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February 08, 2012 12:00


On the 8th of feb 2012 we will take the battle to Shell Oil, throughout London and UK wide

Stand up for the right to 'OCCUPY'.

January 16, 2012 09:30


Demonstration outside the High Court of Justice at 9.30 a.m, Monday 16th January. 

10.30 a.m, case begins: Court 22, High Court.

Channel 4: V for Vendetta the Man Behind the Mask

From comic strip to symbol of world rebellion, the V for Vendetta mask is an iconic image of our times. Channel 4 News takes author Alan Moore to meet some of the protesters he inspired.

URGENT - assault on right to protest (part 1)

this is the first part of a two part piece outlining current moves by the authorities to attack the 'occupy' movement, starting with the imminent closure of the decade-long protests in parliament square. in this piece i outline the new PRASRA law, which has been enacted already, and how westminster council and the GLA are planning to roll out similar controls throughout london. you can act now by …

Ceasefire: How Police branded OccupyLSX as “Terrorists"

Rizwaan Sabir's investigation of City of London police has unveiled how OccupyLSX protesters routinely featured in its updates on terrorism and extremism. In his latest column, he explains the background and repercussions of the revelations.

Is this City of London Police ‘Terrorism/Extremism update for the Business Community’ genuine or some sort of unsubtle hoax? After viewing the picture –…

The Quietus: Reporting Problems From The Bank Of Ideas

I remember first showing up to the Bank of Ideas as a wide-eyed supporter soon after its inception in mid-November. Like so many other comfortably middle-class, college-aged demonstrators taking part in their first protest, it was appealing to me not only because of the building’s symbolic importance but also what was, quite honestly, a sense of boyish excitement. I’d been smacked by a cop du…

Possible Futures: A Movement Without Demands?

The question of demands infused the initial weeks and months of Occupy Wall Street with the endless opening of desire. Nearly unbearable, the absence of demands concentrated interest, fear, expectation, and hope in the movement. What did they want? What could they want? Commentators have been nearly hysterical in their demand for demands: somebody has got to say what Occupy Wall Street wants!…

OccupyLSX: Occupy London opens its cash account to scrutiny

Ever since the intial statement of its City of London Policy Group, Occupy London has made a point of requesting that the City of London Corporation make full details of its Cash Accounts public. [1]

Our call has had a significant real-world impact.

On 17 November, BBC Radio 4 broadcast an edition of The Report on the subject of Occupy London Stock Exchange in which Stuart Fraser, outgoing p…

Legal Cheek: Occupy allowed to stay in Courthouse 3 More Weeks

Occupy London protesters have been granted the right to continue squatting a disused Old Street magistrates’ court (pictured below) until January 23 – giving the group the opportunity to stage a series of “trials of the 1%” over the next three weeks.

The decision to allow the protesters to stay was made yesterday in the warmer climes of Clerkenwell County Court, where Occupy came to a…

YouTube: OccupyLSX - The Solution ( Anonymous UK )

Anonymous UK, are now in talks with Cobden Partners, a company that advises governments on the banking crisis, THIS MUST GO VIRAL ! these guys are already in talks with the many governments and can PROVE that the simple solutions are being surpressed...

Crisis Conference with Bonefeld, Machover, Ticktin

January 22, 2012 11:00


Fundamentals of Political Economy – weekend school January 21-22

11am-5pm. Room 2b, University of London Union, Malet Street, London.  £10 waged, £5 concessions. 

Okupem les Ones: Occupy London St Pauls video reportage

Join Occupy London at St Pauls and be guided by the Occupiers through the connections between Old London, the church and the economic injustices of today.

Watch video from LaTele.cat:

All UK Anti-Austerity Campaigns Proven RIght!!

An investigation by the Public Accounts Committee has calculated there is £25 BILLION in outstanding corporate tax, which is bigger than the UK budget deficit for 2002. This report vindicates UK Uncut, Occupy groups and anti-austerity protests, and in terms of the movement breaking-out of its cultural ghetto and linking with mass culture, the most important lesson for radicals is that there i…

Open Letter To Occupy from 2 Working Class buggers

An Open Letter To Occupy London from Two Working Class Old Buggers in an attempt to make some practical suggestions based on what has been attempted by some so far:

Occupy liberates abandoned Old St magistrate court


As the LSX occupation prepares to present its case at the High Court yesterday, members of Occupy London alongside a group of military veterans – Occupy Veterans – have liberated a disused court house in London’s East End. The opening of Occupy London’s fourth occupation, will see the movement conducting “trials of the one per cent” in an abandoned magistrate’s court building which has lain empty …

Cash-Rich City Freezes Pay For Workers


As the City of London Corporation announces a pay-freeze for the most poorly paid workers in the Square Mile, publishing their City Cash Accounts is more necessary than ever.

Bank of Ideas wins right to appeal

Occupy London has been given at least three more weeks use of its repossessed Bank of Ideas space.

Occupy London in the High Court

December 19, 2011 09:00

11am – General Assembly at the Royal Courts of Justice

12 midday – City of London Corporation vs. Occupy London case

2pm - UBS vs. the Bank of Ideas

Defend the right to occupy on Parliament Sq

December 18, 2011 16:00


Parliament Sq, Westminster, London

Peace March from OLSX to Parliament

December 18, 2011 13:00


Sunday 18th December,

Meet 1pm @ St. Pauls

2:30pm The War Cabinet

3pm Parliament Square

UK Uncut: Vodafone and Topshop

December 17, 2011 13:00

Be inside Topshop Oxford Circus, near the tills at the back of the ground floor, BEFORE 1PM. Look inconspicuous.

UK Uncut - Santa is displeased

December 17, 2011 11:00

11am at HMRC Westminster Office

Meeting point: Westminster Tube Station, Bridge Street (Big Ben) side

Then on to Oxford Street at 1pm to visit Vodafone and Topshop

Scriptonite: Is the Occupy Movement Naive?

I have been a participating in the Occupy Movement since 15th October, and a member of the Occupy London Finsbury Square camp and media working group since early November.  The most common questions I have been asked, and have been asked over and over in the media, are:

Who is leading the occupy movement? What are the goals of the movement? Is the Occupy Movement naïve?

In this article, I…

Occupy Hackney – an update from D15

Occupy Hackney had a great afternoon in Mare Street with more than over forty Hackney based occupiers coming together. 

Occupy London rave demo at tory Carlton Club

Occupy London brings some noise to the Carlton Club, spiritual home of the Conservative Party

As the grand finale of Occupy Everywhere, the nationwide day of creative action called by Occupy London to mark its two month anniversary, London’s detachment of the global movement for social and economic justice today brought a street party direct to the spiritual home of the Conservative Party, the Ca…

#D15 Occupy Everywhere today


Occupy London called for national day of non-violent creative direct action highlighting social and economic injustice today, the two month after the start of St Paul’s occupation. Dubbing the day 'Occupy Everywhere!', they issued an invitation to communities up and down the country to get involved, take their message of -" it's time for change", "we need dialogue" and "that we can create a bett…

N30 Occupy London - A tribute vid


Short clips from the day spliced into 6 mins with accompanying track by Riot in London. In solidarity with all those who took part in the occupy and strike action on the day

The video quality is a bit ropey, but its all in the original, including the music, best heard through headphones though.


The origins of the Occupy movement

If the catastrophe that is coming is to be avoided and humanity is to have another chance, it will be because the others, from below and to the left, have not only resisted, but are already sketching the outline of something else.

Lord Mayor and PM in Tobin Tax-Dodge


When you consider that the City and the Conservative party are at least partially responsible for the failed policies that caused the economic crisis, their complacency over the Eurozone crisis is alarming. David Cameron and the Lord Mayor now have questions to answer.

Read more ...

Demonstration against US Climate Treaty Wrecker

December 09, 2011 16:45


This Friday (9th December) evening 4.45 to 7.00 pm

Outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square (Bond Street tube)