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Anti Shell Oil Flash Mob


Anti Shell, Greenwash Flash MOB Anti Shell/Greenwash action tomorrow evening 1st March 5pm

Youtube: Occupylsx Eviction - On The Barricade #occupylsx #

Filmed from the barricade at the eviction of Occupylsx. 

Email richardrowland@hotmail.com if you wish to licence the footage

Occupy Corporatism: Spying and Propaganda Through Social Media

new study by the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies’ (MCIS) 2012 Intelligence Studies Yearbook points to the use of social media as “the new cutting edge in open-source tactical intelligence collection”. IntelNews.org’s Joseph Fitsanakis, who co-authored the study, reports:

We explain that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of other social networking platforms ar…

New Internationalist: Occupy: this is the end of the beginning

Not long after midnight this morning, the bailiffs finally moved in to evict the tents at the Occupy Camp at St Paul’s. The message is obvious. The City of London does not want a permanent witness to its excesses on the verge of the London Stock Exchange.

It is over four months now since the first mass meetings on those iconic steps. Perhaps it is fitting that the location is best known acro…

Scriptonite Daily: Sleepless Night - The Eviction of Occupy St Pauls

The phone rang at 1230am.  I sleepily answered to be informed that the police were on site at St Pauls, dragging tents into rubbish trucks.  Eviction had come.  This was the start of a sleepless night, calling friends, pointing in disbelief at the pictures on the screen and barking ‘Do your research!’ at poorly informed BBC News 24 reporters.  Today’s article recaps the eviction, revisits the achi…

WordPress: Occupy St.Pauls Last Stand

It looked like the ALAMO or the last minutes on the roof at the  STRANGEWAYS MUTINY..the resisters bravely  made a makeshift barricade and climbed on top and held out to the last. Solidarity to you all who have chosen action rather than  words. (no doubt the barricade will be reassembled and in an art gallery by the en of the year). Actually it reminds me of barricades of the PARIS COMMUNE - …

OccupyLSX evicted and School of Ideas bulldozed


St Paul's Occupation and School of ideas were evicted during the night, starting when the camp was surrounded at midnight. Police moved in and cleared the tents with most campers waiting on the steps with their belongings. St Pauls itself issued a Trespass Order to stop protestors gathering on steps to keep safe & warm from eviction. At 9 am the School of ideas was bulldozed to the ground.

A pro…

Riot cops evict Occupy London camp


BRITISH authorities moved in to evict the Occupy London tent city outside St Paul's Cathedral over Monday night.

There were reports of people being arrested and dragged off by riot police, shouting: "Long live #occupy !"

New Statesman: An Open Letter to the St Paul’s Protesters

Dear protesters,

I will be sorry to see you go. I work in the City of London, and I have walked past your tents most days since you camped in the churchyard of St Paul's Cathedral. Anyone who knows the area around the Cathedral will appreciate that you have not been any genuine obstruction. Indeed, one almost has to go out of one's way to be obstructed by you. No one walking from, say, Ludga…

Crackdown on legitimate protest


Daily Hate Mail reports that the government have ordered the police to crackdown on anti workfare protests. This is in the wake of trotskyist political parties such as the socialist party & SWP jumping on the populist bandwagon as usual & apparently hijacking the fantastic work Boycott Workfare have been doing this past year, informing people of the Mandatory Work Activity, Work Expirence & ot…

The Underbelly of our Authritarian State

February 24, 2012 17:00

School of Ideas

Featherstone Rd

Islington EC1Y 8RX

OccupyLSX: OSLX to mark eviction symbolically & peacefully


Following the Court of Appeal ruling yesterday that none of the applications presented by Occupy London would be heard and that there could be an iminent eviction by bailiffs on behalf of the City of London Corporation, the Occupy London General Assembly yesterday decided by consensus to support the individual decisions of members of the Occupy London camp. As such, in the event of evictio…

Anarchist News: God Only Knows What Devils We Are

To counteract the recent backlash led by professional journalists against diversity of tactics in the Occupy movement, we sought out our comrades from the heart of the black bloc and asked them to tell their side of the story: where they come from, why they participate, how they see the world. Here follows an in-depth personal reflection on why the black bloc is so contemporary and what this m…

Word Sound Have Power V

February 18, 2012 19:00


Performance Space, White Lane, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN


Transport: Overground: Hackney Wick


Activists needed to defend squatted farmhouse


Urgent call-out for support to stop EDF Energy trashing 400 acres of fragile Somerset coastline for new nuclear power station

NewInquiry: David Graeber on Occupy Direct Action / Black Bloc

David Graeber responds to “The Cancer in Occupy,” article written by Chris Hedges:


I am writing this on the premise that you are a well-meaning person who wishes Occupy Wall Street to succeed. I am also writing as someone who was deeply involved in the early stages of planning Occupy in New York.

I am also an anarchist who has participated in many Black Blocs. While I have never perso…

new occupy london squat - 'school of ideas'


this week, 'occupy london' activists opened up a new community squatted building in the city, near old street. it is a deserted primary school with loads of beautiful airy classrooms, a small gym, and some pleasant outdoor space. it has lain unused for three years and the owners are awaiting planning permission before demolishing. in the meantime, the hope is to put it to good use for the communit…

School of Ideas opens to the community


The School of Ideas opened its doors to the community yesterday with activists hoping to replicate the success of its predecessor Bank of Ideas.

The former school has been cleaned up and readied for workshops, cinema, debate and meditation, but those behind the enterprise are calling for others to get involved.

Two of the first people to arrive were a couple of sexual health workers based across…

Great Occupy Newspapers out on the streets


Yesterday i was handed Issue Ten of the long running Occupied Times being being given out at the St Paul's site as i was passing to get home, containing all i wanted to know about news from the camp and related debates around the UK. This follows another newspaper i found at LARC last week called The Occupier that was made up of 8 large posters all based on the occupy ideas encouraging me to put t…

School of Ideas welcomes events near Old Street


The School of Ideas has opened its doors to the public, situated on corner of Bunhill Road and Featherstone Street near Old Street Tube in an abandoned school building. It is a space complete with 10 class rooms and has been opened for the free sharing of ideas and solutions, to help solve the pressing economic, social and environmental challenges globally and locally. There is also room for co…

Shift: Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere: Review

Of all the events of 2011, the least predictable may well be the adoption of the economics editor of Newsnight as an avuncular figure for the left’s new generation. But Paul Mason’s gift for being in the right place at the right time, and reporting from there with enthusiasm, vitality and sympathy has made him stand out from the crowd, not only amongst mainstream journalists but also intellec…

Fuel protesters storm British Gas headquarters


A grioup of activists have barricaded themselves into meeting rooms on two floors of British Gas offices in Staines, Middlesex, as part of the "Winter Warm-Up" weekend called by the campaign group Fuel Poverty Action. British Gas is being targeted as one of the Big Six energy companies making profits out of rising energy bills. It is planned to stream the occupation live on the internet, with…

'Occupy London Communities Walk'. brainstorm

January 31, 2012 15:00


Tent City University, St Paul's. 

Bank of Ideas evicted


Occupy London protesters were evicted from their Bank of Ideas home early this morning at the hands of violent bailiffs [youtube video] Protesters associated with the global occupy movement had been squatting a disused UBS office block on Sun Street, in Hackney since November 18, but a possession order was put in place on Wednesday after occupiers dropped their appeal against the eviction. [see…

Illegal eviction at Bank of Ideas 2?

In the early hours of Wednesday morning a team of activists squatted a former Midland Bank on St Alphage High Walk, near the Barbican, in the hope of providing a new space for community events following the closure of the Bank of Ideas.

But in what could be a sign of a change in police tactics in dealing with the occupy movement they were promptly evicted by dozens of local police and the TSG who…

Eviction at St Paul's delayed

The Court of Appeal has ruled there can be no eviction at St Paul's protest camp until Tuesday 31 January at the earliest while the judges consider the evidence presented by Occupy London and the eco-warriors.

Occupy squat the Bank of Iraq

Occupy London took and new building this morning a former Nationalised Bank of Iraq called the The Rafidain Bank, with the comment "You told us to stop camping and go after the banks. So we did." The building in Leadenhall Street is massive, formerly the Iraq embassy commercial attache, this is a new Bank of Ideas in the making. Throughout the afternoon various police groups visited the area unti…

One Love One Occupy & Celebrate Right to Protest

January 27, 2012 16:00

At 4pm Friday 27th January – the earliest date that any eviction of the Occupy London Stock Exchange site at St Paul’s could feasibly begin – the deadline for the Leave to Appeal for the Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation by St Paul’s will end. Marking this, Occupy London will host a number of events!

OccupyLSX: Police illegally evict Occupy from new building

Occupy London is greatly concerned by what appears to be the wholly disproportionate actions of the City of London Police in breaking and entering premises being legally occupied under Section 6 of the 1977 Criminal Law Act.

Early this morning supporters of Occupy London began legally occupying the abandoned Midland Bank at St Alphage Highwalk, London EC2. For what happened next, we encourag…

Defend Occupy LSX from imminent eviction!

We are calling on everyone who can to come down to the occupy London stock exchange camp outside St Paul's cathedral to defend it from eviction as eviction is expected within the next two or three days.