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www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island Radio - Episode 103 ready to go

Episode 103 of Dissident Island Radio features:

- Our friend Carl live in the studio giving an insider's perspective on prisoner solidarity. He gives some nice ideas on how to offer support and what to say in those all important letters.

- People from SQUASH and the ASS talking about the future of squatting in England and Wales post Clause 145, and what's going to change once the ban comes into effe…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 103

May 04, 2012 21:00



bbc: Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws

The government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications on demand, in real time.

The Home Office says the move is key to tackling crime and terrorism, but civil liberties groups have criticised it.

Furtherfield Gallery Opening Event

February 25, 2012 13:00


Furtherfield Gallery

McKenzie Pavilion

Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ

T: +44 (0)20 8802 2827

E: info@furtherfield.org

W: www.furtherfield.org/gallery


newscientist: Riot shields could use 'wall of sound'

RIOT shields that project a wall of sound to disperse crowds will reduce violent clashes with police, according to a patent filed by defence firm Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts.

The device looks similar to existing riot shields, but it incorporates an acoustic horn that generates a pressure pulse. Police in the US already use acoustic devices for crowd control purposes that emit a loud, un…

Freedom Box: What are distributed social network all about?

I you think you're not technical enough to understand some of the debate on distributed social networks as opposed to centralised ones (like this one) check out this comic animation. It tries to explain the differences and the problems of centralised corporate services in plain English.

New Nuclear Energy: An Anarchists Nightmare


Camilla Berens from Kick Nuclear gives a detailed account of why the UK governments plans to build 8 new nuclear power stations would be an anarchists worst nightmare, and explains the real alternatives that exist.

CommentIsFree: criminalising online dissent - democracy in peril

The disproportionate response to hacking protests means we are in danger of leaving our future leaders behind bars

James Ball

In March this year, more than 150 UK activists were arrested while occupying Fortnum & Mason in a protest against tax avoidance. They were held in cells overnight and charged with aggravated trespass. Earlier this month, the charges against all but 30 were dropped, as i…

ZDNet: Police launch £75m national database

A major database of criminals, victims and other people has been formally launched by the National Policing Improvement Agency, although police forces are already using it.

Jennie Cronin, director of the database programme at the NPIA, has announced the launch of the Police National Database (PND). 

The Police National Database (PND), launched on Wednesday, contains the details of between 10…

Blog: Reflections On Facebook vs J30Strike

Earlier today I posted about a current crisis of censorship on Facebook.


  • Citizen activists created J30Strike.org, a website advocating peaceful demonstration against austerity measures in the U.K. on June 30th
  • Sometime in the last 48 hours or so, anyone who tried to post or share a link to J30Strike on their Facebook account was blocked from doing so, receiving instead an error me…

No sandwiches tonight, just motherf*ckin radio!

June 17, 2011 21:00


pumpin out yer stereo - riding the Catalyst Radio internet airwaves!

geeks in a field


Every year a bunch of geeks travel to the lovely Wye Valley from all over UK, and trudge up the 80 meter climb to Highbury Farm. There they camp out for a long weekend, running workshops and presentations during the day and sitting around the fire drinking cider at night, or enjoying the eclectic Raveoke and accoustic sets on the open stage. The whole set up is called BarnCamp, the main worksh…

Guardian: Police buy software to map digital movements

Geotime software, bought by the Met, collates data from social networking sites, satnavs, mobiles and financial transactions

Britain's largest police force is using software that can map nearly every move suspects and their associates make in the digital world, prompting an outcry from civil liberties groups.

The Metropolitan police has bought Geotime, a security programme used by the US milit…

FastCompany: Counterterrorism Software Helps Cops

One of the largest distributors of commercial law enforcement software in the United States is integrating open source intelligence into its products--and they are betting the results will lead to enhanced counterterrorism efforts.

More than ever, law enforcement agencies are connecting to far flung sources of information in the fight against terrorism. Now Virginia's i2 Group is offering p…

What's happening with Indymedia UK?

You find it where it always was, it looks the same and uses the name, but it no longer is Indymedia UK.

On 1st May 2011, Indymedia UK had it's name and URL taken over by a number of volunteers calling themselves the ‘Mayday collective’. Although the site looks and feels like Indymedia UK, it is no longer the same project. It is now under the sole control of a faction of Indymedia UK admins. T…

Made Real

May 27, 2011 12:00

Furtherfield Gallery (formally http gallery)

Unit A2 Arena design Centre

71 Ashfield Road


N4 1NY

libcom: Spontaneous demo on Facebook gets half a million


Following the events of Tunisia, Egypt and other Southern Med States where a popular people’s movement was started over the Facebook and Social networks, a small group of Portuguese youth started up a Facebook page-calling for a million people march on the main street in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade, for March 12th 2011, to fill up the entire street. They called themselves the “Geracao A Rasca…

Frontlineclub: Role of Twitter and social media in revolutions

I'm afraid I haven't been able to follow events in Tunisia and Egypt as closely as I would have liked as I was determined to enjoy an overdue holiday and a break from computer screens. And my mission was largely accomplished.

As part of an attempt to catch up, I've just been reading Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen and C.W. Anderson on the renewed argument over "Twitter revolutions". The role of Twitter…

#Sukey: Live demo info service for saturday - ldn


Sukey is a tool for non-violent demonstrations. It allows peaceful demonstrators to communicate events they've observed to the public and stay safe and mobile. The more people using it, the better service it becomes!

The Mission is to provide peaceful protesters with up to date protest news that will keep them informed, assist them in avoiding injury, help them to keep clear of trouble spots and…

AR Drone: AR Drone Augmented Reality Video Game

"quadricopter using augmented reality", lets get the kids used to these things now before they become a common feature of our city skys.

#Netrootsuk : Digital differences or common cause?


Held: Saturday 8th January, TUC Congress House, London. Around 550 attending.

"The idea behind the original Netroots Nation, and behind Netroots UK is to leverage social media and other tools for political action" - NetrootsUK website

For a large number of people at the event this obviously meant to leverage social media to put the Labour Party back in power. First we fight the cuts, then we br…

Assange out on bail, Anonymous out in support


Assange was granted bail earlier today, after appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. Over 100 people turned out in support and lined the sidewalk opposite the court, many wearing masks. The event was turned into an impromptu speakers corner by several people addressing various issues around the charges, the leaks as well as wider issues of freedom of speech and information and social justice.…

bbc: How social media changed protest

Things changed in 1999 with the launch of Indymedia, its mission to get ordinary people to report events it claimed the mainstream media failed to cover.

But Indymedia has been eclipsed by the rise of the mobile smart phone and a plethora of tools like Flickr, blogs and social bookmarking sites.

This week, at University College London, students (pictured above) built a "mash-up" website that has…

Rally4Wikileaks: in London

After Wikileaks published a set of diplomatic documents, governments were furious. In the last weeks, amazon stopped hosting the wikileaks website, paypal and a number of banks closed its accounts, J. Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is wanted in Sweden. At the same time, supporters began to defend wikileaks. There are now tons of mirrors of the site, the websites of banking services who closed …

The Register: Police to get greater web censorship powers

Nominet prepares to yank more domains

Police will effectively get more powers to censor websites under proposals being developed by Nominet, the company that controls the .uk domain registry.

Following lobbying by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Nominet wants to change the terms and conditions under which domain names are owned so that it can revoke them more easily in respons…

Virtually repressive: Met shuts down Fitwatch site


Last night the Met police shut down the Fitwatch blog, saying it was "being used to undertake criminal activities". It is widely believed that the post titled "Beating police repression after the student occupation" was the reason for the shut down. The article was advising protestors who were worried about being targeted by police repression following the Millbank protests. The article has in th…

: Government web snooping back on the cards


Jim Killock, 25 October 2010

Government plans to intercept Internet communications and store details of “traffic data” are reportedly back on the cards.

These plans – called the “Intercept Modernisation Programme” – were shelved early last year after campaigning from privacy campaigners including ORG. They are legally suspect and highly expensive.

They were signalled in a coupl…

: Indymedia Suisse-Romande - A work in Progress

((i))ndymedia - work in progress:


In recent months, we received a series of questions and criticism from you. It has often lack insight into the background on how each could receive e-project of Indymedia.

Indymedia is beginning to have a certain age, the project was born in 1999 during protests against the WTO summit in Seattle. Disillusionm…

Booklets by Indymedia London and HacktionLab

Booklets that will be given out for donations at the bookfair, here available as PDFs.

: Wired: Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs

America’s spy agencies want to read your blog posts, keep track of your Twitter updates — even check out your book reviews on Amazon.

In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA and the wider intelligence community, is putting cash into Visible Technologies, a software firm that specializes in monitoring social media. It’s part of a larger movement within the spy services to get better at usi…