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No Bounds magazine launch party

June 26, 2012 07:30


To celebrate the launch of the magazine No Bounds have organised a party on June 26th 2012 in association with events promoters Movimientos. The launch night will be held at the Rich Mix in East London, with an eclectic array of performances, ranging from poets to musicians. It will be a free event. All welcome!!!!!!

Soundsystem Benefit Party

March 24, 2012 22:00

Elephant and Castle area.

Check the indymedia events page on the day for information on the venue Address.

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 99 ready for download

On this show before the party Dissident Island came at you from

every angle, wild and whacky, energetic and up-for-it - featuring a plethora of

politics to make you ponder and tunes that'll have you pumpin' up the volume to

eleven and a half. Look forward to hearing...

- the latest news from the ZAD, an autonomous zone airport expansion protest

and experiment in sustainable living located in France

- fo…

ASS & D*I Radio bring you...Dissident Dinosaur!

March 10, 2012 22:00


21 sutherland rd - E17 6BJ


call party lines on the night for location: 07570 189 222 // 07539 463 226



the show before the party - D*I - episode 99

March 02, 2012 21:00


pumpin out your stereo

Missing Person: Andrew Cooke


Missing man from party in Chingford area on Sunday 12th Febuary.



Dale Farm Benefit Party

December 10, 2011 22:00


south London

Occupy London Christmas Party


Occupy London protesters were treated to a top-secret Christmas party last night. Musicians Thom Yorke and Massive Attack played a DJ set to a lively crowd at the movement's Bank of Ideas squat -a disused UBS building - on Sun Street in Hackney. The secret party, held in the basement of the building attracted about 100 participants, who remained energized through the sets.

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 92 ready for download

after a dark week for social justice, dissident island presents a less than happy show!

- the LAF debates on consensus design making recorded at this year's london anarchist bookfair.

- grow heathrow update on their impending eviction and resistance, as well as some discussion on their political goals and ongoing community oriented activities.

- we have squash in the house talking about the…

Demotix: Masked protesters questioned under Section 60

Masked protesters were pulled out of the crowds at the beginning of the June 30th strike from Lincoln's Inn Fields and detained and de-masked with their details taken under Section 60 of the Public Order Act. London, UK, 30/07/2011.

Demotix: Man scales lampost to drop banner at start of J30

Shortly after the June 30th strike and march began from Lincoln's Inn Fields around 12 noon, a man scaled a lamp post at the south end of Kingsway dropping a banner supporting the strike. London, UK, 30/07/2011.

Shift: Blue Labour “faith, family & dog-whistle politics"

We don't usually cover party-political issues in Shift Magazine, but in the context of growing working class struggle under the Tory austerity drive we are interested in the latest move by the Labour Party to reconnect with working class and community concerns. Only that this move comes under the heading ‘Blue Labour'. Could you briefly tell us what Blue Labour is, where the idea has come from and…

ravin' geeks


Every year a bunch of geeks trudge up the 80 meter climb to Highbury Farm and camp out for a long weekend, running workshops during the day and sitting around the fire drinking cider at night, or enjoying the eclectic Raveoke! The whole set up is called BarnCamp, the main workshop space is a barn, which also includes the bar, food serving area and washing up corner, and is organised by the hack…

Dissident Island Show - 20 May 2011

May 20, 2011 21:00



DANZSHLAG - benefit for Dissident Island Radio

May 21, 2011 18:00


(THIS IS A RSVP ONLY PARTY -  FOR GUEST-LIST PLEASE SEND YOUR NAME TO DANZSHLAG@GMAIL.COM - location of the party will be revealed on the day via email...)

Demotix: Anti-monarchy street party in Red Lion Square

Organised by Republic, a group looking for a democratic alternative to the monarchy, the street party kept many entertained with music, beer and wine and food - and a stuff the royal wedding atmosphere.

Demotix: London demo for free and fair Ugandan elections

A demonstration was held outside the Ugandan Embassy in London for free and fair elections after Yoweri Museveni won more than two-thirds of votes and has been rejected as a fraud by the opposition party led by Kizza Besigye. London, UK, 09/04/2011.

Demotix: March 26 London protests kick off

Hundreds of thousands have began the Trades Union Congress march from Victoria Embankment to Trafalgar Square and onward to Hyde Park for a rally and speech from government opposition leader Ed Miliband. London, UK, 26/03/2011.

Demotix: March 26 London protests kick off

Hundreds of thousands have began the Trades Union Congress march from Victoria Embankment to Trafalgar Square and onward to Hyde Park for a rally and speech from government opposition leader Ed Miliband. London, UK, 26/03/2011.

Demotix: Unions demonstrate on Budget day

Public & Commercial Services Union members, amongst others gathered opposite Parliament to demonstrate as George Osborne delivered the 2011 UK Budget. London, UK, 23/03/2011.

Demotix: Protesters block Downing St. gates

Protesters blocked the gates outside Downing St. as George Osborne exited No 11 with his red briefcase. They remained vocal and determined not to move. London, UK, 23/03/2011.

Demotix: Global day against fur farming in Finland

A letter was handed in to the Finnish embassy in London by protesters against the fact that their Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi is getting funding for her election campaign through the fur industry. London, UK, 22/03/2011.

Demotix: Party on the Piazza against homeless byelaw

Food and drink were provided to the homeless outside Westminster Catherdral as the council is looking at introducing a byelaw in Central London and Victoria which would banning rough sleeping and giving to the homeless. London, UK, 20/03/2011.

Demotix: EDL demonstrate at site of proposed Islamic Centre

Around 100 EDL members demonstrated opposite the proposed site of an Islamic Centre which will be replacing Dereks butcher's at 798 Green Lane in Dagenham. A small UAF counter protest was held. London, UK, 12/03/2011.

Demotix: Somali's demonstrate against Somaliland's war

Somali's representing the SSC (Sool, Sanaag and Cayn) regions of the country demonstrate at Downing St. against the subjugation of the people by the Somaliland militia. London, UK, 05/03/2011.

Demotix: UK Uncut turn Islington RBS branch into laundrette

UK Uncut activists turned the Islington branch of RBS into a laundrette at 11am in response to Islington Council's threatening stance to axe dozens of vital services in a £52 million budget reduction. London, UK, 26/02/2011.

Demotix: UK Uncut turn Camden NatWest into creche

At 10am many families and children invaded the NatWest bank in Camden as part of UK Uncut's 'Big Society Bail-Ins' to demonstrate against cuts and the way they will affect women in particular. London, UK, 26/02/2011.

Demotix: March 26th 2011

A flyer for what is set to be the largest Union demonstration against cuts in years lies outside Downing Street. Organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Labour leader Ed Miliband is reported to speak at the rally. London, UK, 25/02/2011.

Demotix: Kurds in London demonstrate

Kurds encapsulated in a plethora of police marched on Downing Street after a rally outside the Kurdistan Regional government office concerning the KDP's shooting of peaceful protestors in Sulaimaniya on 17 February killing 9. London, UK, 21/02/2011.

Dissident Dental Work - benefit party

March 05, 2011 22:00


Call on the day for location: 07845688833 / 07724532608