If you ask anyone on the street, "what business is Google in?", they'll answer without hesitation, "they are in the search business." Google is seen primarily as a search company. It gives us, the public, internet search services for free, out of the generosity of its corporate heart. It also happen to give a us a whole pile of other great services: Gmail, YouTube, Gtalk, and the Android mobi…

: Block God!

GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into any religion before they are of the age to make such decisions. When installed properly, GodBlock will test each page that your child visits before it i…

: ElReg: 'hacker' breaks gag order to rant at cops

A while ago, someone came to me and gave me some data involving AT&T iPad customers to publicize, the full story of which I'm sure you're all familiar with from my previous excellent blog posts. I was subsequently raided by the FBI and arrested, though I have been under gag orders and haven't been able to discuss the details of what happened. I am now violating those gag orders because my civil li…

: The Digital Economy: state control of the internet

The Digital Economy. The government’s vision of the internet’s future. This new legislation has been controversial from the outset. Lobbied for by the Recording Industry in an effort to thwart file-sharing, the Digital Economy Act has far reaching implications.

In particular, clauses 9-18 have been especially controversial, not least because they were rushed through parliament in…

politics of technology: synthetic biology&nanotech

June 14, 2010 19:00

Brixton Community Base, Talma Road, Brixton, SW2 1AS

see http://www.bsvcc.org/contact.html  for directions

: don't come crying...

opensource, facebook and all the evil... in a comic!

The heartfelt tune it plays is CC licensed, and you can get it from my seed on JoinDiaspora.com whenever that project gets going.

BarnCamp 2010

June 11, 2010 18:00

Highbury Farm, Glocestershire

: Imc Bristol: A better internet experience...

The internet puts your privacy at risk. Two main threats to your privacy are search and social networking.

This is especially true for activists, and effects many thousands of Bristolians/

Thankfully we can fix the search problem easily in just a few moments. Using the http://www.scroogle.org/ you will still get Google search results, just without the spying.

Chrome — Wrench icon > Options >…

: TR - Zuckerberg calls trusting users 'dumbf*cks'

Loveable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his first few thousand users "dumb fucks" for trusting him with their data, published IM transcripts show. Facebook hasn't disputed the authenticity of the transcript.

Zuckerberg was chatting with an unnamed friend, apparently in early 2004. Business Insider, which has a series of quite juicy anecdotes about Facebook's early days, takes the credit

Corporate Social Networking .. How Cool Is That!

Sparkled from some articles posted to Indymedia London recently about Non Corporate Social Networks and a report from the Software Summit that took place in Whitechapel, as well as an audio interview to Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation also published to this site not long ago,  I share below some of the reasons why I think corporate social nut-workin is so cool!

: SchNEWS: Direct Hacktion

SchNEWS interviews Richard Stallman – hacker, founder of the Free Software movement and activist for digital-software-information freedom...

“To try to own knowledge, to try to control whether people are allowed to use it, or to try to stop other people from sharing it, is sabotage.” - Richard Stallman, 1986.

Software Summit in Whitechapel


The first Hyperactive Summit was held this past weekend, 7-9 May 2010. The meeting was a mix of politics and technology centering around issues of free code, autonomous/anarchist social movements, grassroots reporting, and state and corporate surveillance. It had a special focus on the Hyperactive content management system used by London Indymedia, which was built by the London collective over the…

Is the internet safe for free speech?

May 12, 2010 18:30


Free Word Centre

60 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3GA

Nearest tube Farringdon

: BBC: DIY broadband

After telecom firms had said it was not economical to provide fast services to the village, villagers join forces with  a local ICT firm and took over: They discovered that there was nothing to stop them becoming a telco.

: Moglen: Why Facebook is Evil

In a recent speech which was very much in line with discussions happening inside Indymedia London during the past two years, Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation and the Software Freedom Law Centre recently gave a speech deriding Facebook and Google for their dangerous, privacy-killing, corporate-owned software systems.

Moglen called for the creation of a Free Software distributed social n…

Indymedia historical reel


For the Signs of Revolt exhibition in November 2009 hosting a a weekend long 'Festival of Radical Communication', coinciding the the 10th anniversary of Indymedia, we made the reel above.

It includes scenes from the films The Fourth World War, I the Film, Genoa Red Zone, Reclaim The Streets - The Film, and others.

: Guardian: "youth against the banks" party raided

A "youth against the banks" Facebook party at a Mayfair mansion in London was broken up by officers in riot gear last night after revellers pelted police with bricks and bottles.

: Wikileaks:Gmail to hand over IP address of journos

A California court has issued a subpoena demanding Google reveal the IP addresses of journalists writing for a corruption busting journal from the Caribbean. [...]

According to the notifying letter from Google to the Journal, Google intends to hand over the requested records in just over two weeks, without any defense, and states that the Journal may file a counter-motion with the Santa-Clara co…

: The Register: Indymedia Server Seizure News

Police have dropped their controversial six-month investigation of a Sheffield IT worker who had a minor role administering the activist website Indymedia UK.

: Guardian: man arrested for running file sharing si

"A British man has been arrested for his role in running one of the internet's oldest file sharing websites.

The man - who started the FileSoup website in 2003 - was taken into custody last week after a raid on his home in Taunton, Somerset, and subsequently released on bail without charge."

FileSoup isn't even a tracker, just a forum were people share links. Once again brit police goes and arre…

Apologies for downtime

Apologies for the minor downtime just now (as far as we can tell it was only a few minutes).  Due to the recent server seizure, Indymedia London has been crowded onto a new machine with relatively small disks, and we ran out of disk space, which has all kinds of strange effects on a running website.  We'll be looking to improve the situation in the near future.