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Dissident Island Radio: Cuts Cafe interview, Porn & Capitalism and more...

This 109th Dissident Island Radio features some lovely people running London’s Cuts Cafe, a radical space in the belly of the beast designed to allow for movement building in the run-up to the TUC demo on October 20th. We also hear about porn, capitalism and sexual desire. Does one lead to the other? Could you have anarcho-porn? And as always the show features rabble rousing, tunes, an…

Dissident Island Radio: Episode 106! Carnival of Dirt, Carbon Town Cryer..

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What a fantastic show! This is what features:

* Carnival of Dirt with is happening in London tonight, where more than 30 activist groups from London and around the world come together to highlight the illicit deeds of mining and extraction companies.

* a short introduction to 'non violent communication' by activist,

scholar and yoga teach…

Dissident Island Radio - Episode 106

June 15, 2012 21:00


hey hey hey

on tonights show we have lots of cool shizzle….enough for everybody!!!,

Exciting Events@ Palestine Place

June 07, 2012 15:00


Palestine Place 24 Grays Inn Road

News from Palestine Place


Palestine Place is now up and running in our Grays Inn home and has hosted a wide range of events, seeing in excess of 150 people over the weekend. A succesful footbal action through the streets of London in support of Hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak happened yesterday (Report) and our event tonight on International law and Palestine, with free Palestinian food on offer for all visitors was attended…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island #105 - Download it now!

On our 105th show we've got lots of hot stuff to keep us in tune with the weather.

- Writer and researcher dizzyshambles with musings and reflections on the politics of the militant student uprising in Quebec

- Donal from the Dysophia zine discussing Anarchism, antisemitism, and ways of recognising / combating the covert and overt manifestations of racism in our solidarity struggles.

- A che…

?Dave Miller's Finsbury Park Radiation Walk

July 21, 2012 14:00

Furtherfield Gallery

McKenzie Pavilion

Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ

Technologies of Attunement

July 11, 2012 11:00


Furtherfield Gallery

McKenzie Pavilion

Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy LFS, Take the flour back, Free Association

- Refections from participants in the Finsbury Square Occupy camp, which is due for eviction in the near future

- A discussion about the social impacts of default, specifically looking at the parallels between contemporary Greece and the Argentina of 10 years ago

- An interview on 'take the flour back', an upcoming mass action against genetically modified wheat in the UK happening on 27 M…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island Radio - Episode 103 ready to go

Episode 103 of Dissident Island Radio features:

- Our friend Carl live in the studio giving an insider's perspective on prisoner solidarity. He gives some nice ideas on how to offer support and what to say in those all important letters.

- People from SQUASH and the ASS talking about the future of squatting in England and Wales post Clause 145, and what's going to change once the ban comes into effe…

Dissident Island Radio - 100 episodes old!


Friday 16 March 2012 marked the 100th episode of Dissident Island Radio - our centenary! And with that in mind we decided to make it a bit special. Alongside the usual mix of music, banter, and special guests on the mic we be heard an extended piece on the consolidation of neoliberal capitalism in Europe post 'crisis'. The discussion focuses primarily on the situation in Ireland, Spain, and Gre…

Dissident Island Radio: Listen to #98! SQUASH, M31, No Borders and more...

Episode 98 promises to be an action packed adventure for all the family. This time round we've got:

  • Members of the SQUASH campaign discussing the legal aid bill, political motivations and tactics.
  • Some nice people over from Germany to talk about the global M31 mobilisation against capitalism, discussing their plan to link radical campaigns, and potential actions against neoliberal austerity…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 97 ready for download

On this show we've got all sorts of stuff and things from here there and

everywhere. We'll be hearing from La Quadrature du Net about ACTA, censorship

and the enclosure of the internet commons.

We'll be hearing from a member of the drive cooperative, discussing London's

newest housing coop. A person from No Borders will be in tonight too, talking

to us about the No Borders Convergence from 13-18…

Furtherfield Gallery Opening Event

February 25, 2012 13:00


Furtherfield Gallery

McKenzie Pavilion

Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ

T: +44 (0)20 8802 2827

E: info@furtherfield.org

W: www.furtherfield.org/gallery


Dissident Island: Download episode 95!

Dissident Island Radio - 16 December 2011 - episode 95:

- A former Foxconn employee speaks about the dirty secrets behind our techno-goodies

- Traveler Solidarity Network on moving beyond Dale Farm

- Some words about the upcoming ALARM conference (Jan 7)

- Prisoner info for comrades behind bars over the holidays throughout

You're guaranteed to hear some banter, bollocks, 'choons, announcements and the …

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 92 ready for download

after a dark week for social justice, dissident island presents a less than happy show!

- the LAF debates on consensus design making recorded at this year's london anarchist bookfair.

- grow heathrow update on their impending eviction and resistance, as well as some discussion on their political goals and ongoing community oriented activities.

- we have squash in the house talking about the…

Freedom Box: What are distributed social network all about?

I you think you're not technical enough to understand some of the debate on distributed social networks as opposed to centralised ones (like this one) check out this comic animation. It tries to explain the differences and the problems of centralised corporate services in plain English.

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 92

November 04, 2011 21:00


www.dissidentisland.org   //   www.catalystradio.org

dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 91 ready for download

On our coop special (episode 91) we had noises from:

- Karola at the well-known and loved Cowley Club, a cooperative social centre in Brighton.

- James from Redfield, an intentional community, giving us the lowdown on his travels around and observations of the UK cooperative housing scene.

- Heavy D, discussing cooperative social care provision.

- Jo, on the ins and outs of being part of the actor's c…

Dissident Island: Listen to Occupy Wall St, UK Uncut and more...

Episode 90 of Dissident Island brings you:

* UK uncut live in the studio telling us about why they've been so quiet and what their next moves are

* Words from Occupy Wall Street - quite possibly the U.S. Left's answer to the Tea Party

* A trip down memory lane, looking at Dissident Island's previous homes in social centres past

* Little Sh*t on the decks spinning some dubstep goodness

* The u…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 90

October 07, 2011 21:00


www.dissidentisland.org  --  www.catalystradio.org

Update on Land & Freedom Camp


This is an update on the Land & Freedom Camp: a 7 day open exhibition and demonstration taking place on Clapham Common from Sat 17th Sept til Sun 25th Sept.

youtube.com/democraciainclusiva: Inclusive Democracy as a political project for a n




ID is a project for direct political democracy, economic democracy (beyond the confines of the market economy and state planning), as well as democracy in the social realm and ecological democracy. In short, Inclusive Democracy is a form of social organisation which re-integr…

Blog: Reflections On Facebook vs J30Strike

Earlier today I posted about a current crisis of censorship on Facebook.


  • Citizen activists created J30Strike.org, a website advocating peaceful demonstration against austerity measures in the U.K. on June 30th
  • Sometime in the last 48 hours or so, anyone who tried to post or share a link to J30Strike on their Facebook account was blocked from doing so, receiving instead an error me…

Dissident Island Show - 20 May 2011

May 20, 2011 21:00



Demotix: Demonstration against political policing

A small protest was held outside Paddington Green in solidarity with those arrested from the March 26 protest and the recent raids on squats and social centres including the Ratstar in Camberwell, Offmarket in Hackney and the Grow Heathrow Project. London, UK, 29/04/2011.

Dissident Island Radio

April 01, 2011 21:00



squatters social

April 03, 2011 19:00



111 Lower Clapton rd, E5 0NP

offmarket@riseup.net / 07706279299

Opening hours: Sunday 12-6pm, Monday 12-6pm, tuesday 12-8pm

Open meetings are on monday 7pm if you want to meet us, check the space out or have any proposal to use the space!

Accessibility info for folks with different abilities, see the AccessCodes


www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Feb. 18 show ready for download

Episode 76 features words from the Cardiff Unemployed Daytime Disco, followed by a live chat with Zebedee about the Lewisham library occupation and the aboutlordbrowne website. Finally, we head up to Manchester to hear about legal proceedings against opponents to airport expansion.

The show also features details of our upcoming party, our swear word competition, music from deadlybuzz, and the us…

Red Pepper: worst fears confirmed: Health & Social Care bill

Elizabeth McGuirk explains the key proposals of the Health and Social Care Bill published on 19 January.

(Track the progress of the bill through Parliament here, and bill documents can be found here.)

In their Red Pepper article 'Dismantling the NHS' Stewart Player and Colin Leys highlighted problematic issues in the July 2010 White Paper 'Liberating the NHS'. The dire consequences they foresaw…