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October 11, 2012 17:00




1 Stamford Street, SE1 9NT

And now we can get together this Thursday and share !!!



Cuts Cafe second building open


Cuts Cafe: 1 Stamford Street, SE1 9NT. Doors are open - see full list of events in the run up to Oct20 TUC protests.

This is the second building the Cuts Cafe has had. The first one was lost due to obstruction and eviction by security and the threat of arrest by police. The Cuts Café aims to provide a radical space in Central London to build resistance to the devastating cuts being imposed by …

Reconnect Space + #Globalnoise Prep Today (sat)

Reconnect - bringing our community back together!

203 High Holborn

A celebration of local creativity, we've acquired a HUGE space this weekend with space for hundreds of artists, performers, etc to come and express themselves. 

the building has been empty for 9 years due to corporate waste and mismanagement of resources, the venue has 10 galleries each the size of football pitches and we are hop…


October 13, 2012 14:00


Outside the London Stock Exchange

Launch of Re The Zine

October 10, 2012 19:30


The Gallery Cafe,

Old Ford Road

Bethnal Green

E2 9PL

Peoples Assembly of Justice

October 20, 2012 14:00


Parliament Square, Westminster, London, SW!

Libcom: Noam Chomsky: What next for Occupy?

Noam Chomsky discusses the future of the Occupy Movement.

This is the transcript of a discussion that took place earlier this year between Noam Chomsky and Occupy supporters Mikal Kamil and Ian Escuela for InterOccupy, an organisation that provides links between supporters of the Occupy movement around the world.

Professor Chomsky, the Occupy movement is in its second phase. Three of our main go…

Some contradictions at the squatted library



North London’s squatted library has made some headlines. An element of novelty helps no doubt – a new take on opposition to the cuts.

It sounds like there has been a fine and determined campaign to save the library from Barnet Council’s axe, including a sit-in on the day of closure and regular pop-up li…

Seeing the woods from the trees at Runnymede Eco.

If you happened to glance at a recent BBC Surrey news website report entitled: ”Runnymede squatters: National Trust wins eviction order”,  you could be forgiven for thinking that the Digger’s 2012 Runnymede Eco-village was situated on land owned by the National Trust.  We are taking this opportunity to clarify that Runnymede Eco-Village is not situated on land owned by the National Tru…

Case dismissed for Occupy London’s #M12 five


Five Occupy London supporters viewed as a threat to the reputation of the UK economy have had the cases against them thrown out of court – with every single arrest deemed unlawful by the presiding judge.

District Judge Lachhar at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in West London dismissed the case this week (19 September) against the M12 five who were arrested by the Royal Exchange, just over the r…

A WALK: Through Sites of Dissent

September 30, 2012 12:00


Meet at Gasworks at 12pm, walk goes around London.


155 Vauxhall Street,

London SE11 5RH

Make some Global Noise on October 13th


International activists involved in the Indignato and Occupy movements have begun a campaign to create GlobalNoise, a worldwide cacerolazo, or casserole march, on Saturday, October 13th, 2012. The hope is that local Occupations and Collectives will take up the call to march, using the method of a casserole march to highlight whatever issues are the most important to their community.

Reclaim Community - Friern Barnet Library


Latest: See interviews with the local residents and squatters: Video

On the 5th of September Occupiers and members of the local community in North London reclaimed the Friern Barnet Library after it had its doors closed in April by the council this year due to public sector cuts. The library is now declared liberated, occupied and reopened to the public. Although today the council served an …

Panton House 16 Anti-Protest Trial: Total Victory!


Dateline: Court One, Westminster Magistrates Court, London, UK, 11:45 Wed 08 Aug 2012 – In a political trial targeting public protest, all sixteen defendants arrested during in an OccupyLSX banner drop at Panton House on Wed 30 Nov 2011 were today ACQUITTED OF ALL THE CHARGES laid against them by the Crown Prosecution Service. After five days in court, a shed load of jubilant innocent people cel…

Slow Motion Olympic Half-Marathon to Olympic Park

July 27, 2012 12:00

Departing from Covent Garden Piazza 12.12pm and planned to arrive at Olympic Park at 20.12pm.

Stop Osborne Killing The Climate Act

July 26, 2012 17:00

At the Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Parade

'Occupy Eleven' court judgement


The ‘Occupy Eleven’, arrested and charged with “obstruction of a bailiff enacting a high court writ” during the eviction of the Occupy camp at St Paul’s Cathedral, have been found guilty but were released this afternoon with conditional discharges. The judge handed out the lowest sentence possible, despite the prosecution’s calls to exclude the accused from vast swathes of London.

Dissident Island Radio: 107 - Plan C, Greg Hall, Anarchism and Sexuality..

Right-click for MP3 download link here (125mb)

Right-click for OGG download link here (76mb)

Five freckin years. One hundred and seven whole episodes of Dissident Island Radio. Along with sh*tloads of other stuff too. Yea I know. We impress ourselves sometimes. (Or maybe the feeling is more accurately described as general confusion and bewilderment...anyway...)

On the show tonight - 6 July 2…

5 Freckin years of Dissident Island Radio...

July 06, 2012 21:00


LARC - and pumpin out yer stereo...

Ryan Harvey Show

July 28, 2012 20:00


London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

62 Fieldgate Street


E1 1ES

Climate Siren activists scale Palace gates Rio+20


Four members of the group Climate Siren, which included Occupy London supporters, chained themselves to Buckingham Palace gates on Saturday 23 June to highlight the biggest threat to our planet, climate change. The activists were there for over 4 hours and the stunt attracted national and international media attention. Their banners included a quote from Prince Charles that the ‘doomsday cloc…

Anish Kapoor's house liberated for the weekend


"We face a hostile corporate assault on public spaces, art and communities. A large space in central London has been liberated for a one-day event: talks, debates, art, screenings, music and celebration." So said activists; Bread and Circuses, as they temporarily squatted A five storey house belonging to Anish Kapoor at Lincoln's Inn Field, that he bought in 2009 and left empty. It was brought to …

Occupied Finsbury Square Eviction


At 1am this morning, 14th June 2012, over a dozen police vans raced down City Road towards Finsbury Squ. Accompanied by two or three coaches of bailiffs in orange jackets. They quickly formed a line round the site and dragged those asleep out of their tents. Some being aware of the police coming climbed into the barricade built over three of the wooden pallet houses, with one masked protester…

Latest From the Diggers - Join Us!


Statement from Windsor Diggers. Meet-up at the weekend.

Finsbury Square have to June 15th to appeal


*** Update 7 June: The Finsbury Square occupation has been granted a stay of execution until Friday 15 June to lodge an appeal. ***

The potential forceful eviction of the Occupy London Finsbury Square camp is expected to happen in the early hours in the next few days, with residents choosing to mark the eviction with peaceful resistance. The potential eviction follows Justice Hickinbottom rul…

'occupy democracy' teach-in at st paul's today


about 20 people gathered in the wet conditions outside st paul's at lunchtime, to listen to various speakers around the theme of 'occupy democracy.

15M web: Barcelona International Commission report

Below is an interesting report on the way the indignados movement has raised its profile internationally as it seeks social justice for the 15M movement:

#BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 15

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it…

The 3 Rs: Reform, Revolution, and "Resistance"

June 13, 2012 19:00

University of London Union - ULUMalet Street, WC1E 7HY London, United Kingdom

Room 3B

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy LFS, Take the flour back, Free Association

- Refections from participants in the Finsbury Square Occupy camp, which is due for eviction in the near future

- A discussion about the social impacts of default, specifically looking at the parallels between contemporary Greece and the Argentina of 10 years ago

- An interview on 'take the flour back', an upcoming mass action against genetically modified wheat in the UK happening on 27 M…