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Dissident Island Radio - 109 - back from holidays!

September 07, 2012 21:00

LARC - and pumpin out your stereo

New Statesman: Osborne booed at the Paralympic Games

Chancellor greeted with boos as he awards medals for the men's 400m.

He commented at the weekend that it was "not surprising" that he was unpopular but George Osborne still probably wasn't expecting to be greeted by a chorus of boos when he presented the medals for the men's 400m at the Paralympic Games.

[DPAC says: "Ever since George Osborne announced he was slashing £18 billion from the welf…

Climate Sirens drop banner on Tower Bridge


Today Climate Siren activists scaled Tower Bridge to drop a massive banner above the Paralympic symbol which read "Climate Change our Next Challenge". Their blog contains 'an open letter to the world' (see below) where they ask us all to focus on the "changing climate and the threat it poses to our civilisation’s very existence on this beautiful planet" After the drop Tower bridge was evacuated fo…

400 Block Atos & occupy Dept of Work and Pensions


400 protestors joined Paralympic ceremony performers, Dpac and UK Uncut at their "Closing Atos Ceremony" outside the Atos HQ in Paton Square, Euston today. Later 12 activists, both abled and disabled occupied and locked on at the Department of Work and Pensions and other held banners outside protesting against next April's disability cuts and the Atos tests.

See Video of the action and report


Using the Olympic ticketing website run by monopolistic Ticketmaster (owned by Live Nation Entertainments in California) has been described as USABILITY HELL.


Live Nation Dumping Food at Olympics / Paralympics



Youtube: original content: POPLAR TV

POPLAR TV has recently finished producing daily news style broadcasts during The Olympics and these reports are all available on this youtube channel. POPLAR TV was quite unlike any other broadcaster of the games as its output was rarely accurate, often wildly funny and yet did attempt to report genuine news stories that the other media were not covering and give a critical take on the games. It r…

Disabled mother 'banned' from sitting with family


Due to a draconian anti-disabled policy LOCOG is BANNING families with wheelchair users from sitting together in Paralympic venues. 


Met police ignore Law Lords Judgement.

Some CM participants have been emailed by Met police.

Join The Atos Games!

August 27, 2012 12:00


On your marks, get set…for a week of Paralympic fun and games against Atos!

From Monday 27th to Friday 31st of August, join Disabled People Against Cuts for The Atos Games – five days of action against a company that’s sponsoring the Paralympics but wrecking disabled people’s lives. 

Bail conditions and Critical Mass on 10th August

A cyclist was killed yesterday 1st of August as he negotiated the roads next to the Olymics complex, by a bus hired by LOGOC to shuttle Olympics press around. 

There has been a call for a vigil and a mass ride to get to the site of the crash starting on 10th August at 6.30 under Waterloo Bridge.

Those who were arrested and bailed in the last Critical Mass may want to continue reading or seek in…

Arrests in Critical Mass during Olympics ceremony



My personal experience during the mass detentions of cyclists the las 27th July, during the Olympic Games opening ceremony.


Speeches Chris Nineham and John Mc Donnel

peeches from Chris Nineham(Stop the Olympic Missiles Campaign) and John Mc Donnel (labour mp) at the counter olympic demonstration 28 juli in Victoria Park.

pics and report from counter olympics demo on sat


nearly a thousand people representing a smorgasbord of campaign groups marched together under the banner of the counter olympic network (CON) on saturday in east london. the march was followed by speeches in wennington green. 

from midday on saturday, as people assembled on the slopes of mile end park, they were joined by an intrusion of police liaison officers in their baby-blue tabards, disarm…

Nottingham Indymedia: Nottm Art Show attacks corporate Olympics

An online art exhibition by Lord Biro leader of the Bus Pass Elvis Party. Some of the artwork and poetry from this exhibition will on show in the windows of No 2 West End Arcade until 16 August.

Open Our Towpath road bike ride


The Lea towpath from Homerton to Bow has been closed from July 3rd until September 10th as a so-called “security” measure for the Olympics. LOCOC have put some diversion signs to guide cyclists along an alternative route.

About twenty people set off on Sunday to follow this route, highlightning how dangerous it is. The police diverted this ride to a safer route, but every day cyclists do not ha…

olympic critical mass - report and pics


for more than a year, the critical mass bicycle ride has had minimal or no policing. that all changed on friday, with a massive police operation in place and draconian conditions imposed to try and prevent riders from entering any part of north london. despite the deployment of police from several forces alongside the met, and even a fly-by from a lynx armed forces helicopter, hundreds of cyclists…

Games without Borders


The Calais Olympic opening Day celebrations

Counter-olympics demo: back to the old A to B


A few hundred people marched from one park in the east end to another park in the east end.

Comrades! A great victory! Today a few hundred counter-olympics protestors (500 according to the BBC, or maybe up to 1000 in fact), including members of no less than 43 organisations, marched from Mile End Park in East London, to Wennington Green, another park in East London not very far away. The demo…

Mass Arrest on Critical Mass monthly ride


Between thirty and fifty people were arrested today en-masse as a result of their participation in the traditional monthly critical mass. The helicopter was already tracing circles above Waterloo Bridge at 6.30pm. The mass left the meeting point earlier than the usual 7.30pm. A van with police inside was emitting some unintelligible words and there were police on bikes, too, something unseen in ye…

Games without Borders

July 28, 2012 14:00

Calais, France

Slow Motion Olympic Half-Marathon to Olympic Park

July 27, 2012 12:00

Departing from Covent Garden Piazza 12.12pm and planned to arrive at Olympic Park at 20.12pm.

Open Our Towpath demonstration


Open Our Towpath hosted their third demonstration against the closure of the towpath next to the Olympic site last Sunday 22nd July. About 50 people on foot and on bike met at 11am at Leyton Marsh and walked to the closure site under the Eastway bridge. Once there, there was food to be shared and a barbacue in the afternoon and some music too.

Dissident Island Radio Olympics Special


Have a listen to the latest Dissident Island Radio show - an Olympics special featuring a montage of interviews highlighting some of the many political, social and economic issues - this show cuts through the propagandistic messaging to give a more accurate picture of what Londoners are experiencing as a result of 'the games'...[read more]

Why I'm going to the Critical Mass this friday

Here's my reason why; back in 2005, we found out the news that London was going to host the Olympic games, lots of people in the media make comments about how much of a shit hole Stratford is, but truth is, its not really that shit, it's just an easy target for the developers, there's no one to defend it.

anti-olympics torch relay in east london today


while marines abseil into london with the heavily militarised olympic torch, desperately protected from protest by a merciless 'security bubble' that has already assaulted a young boy on a bicycle, an altogether more dignified and peaceful ceremony saw the first outing of the official vancouver poverty torch to london today.

First bike action against cycle routes closures

July 22, 2012 11:30

River Lea towpath, on the towpath just south of A12.

Dissident Island Radio Olympic Radio

On tonight’s show, we cast a critical eye over the 2012 Olympic games, which are set to open in East London in a week’s time.

Carpenters Estate Anti-Gentrification Tour

July 21, 2012 12:00


The Unofficial Anti-Gentrification Tour of Newham

12 PM: Meet outside the main entrance of Stratford Tube station for tour.

3 PM: Banner and poster making in the Carpenters Arms with residents and supporters

4PM: Film On The Edge by Site/Fringe, a collective formed by Goldsmiths MA students

Add Your Voice

July 21, 2012 11:00

McKenzie Pavilion, Finsbury Park