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Dissident Island Radio: Listen to #98! SQUASH, M31, No Borders and more...

Episode 98 promises to be an action packed adventure for all the family. This time round we've got:

  • Members of the SQUASH campaign discussing the legal aid bill, political motivations and tactics.
  • Some nice people over from Germany to talk about the global M31 mobilisation against capitalism, discussing their plan to link radical campaigns, and potential actions against neoliberal austerity…

Dissident Island - live tonight - episode 98

February 17, 2012 22:15



Dissident Island: Dissident Island - download episode 94 now...

Dissident Island Radio - 02 December 2011 - Epsiode 94:

This fantastic show features lots of bits n pieces from this week in radical political developments and beyond...

  • We'll be hearing a multitude of voices from Wednesday's public sector strike in London
  • Marty, with a full and frank discussion on Occupy London
  • Richard Minns, with the ins and outs of pensions and financial markets

All t…

dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 91 ready for download

On our coop special (episode 91) we had noises from:

- Karola at the well-known and loved Cowley Club, a cooperative social centre in Brighton.

- James from Redfield, an intentional community, giving us the lowdown on his travels around and observations of the UK cooperative housing scene.

- Heavy D, discussing cooperative social care provision.

- Jo, on the ins and outs of being part of the actor's c…

Dissident Island: Listen to Occupy Wall St, UK Uncut and more...

Episode 90 of Dissident Island brings you:

* UK uncut live in the studio telling us about why they've been so quiet and what their next moves are

* Words from Occupy Wall Street - quite possibly the U.S. Left's answer to the Tea Party

* A trip down memory lane, looking at Dissident Island's previous homes in social centres past

* Little Sh*t on the decks spinning some dubstep goodness

* The u…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 90

October 07, 2011 21:00


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Demotix: Protesters block Downing St. gates

Protesters blocked the gates outside Downing St. as George Osborne exited No 11 with his red briefcase. They remained vocal and determined not to move. London, UK, 23/03/2011.