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London Met Protest, Home Office


Report and video taken fron Reel NewsLondon Metropolitan University staff, students and other supporters attended a rally outside the Home Office at lunchtime on Wednesday September 5 to oppose the revocation of London Met’s international student license, which could result in 2,600 international students being deported. Watch video of the protest

report and pics from yesterday's NUS walkout


up to a thousand london students took part in the march yesterday afternoon, starting at malet street and ending with a call for david willett's resignation at the dept for business, innovation and skills in victoria. the procession was closely policed, and new tactics were deployed.

see report and pics...

El Periodico: Student riots in Barcelona

Click at the link below for a video of the student riots today in downtown Barcelona after the massive demonstration that took place in the morning. 60,000 students and university workers took to the streets to protest against the cuts and the privatisation of the country's education.


February 24, 2012 12:00


School of Ideas

Featherstone Road Islington

London EC1Y 8RX

the plod lose the plot


Resembling a moving kettle, hemmed in and crushed, the march moved excruciatingly slow from Malet Street via Trafalgar Square down The Strand. At a road block costruction with a strange blue wall-like barrier on Fleet Street, the march was directed up Fetter Lane.

It stopped for a long time, whether this was due to the police horses and several lines of officers in the front of the march, who had…

a few pics and words on november 9 student protest


police set up an uber-kettle for the students in london today, about 4 miles long and one street wide, allowing them to walk from one end of it to the other.

What happened at Holborn Circus?


At the road block on Fleet Street the march was moved up Fetter Lane and repeatedly stopped and held for no obvious reason before getting to Holborn Circus. In spite of road blocks on all streets leading off Holborn Circus, except for one exit for the march, the police suddenly seemed to get very confused. A young woman describes what happened.

We are all criminals


Super excited copper telling wandering people that they would be "comitting offences if they do not follow the route". What kind of offence is going for a walk? It wasn't even an attempt to break off the march, just random people walking about very unexcitedly. What did they tell those cops was going to happen today, that he gets so worked up?

N9: The Bigger Picture


Analysis of where we stand after Nov 9 and how we move forward

Slowly but surely we are getting there. Quietly, but definitively, the political topography in London is undergoing changes that could play a significant role in making the difference between winning and losing the anti-austerity struggle in the long haul. For instance, people spoke about a social explosion, and we got the Aug…

N9 guide on what to wear and bring on demo


Many anarchists, especially those on the internet, are concerned about what to wear for the N9 anarchist bloc. Most internet anarchists see protests as a fashion challenge and can spend days debating what they should or shoudn’t wear before deciding not to go to a demonstration anyway. To make things easier N9 have drawn up a catwalk list of essential items all anarchists, indeed all proteste…

Ian Bone: Route for November 9th demo confirmed

The route will take the march from its starting point on Malet Street, through Trafalgar Square and up the Strand, before passing St Pauls’s and rallying at Moorgate Junction

Demotix: Police kettle June 30th protesters on Whitehall

Police kettled determined protesters, mainly young students, for the best part of an hour after the main June 30th strike marched through London. Press photographers were also getting hassled by police which were not following ACPO guidelines at all. London, UK, 30/06/2011.

Demotix: Police out in force for J30 strike and march

The June 30th nationwide strike saw a huge police operation to counter any resistance during the PCS organised march through the capital. Section 60 was in operation throughout the march route with many arrests made. London, UK, 30/006/2011.

UCU Strike, Demos, Actions and Occupations


Several hundred university workers, lecturers and students marched today following a call for a national strike by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) This was the first national strike in higher education for five years, and the first in further education since 2008. It is clear the opposition to Government spending cuts and austerity measures is growing, and this became obvious today as th…

Pics of Today's UCU strike Demo to Downing St


Several hundred university workers, lecturers and students marched today following a call for a national strike by the Universities and Colleges Union against the cuts and to defend education. The demonstration assembled at the LSE campus at the Strand and marched to Downing Street, where a rally with several speakers took place. The march followed a day of picket lines held in many colleges and u…

Pics of UCU strike pickets in London Universities


Here there are some photos of today's pickets of the strike called by the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) at different campuses of the University of the Arts London and the London Metropolitan University.

Pics: UCU strike march to Downing Street


Hundreds of striking UCU union members and people protesting against the cuts marched through london from LSE to Downing Street where a rally was held with speakers including UCU President Alan Whittaker. On the march much of the converstaion was about the huge TUC demonstration planned for Saturday.

For ongoing strike coverage see:



University Solidarity Occupations with UCU Strike


Students from Goldsmiths and UCL universities have occupied buildings in their campuses in solidarity with the UCU strike action called for today and for Thursday 26th. The Deptford town hall university building in Goldsmiths college, and the UCL REGISTRY admin building are currently under occupation.

This is the first national strike in higher education for five years and will be taking place …

yesterday's student demo turns to walkabout


university vice-chancellors held a meeting yesterday at woburn house in london. students planned a protest outside the meeting against cuts to the EMA grants, rises in tuition fees, and the coalition's idealogical attack on education.

a planned university occupation failed after an apparent factional dispute, but the protest then transformed into a more general anti-cuts demonstration with visits…

Student Protest Solidarity Court Demo

February 10, 2011 09:30

Westminster Magistrates Court,

70 Horsferry Road,


(This is in the Borough of Westminster, some of those arrested have bail

conditions which will prevent them from attending).


Legal Drop-In for Student/Anticuts Arrestees.

February 24, 2011 18:00



111 Lower Clapton rd, E5 0NP

offmarket@riseup.net / 07706279299

Opening hours: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, tuesday 12-8pm

Open meetings are on monday 7pm if you want to meet us, check the space out or have any proposal to use the space!

Accessibility info for folks with different abilities, see here

Legal Drop-In for Student/Anticuts Arrestees.

February 17, 2011 17:30



111 Lower Clapton rd, E5 0NP

offmarket@riseup.net / 07706279299

Opening hours: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, tuesday 12-8pm

Open meetings are on monday 7pm if you want to meet us, check the space out or have any proposal to use the space!

Accessibility info for folks with different abilities, see here

london students 29th jan march - report and pics


several thousand students took to the streets in london yesterday, and determined not to be "contained", they led sporadic protests to the egyptian embassy, and across shopping and transit areas of london.

arts against cuts protest at british museum


'arts against cuts' is a a group of artists, students, lecturers, cultural workers and others. this morning, before the student march in london, they staged a banner drop and occupation in the british museum as part of their campaign to educate the public about, and protest against, the cuts and their effects on the arts.

London Cuts + Fees Demo


Saturday saw the Defend Education, Fight Every Cut demonstration (called by EAN and NCAFC with trade union backing) with at least 7,000 people marching to Parliament from ULU. After heading to Millbank the protest refused to stop and continued via several routes to the Egyptian embassy for a protest which had been called in solidarity with the recent uprising in Egypt. After an hour and a half se…

National Assembly for Education

January 30, 2011 11:00




The Quad, Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE

EMA: New year, new protest.


About 500 people gathered at Piccadilly Circus to start a new series of protests ( 24th | 26th | 29th ) while MPs debated scrapping the EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) and later on marched towards Westminster. Although not as large as the November/December demos, it was a loud and good protest. People finally arrived in front of Parliament where the demo turned into a little rave.

See the…

University Struggles Against Austerity

February 11, 2011 10:00


Friday 11 February – location : EHESS (school of social science), 105 bd Raspail 75006 (TBC), Paris

Saturday 12 February – location : Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis.

For detail programs and location see : http://www.fabula.org/actualites/article42158.php

london under siege - EMA protest tonight


after their end of term party last week, it looks for all the world as though the students have gone home for christmas, as only around 100 turned up to the protest this evening outside the dept of business innovation and skills. but police weren't taking any chances and westminster looked like it was under siege

jodymcintyre: ‘Day X’, the ‘Day Parliament Would Vote On Tuition

Suddenly, four policemen grabbed my shoulders and pulled me out of my wheelchair. My friends and younger brother struggled to pull me back, but were beaten away with batons. The police carried me away. Around five minutes later, my younger brother was also forced through, the wheelchair still in his hands. Read full report...