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Native Spirit film festival screening

March 30, 2010 18:00


SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, Room G2,

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC 1H

Get involved: Solidarity is our weapon!


FAU Berlin: Banned but not bowed!

What happens when people make a determined and autonomous stand against precarious working conditions? They are successful and set an example, which some can learn from and others can‘t tolerate. This is how the de-facto ban of the Free Workers‘ Union (FAU) Berlin came to be--a one-of-a-kind occurrence in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany and a blow …

No Shock Doctrine for Haiti

February 11, 2010 19:30


Thursday 11 February 2010

Brockway Room, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square

London WC1 (googlemap)

Yarl's Wood hunger strikers: students protest


Students protest outside the SERCO Institute offices, Holborn, in support of mistreated hunger strikers at the Yarl's Wood detention centre.

Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat

Attack against YFANET Fabric. Information from the Assembly.

COP15 Reclaim Power - audio from the day of action


During the days of action around the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference which took place in Denmark - most commonly referred to as the COP15 - a group of radio ethusiasts hailing from around the globe came together to produce daily radio shows for Indymedia Radio in four different languages.


: Dissident Island Radio - fight 'the man' and win

On this 52nd edition of Dissident Island Radio, which broadcast live from the London Action Resource Centre on the 05 February 2010:

We had with us a motley crew of dissidents. Two people (David Mery and Pennie Quinton) who've fought 'The Man' on 'his terms' and won respect for our rights talk to us about the recent European Court of Human Rights decision on the Stop and Search powers of British …

Native Spirit film festival screening

February 26, 2010 18:00


SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H

Carmel Agrexco and Cargoflora Blockaded


Carmel Agrexco and Cargoflora's depots in Hayes Middlesex was blockaded early this morning. The distribution depots gates were blocked by protesters using D-Locks and Hares' fencing. 

Carmel Agrexco is a partly Israeli state owned company, the largest exporter of agricultural produce from Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Cargoflora is a British company which has, reportedly, been handling A…

Bent Bars Letter Writing Night

February 18, 2010 19:00


Held at the London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St. London E1 1ES.

Election Meltdown Mobilisation 2

February 13, 2010 15:00


At the founding meeting for our Election Meltdown Mobilisation on Sat 30 - Sun 31, over 50 people from of wide variety of groups and networks converged to begin planning a strategy for an effective, decentralised movement in response to the bosses' elections in May. We've set up an open Facebook group, an open activists email group, and are developing plans for People's Assemblies, a Mayday Hometr…

Vigil for Shaker Aamer


Demonstrators in orange jumpsuits and black hoods held a vigil opposite Downing Street calling for liberty and justice for Shaker Aamer the last Londoner held in Guantanamo. 


Reclaim your DNA - words from David Mery


Listen to an interview with David Mery on reclaiming his DNA...

No Borders announce Kronstadt Hangar in Calais


On Saturday 6th February the Kronstadt Hangar was opened for the public. In the afternoon, despite a heavy police presence migrants successfully entered the newly-opened space at the invitation of NoBorders activists. The hangar is intended to be a space for information-sharing, debate and practical solidarity.

Together, around 100 activists and migrants broke through police lines chanting “F…

: Solidarity with anarchist prisoner in Turkey

On 13th February 2010, We protest the imprisonment of Volkan Sevinc as well as the planned conviction of 19 other comrades to prison sentences between 1-10 years on the indictment "discouragement of the people from doing military service".

Solidarity with anarchist prisoner in Turkey

February 13, 2010 13:30

Turkish Embassies/Consulates




Tony Blair's Judgement Day – Pix-&-Vidz, 29 Jan 10


Dateline: Iraq Inquiry, Little Sanctuary, Westminster, London, UK, 08:30-11:00, Fri 29 Jan 10 – Hundreds of angry protesters gather outside the QE2 Conference Centre, where Sir John Chilcot and all his little wizards are having a cosy chat with War-Criminal-in-Chief Tony Bliar about what lessons British imperialism can learn from the mountains of corpses in Iraq. The reward offered at www.arrest…

: I'm a Photographer Not a Terrorist- David Hoffman

Book to take part in a discussion with radical photographer David Hoffman as he speaks about his part in the I'm a Photographer Not a Terrorist movement, press freedom and concerns over lowering of ethical and technical standards in photography.

I'm a Photographer Not a Terrorist- David Hoffman

February 02, 2010 19:00


The Frontline Club

13 Norfolk Place


W2 1QJ

Native Spirit film screening

January 29, 2010 18:00


SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, room G3,

Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H

Haiti Crisis Camp - London

January 30, 2010 10:00

London Knowledge Lab

23-29 Emerald Street

London WC1N 3QS

Election Meltdown Mobilisation

January 30, 2010 15:00


• You are cordially invited to attend..

• An open-ended meeting, arranged so people can consider how a coalition of groups and tendencies might mobilise together in 2010, for a new society. It's suggested this should be in the context of the general election, and on the strategy for an effective, decentralised movement in response, but the agenda is not fixed. All groups and individuals committed…

Out Of Control


Saturday 23rd January 2010, about two hundred people took the streets of London in protest at ever more draconian immigration controls and this countries pervasive surveillance culture.

This 16 minute video contains speeches and footage from the march. (320x240 mpeg4 ~64MB)

Further Indymedia coverage of the demo is available here:

Professor Peter Halward on Haiti


Professor Peter Halward talks about the ongoing disaster in Haiti and the history of once was a revolutionary country.

The Rattansi and Ridley show goes out every Saturday at 8.30pm on channel 515

Audio from No Borders' "Life's too short" demo

On Saturday, 23 January 2010, demonstrators took the streets of central London as part of the 'Life's too short to be controlled' demonstration called by No Borders. This article contains links to audio from the demonstration, including the speeches made at the start of the demonstration, in front of the entrance to St Pancras Station and at the end, near the Eros statue in Picadilly.

The (Im)Possibility of Revolution – Five Vidz


Dateline: SOAS, London, UK, 19:15-21:30, Thu 21 Jan 10 – At that current hotbed of radicalism, the School of Oriental and African Studies, in a packed-to-capacity room in the Brunei Gallery, three marxist public intellectuals were posed the question "Revolution: Possibility or Impossibility?" You can see and hear how William Dixon, Chris Knight, and Hillel Ticktin fielded this issue in the follo…

Acoustic Insurgency Benefit Gig

January 31, 2010 19:00


Sunday Jan 31st


The Grosvenor

17 Sidney road




Entry: £5/4

Right to Work Conference, Manchester

January 30, 2010 11:30


Right to Work Conference


A Conference of Resistance and Solidarity,  Saturday 30th January, 11.30am-5pm, Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester. 

London Critical Mass

January 29, 2010 18:00

The London Mass meets at 6.00pm on the last Friday of every month on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre.