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Dissident Island Radio: Cuts Cafe interview, Porn & Capitalism and more...

This 109th Dissident Island Radio features some lovely people running London’s Cuts Cafe, a radical space in the belly of the beast designed to allow for movement building in the run-up to the TUC demo on October 20th. We also hear about porn, capitalism and sexual desire. Does one lead to the other? Could you have anarcho-porn? And as always the show features rabble rousing, tunes, an…

Extradition: Judiciary Aborts British Civil Rights


On 5th October 2012, Human Rights campaigners gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, awaiting the final verdict, on the extensive legal battle challenging the extraditions of British Citizens to the U.S. A short film documenting the public solidarity stand can be viewed here - http://youtu.be/JOC_XhITPmE

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 109

October 05, 2012 21:00



LoveMusic HateRacism - Racism, Police & Solidarity


London Criminal Barrister, Brian Richardson and a UEL Student, Arnie Joahill, discuss Racism, the IPCC, Stop & Search Policty, Police and solidarity action at love Music Hate Racism Celebrations on 15th September 2012 - http://youtu.be/FfLEOjGciTI

Lords & MPs linked to Private Healthcare Award


An annual award ceremony, promoting the ‘excellence’ and ‘innovation’ of the independent healthcare sector is taking place in London, Thursday, the 31st of May. However, on close inspection, the finalists of this year’s event are notable for their connections to our so-called public servants, many of whom played some part in passing the Health and Social Care bill into an Act.

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy LFS, Take the flour back, Free Association

- Refections from participants in the Finsbury Square Occupy camp, which is due for eviction in the near future

- A discussion about the social impacts of default, specifically looking at the parallels between contemporary Greece and the Argentina of 10 years ago

- An interview on 'take the flour back', an upcoming mass action against genetically modified wheat in the UK happening on 27 M…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 104

May 18, 2012 21:00





On Saturday 31st March 2012, human right campaigners rallied outside the U.S embassy in London, marking the 9th anniversary of Aafia Siddiqui's abduction, rendition and false imprisonment. A video featuring her case, discussions with Asim Qureshi (Director of Cage Prisoners) discussing her legal battle, Pakistan's role, her children & the issue of repatriation; speeches from the rally provided by …

Ed Greens: ‘Screaming Revolution' & Palestine


Ed Greens, 21 year old musical artist & poet from Camden Town, London performed at the Hackney Picture House on 29th March 2012. The show premiered the music video to ‘Screaming Revolution' by Empdy x Ed Greens. I caught up with Ed to ask a few questions, particularly, how he came to start making ‘active' music and why Palestine is a common thread in his music.

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy! Resist! Create! Download the latest show..

Dissident Island Radio - 20 January 2012 - episode 96:


Comin' back at you fresh in 2012 with a hot and incredibly topical show as always, we'll be...

Alex Milan Tracy: Medical Marijuana - Sea of Green Hope?

Alex Milan Tracy's latest documentary work examines medical marijuana and the users associated with what is a growing movement in the USA - 16 States currently have medical marijuana laws enacted. The focus is on a grower and four people in Portland, Oregon that medicate using marijuana for a range of symptoms. The case studies formed are reflective of the wider population of users not only in the…

Bank of Ideas wins right to appeal

Occupy London has been given at least three more weeks use of its repossessed Bank of Ideas space.

Dissident Island: Dissident Island - download episode 94 now...

Dissident Island Radio - 02 December 2011 - Epsiode 94:

This fantastic show features lots of bits n pieces from this week in radical political developments and beyond...

  • We'll be hearing a multitude of voices from Wednesday's public sector strike in London
  • Marty, with a full and frank discussion on Occupy London
  • Richard Minns, with the ins and outs of pensions and financial markets

All t…

youtube: 7/7: Crime and Prejudice

A brand new investigative and analytical documentary from the maker of 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction. It explores the 7/7 cold case via new evidence from the recent inquests and discusses the war on terror in the context of numerous miscarriages of justice and acts of violence committed by the state.

The first section of the film examines the history of the British state's use of double agents, fr…

youtube by me: Police violence at protest 30th of june

at todays protest overly trigger (rather batton and fist) happy police officers unnecesarily applied excessive force and made pre-emptive arrests with no evidence. I managed to capture some of the mentioned violence in the link below to my youtube channel, in my misc playlist you will also be able to find videos from all of the other protests! thank you for reading and or watching!

Blog: Reflections On Facebook vs J30Strike

Earlier today I posted about a current crisis of censorship on Facebook.


  • Citizen activists created J30Strike.org, a website advocating peaceful demonstration against austerity measures in the U.K. on June 30th
  • Sometime in the last 48 hours or so, anyone who tried to post or share a link to J30Strike on their Facebook account was blocked from doing so, receiving instead an error me…

Demotix: Animal Rights activists target Air France KLM

Protesters targeted investors in Air France KLM as the airline is reportedly the largest transporter of animals for vivisection and supply primates, dogs and cats to labs globally. Franklin Templeton and Bank of New York London were targets.

Demotix: Climate change activists protest at Lib Dem HQ

Climate change activists protested outside the Liberal Democrats HQ and Downing Street during a cabinet meeting this morning to demand the Lib Dem's follow recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change, whom Vince Cable has reportedly opposed. London, UK, 16/05/2011.

Letter of the Tunisians of Lampedusa - Paris

For the attention of Paris' Major

First of all our greetings and thanks for what we, the Tunisians arrived in Paris from Lampedusa,  got from you as a support and welcome, and furthermore what we got from batons and insults of the police.

Mr Paris' Major, we the Tunisians arrived from Lampedusa, who you describe as illegal immigrants, but mister we inform you we would have never left our coun…

Demotix: No anti-wedding zombie breakfast following raids

An anti-wedding zombie breakfast gathering, organised by Chris Knight's Government of the Dead, failed to amass after Chris was arrested last night following a handful of pre-wedding raids in which a guillotine and effigies were also confiscated. London, UK, 29/04/2011.

Demotix: Parliament square protesters allowed to stay put

Brian Haw lost his appeal against eviction from the square, controlled by the London Parks and Gardens Trust but the order does not affect the anti-war protesters from demonstrating on Westminster Council's pavement. The new case will begin May 9th. London, UK, 28/04/2011.

Demotix: Climate Rush activists protest at Tate Britain

Climate Rush activists demonstrated outside the Tate Britain, which is sponsored by BP, to mourn those that lost lives, as well as environmental damage resulting from the Deepwater Horizon disaster which began on this day last year. London, UK, 20/04/2011.

Demotix: Protesters gain entry to BP's AGM in London

Protesters breached the gates of excel during BP's AGM. A teary eyed Diane Wilson from Texas covered her face and hands with oil and was arrested for breach of the peace whilst Axel Kohler-Schnura demandined entry as a shareholder.

Demotix: Protest at US Embassy following Camp Ashraf attack

Iraqis and Iranians belonging to the Peoples Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) demonstrated outside the US embassy in London following Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's attack on the camp Friday killing 31 and injuring over 200. London, UK, 09/04/2011.

Demotix: Party on the Piazza against homeless byelaw

Food and drink were provided to the homeless outside Westminster Catherdral as the council is looking at introducing a byelaw in Central London and Victoria which would banning rough sleeping and giving to the homeless. London, UK, 20/03/2011.

Dissident Island: Download!! Dissident Island Radio 5 March 2011

Dissident Island Radio Episode 77: DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

- Words from some Grow Heathrow residents about their upcoming PEDAL bike ride to Palestine as well as talking to us about Reclaim the Fields

- Justus, our German correspondent, spoke to us about Antifa in Dresden and Anit-Nuclear actions across Germany

- An audio piece from Dale Farm travellers site in Essex, the biggest travellers site in Europe so…

Demotix: UK Uncut turn Islington RBS branch into laundrette

UK Uncut activists turned the Islington branch of RBS into a laundrette at 11am in response to Islington Council's threatening stance to axe dozens of vital services in a £52 million budget reduction. London, UK, 26/02/2011.

Peace Presence outside HQ of arms co.

February 17, 2011 12:00


12 O'clock- meet at the Yurt at School of Oriental and African Studies (Thornhaugh St

London WC1H 0XG) for a banner making session and a short workshop on 'peaceful ways of communicating with the police'.  (The Yurt is opposite the Birkbeck main building.  We will walk to BAE Systems plc. 6 Carlton Gardens. London SW1Y 5AD.  Estimated time of arrival: 2.30PM 

Please meet us at either locati…

Demotix: Riots in Berlin as Liebig 14 eviction begins

Police arrived in Friedrichshain at Liebig 14 from 4:00am to begin the eviction of a former squat, now a housing project. The eviction began just before 8:00am and riots ensued in the surrounding area afterwards. Berlin, Germany, 02/02/2011.


Police turned up in force at 4am, as well as protesters - mainly residents from other housing projects on Rigaer strasse in a show of solidarity against …

Dissident Island: Dissident Island - Jan. 21 show ready for download

Episode 74 was a busy one for us, so put on your listening hat(s) as we begin by hearing a discussion about resistance to GM and the plans for January's Stop GM gathering. Live in the studio we had two of the occupiers of the new Bloomsbury Freeskool, telling us about where they're at and their plans for the building.

Next us we had one of the many anti cuts updates from groups such as the IWW, UK…