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OccupyLFS served notice to leave by 4pm 18th May


Islington council has issued an eviction notice under the Open Spaces Act 1906 ByeLaw 17 demanding that Occupy Finsbury Square leave in one weeks time - by 4pm on Friday 18th May - or face court proceedings...

The site was occupied on October 22nd 2011 after hundreds took part in the Tour of Corporate Greed demonstration.

See also Occupy London [twitter 1,2]

London Stock Exchange: Paternoster Square Occupied


The original intended occupation site of Occupy London - Paternoster Square - adjacent to the stock exchange, has been occupied by Occupy London on Mayday since around 6.45pm

They're calling for people to get down there as soon as possible and intend to hold a generral meeting.

A City of London police (chief?) inspector has been informing people that the injunction (against protest/camping) is s…

Occupy Mayday celebration at Liverpool Street St


One of the early Mayday protests and celebrations has been taking place at Liverpool St station, with people from Occupy London and supporters spreading their mayday message with roses, informing people about the workfare protests and the global protests happening throughout the month of may.

Olympic construction blocked this morning

This morning #Occupy protestors and local residents blocked Olympic construction at Leyton Marshes with five arrests.

Occupy Oil the Sequel - Coming May 22, 2012


http://www.facebook.com/groups/OccupyOil + #OccupyOil / @OccupyOil

On the 8th of Feb this year Occupy Oil held it first day of mass action. Shell Stations across the UK and indeed further afield were blockaded or ...picketed. We are back and on the 22nd of May 2012 we are holding Occupy Oil the Sequel,Shell Oil will be holding their AGM in The Hague with an audio-visual link to a satellite meeting …

Police Questioning - November 5


Questioned by police for filming in Parliament Square on November 5th.


Trafalgar12 activists in court

Trafalgar12 activists are due in Westminster Magistrates' Court, hoping to create a legal precedent that will confine the powers Section 12.5 of the POA.

On the 9th of November, during the Student Protest, a group of activists, unrelated to that demonstration, set up an Occupy camp in Trafalgar Square. They remained there for about one hour and were later arrested and charged with Section 12…

Ed Greens: ‘Screaming Revolution' & Palestine


Ed Greens, 21 year old musical artist & poet from Camden Town, London performed at the Hackney Picture House on 29th March 2012. The show premiered the music video to ‘Screaming Revolution' by Empdy x Ed Greens. I caught up with Ed to ask a few questions, particularly, how he came to start making ‘active' music and why Palestine is a common thread in his music.

#OccupyOil the Sequel

May 22, 2012 16:00


#OccupyOil the Sequel: The road to SHELL is paved with bad intentions....... BLOODY MONEY, Tar Sands, Rossport, Niger Delta


May 15th international day of action

Alongside cities around the world, Occupy London supporters will take to the streets for a mass action on Tuesday 15 May - the day that marks the first anniversary of the beginning of of the Spanish 15-M movement and seven months since we occupied just outside the London Stock Exchange.

Protestor Offered Money to 'Disrupt Occupy'


Details of the arrest of Bryn Phillips, his interview with the British Security Services, and the involvement of The City of London Corporation in his arrest.

OLSX: No ads, No bullshit, No surrender: Occupied Times

The twelfth issue of The Occupied Times of London comes out tomorrow.

The not-for-profit, ad-free newspaper has been publishing since October 26th, and has quickly established a reputation as London’s best free alternative newspaper. This is underlined by another strong edition featuring articles by the likes of Nina Power and Dan Hind.

OT12 sees the publication increase to 24 pages and inc…

Spring of Code v0.2

March 16, 2012 18:30

London Hackspace


Laboratory 24

37 Cremer Street, E2 8HD

Peace Strike takes on the Home Secretary in court


On Tuesday and Wednesday (6-7 March 2012), Maria Gallastegui of Peace Strike brought a Judicial Review of Part III of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 as it relates to a blanket ban on protest camps in Parliament Square.

Peace Strike in High Court

March 07, 2012 10:00


Court 3, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London

“OCCUPY” As an activity of “99%”

An anarchist critique of


As an activity of “99%



Occupied Times on eviction


Bailiffs, assisted by police, launched the action to clear the long-standing Occupy London camp at St. Paul’s this week. Shortly before midnight on Monday, 27th February, bailiffs, officers in riot gear and police vans began to draw together to enforce the eviction order sought by the City of London Corporation – the archaic governing body of London’s financial district – that had been upheld in c…

Anti Shell Oil Flash Mob


Anti Shell, Greenwash Flash MOB Anti Shell/Greenwash action tomorrow evening 1st March 5pm

Youtube: Occupylsx Eviction - On The Barricade #occupylsx #

Filmed from the barricade at the eviction of Occupylsx. 

Email richardrowland@hotmail.com if you wish to licence the footage

Occupy Corporatism: Spying and Propaganda Through Social Media

new study by the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies’ (MCIS) 2012 Intelligence Studies Yearbook points to the use of social media as “the new cutting edge in open-source tactical intelligence collection”. IntelNews.org’s Joseph Fitsanakis, who co-authored the study, reports:

We explain that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of other social networking platforms ar…

New Internationalist: Occupy: this is the end of the beginning

Not long after midnight this morning, the bailiffs finally moved in to evict the tents at the Occupy Camp at St Paul’s. The message is obvious. The City of London does not want a permanent witness to its excesses on the verge of the London Stock Exchange.

It is over four months now since the first mass meetings on those iconic steps. Perhaps it is fitting that the location is best known acro…

Scriptonite Daily: Sleepless Night - The Eviction of Occupy St Pauls

The phone rang at 1230am.  I sleepily answered to be informed that the police were on site at St Pauls, dragging tents into rubbish trucks.  Eviction had come.  This was the start of a sleepless night, calling friends, pointing in disbelief at the pictures on the screen and barking ‘Do your research!’ at poorly informed BBC News 24 reporters.  Today’s article recaps the eviction, revisits the achi…

WordPress: Occupy St.Pauls Last Stand

It looked like the ALAMO or the last minutes on the roof at the  STRANGEWAYS MUTINY..the resisters bravely  made a makeshift barricade and climbed on top and held out to the last. Solidarity to you all who have chosen action rather than  words. (no doubt the barricade will be reassembled and in an art gallery by the en of the year). Actually it reminds me of barricades of the PARIS COMMUNE - …

OccupyLSX evicted and School of Ideas bulldozed


St Paul's Occupation and School of ideas were evicted during the night, starting when the camp was surrounded at midnight. Police moved in and cleared the tents with most campers waiting on the steps with their belongings. St Pauls itself issued a Trespass Order to stop protestors gathering on steps to keep safe & warm from eviction. At 9 am the School of ideas was bulldozed to the ground.

A pro…

Riot cops evict Occupy London camp


BRITISH authorities moved in to evict the Occupy London tent city outside St Paul's Cathedral over Monday night.

There were reports of people being arrested and dragged off by riot police, shouting: "Long live #occupy !"

New Statesman: An Open Letter to the St Paul’s Protesters

Dear protesters,

I will be sorry to see you go. I work in the City of London, and I have walked past your tents most days since you camped in the churchyard of St Paul's Cathedral. Anyone who knows the area around the Cathedral will appreciate that you have not been any genuine obstruction. Indeed, one almost has to go out of one's way to be obstructed by you. No one walking from, say, Ludga…

Daily News Egypt: Egyptian anarchists seek self-governed society

CAIRO: They do not believe in governments, they boycotted the elections, they demand “direct democracy” and they’re associated with chaos and have been targeted by the military and some Islamists.

Egypt’s anarchists are anticipating a crackdown before the first anniversary of the January 25 uprising. They are perceived as seeking chaos; villains who want to bring down the state, defy au…

Scriptonite Daily: Wages for Work Branded Dangerous Ideology

This week, a successful grass roots social media and direct action campaign, has seen providers of the Government’s Workfare scheme pulling out in significant number.  The government has made a vigorous response to the issue branding those opposed to workfare ‘job snobs’ and stating that the campaign was tiny and orchestrated by the Socialist Worker Party. Today's article picks through the …

BP’s Olympic branding defaced throughout London


Today hundreds of BP signs across London were targeted by activists protesting against the company’s role as ‘Sustainability Partner’ of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Around the capital, protesters hit petrol stations, advertising hoardings, and BP-sponsored cultural institutions[1], disfiguring hundreds of the famous BP ‘sunflower’ logo. Advertisements with the company’s Olympic strapline ‘…

Crackdown on legitimate protest


Daily Hate Mail reports that the government have ordered the police to crackdown on anti workfare protests. This is in the wake of trotskyist political parties such as the socialist party & SWP jumping on the populist bandwagon as usual & apparently hijacking the fantastic work Boycott Workfare have been doing this past year, informing people of the Mandatory Work Activity, Work Expirence & ot…