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October 11, 2012 17:00




1 Stamford Street, SE1 9NT

And now we can get together this Thursday and share !!!



Post (A) Bookfair Party!

October 27, 2012 21:00


TBC - call partyline on the night: 07538 363 864 // 07538 363 798

Dissident Island Radio: Cuts Cafe interview, Porn & Capitalism and more...

This 109th Dissident Island Radio features some lovely people running London’s Cuts Cafe, a radical space in the belly of the beast designed to allow for movement building in the run-up to the TUC demo on October 20th. We also hear about porn, capitalism and sexual desire. Does one lead to the other? Could you have anarcho-porn? And as always the show features rabble rousing, tunes, an…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 109

October 05, 2012 21:00




October 13, 2012 14:00


Outside the London Stock Exchange

LoveMusic HateRacism - Racism, Police & Solidarity


London Criminal Barrister, Brian Richardson and a UEL Student, Arnie Joahill, discuss Racism, the IPCC, Stop & Search Policty, Police and solidarity action at love Music Hate Racism Celebrations on 15th September 2012 - http://youtu.be/FfLEOjGciTI

Dissident Island Radio - 109 - back from holidays!

September 07, 2012 21:00

LARC - and pumpin out your stereo


Using the Olympic ticketing website run by monopolistic Ticketmaster (owned by Live Nation Entertainments in California) has been described as USABILITY HELL.


Live Nation Dumping Food at Olympics / Paralympics



David Rovics - Songs of Social Significance

September 25, 2012 19:00

Venue: London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

62 Fieldgate Street, (corner of Parfett Street), Whitechapel, London E1 1ES

Nearest Stations:- Whitechapel / Aldgate East / Aldgate / Shadwell


Slow Motion Olympic Half-Marathon to Olympic Park

July 27, 2012 12:00

Departing from Covent Garden Piazza 12.12pm and planned to arrive at Olympic Park at 20.12pm.

Dissident Island Radio: 107 - Plan C, Greg Hall, Anarchism and Sexuality..

Right-click for MP3 download link here (125mb)

Right-click for OGG download link here (76mb)

Five freckin years. One hundred and seven whole episodes of Dissident Island Radio. Along with sh*tloads of other stuff too. Yea I know. We impress ourselves sometimes. (Or maybe the feeling is more accurately described as general confusion and bewilderment...anyway...)

On the show tonight - 6 July 2…

5 Freckin years of Dissident Island Radio...

July 06, 2012 21:00


LARC - and pumpin out yer stereo...

Ryan Harvey Show

July 28, 2012 20:00


London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

62 Fieldgate Street


E1 1ES

Juntos Komo Artistas.

July 03, 2012 19:00

532162_4197610577190_785749621_n-thumb At Praxis in Pott Street, Bethanl green Tube Station, E2 0EF. 

Dissident Island Radio: Episode 106! Carnival of Dirt, Carbon Town Cryer..

Proprietary codec - MP3 (112.5 MB)

Free codec - OGG (68 MB):

What a fantastic show! This is what features:

* Carnival of Dirt with is happening in London tonight, where more than 30 activist groups from London and around the world come together to highlight the illicit deeds of mining and extraction companies.

* a short introduction to 'non violent communication' by activist,

scholar and yoga teach…

Windmill Brixton

June 21, 2012 19:30



Windmill Brixton

London SW2 5BZ

United Kingdom


Dissident Island Radio - Episode 106

June 15, 2012 21:00


hey hey hey

on tonights show we have lots of cool shizzle….enough for everybody!!!,

No Bounds magazine launch party

June 26, 2012 07:30


To celebrate the launch of the magazine No Bounds have organised a party on June 26th 2012 in association with events promoters Movimientos. The launch night will be held at the Rich Mix in East London, with an eclectic array of performances, ranging from poets to musicians. It will be a free event. All welcome!!!!!!

FemCells Women-Only Gig Tonight!


A night of music, stand-up and female camaraderie at LARC.

FemCells Women-Only Gig Tomorrow!

June 08, 2012 18:00


LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island #105 - Download it now!

On our 105th show we've got lots of hot stuff to keep us in tune with the weather.

- Writer and researcher dizzyshambles with musings and reflections on the politics of the militant student uprising in Quebec

- Donal from the Dysophia zine discussing Anarchism, antisemitism, and ways of recognising / combating the covert and overt manifestations of racism in our solidarity struggles.

- A che…

Dissident Island Radio - Episode 105

June 01, 2012 21:00


LARC - and pumpin put yer stereo...

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy LFS, Take the flour back, Free Association

- Refections from participants in the Finsbury Square Occupy camp, which is due for eviction in the near future

- A discussion about the social impacts of default, specifically looking at the parallels between contemporary Greece and the Argentina of 10 years ago

- An interview on 'take the flour back', an upcoming mass action against genetically modified wheat in the UK happening on 27 M…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 104

May 18, 2012 21:00



www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island Radio - Episode 103 ready to go

Episode 103 of Dissident Island Radio features:

- Our friend Carl live in the studio giving an insider's perspective on prisoner solidarity. He gives some nice ideas on how to offer support and what to say in those all important letters.

- People from SQUASH and the ASS talking about the future of squatting in England and Wales post Clause 145, and what's going to change once the ban comes into effe…

London Free Concert this weekend

May 19, 2012 12:00

This weekend the people of London are taking back our spaces with a great free concert on Clapham Common London.  Located next to the Long Pond our stage will be the grass, our entry policy - "All Welcome"

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 103

May 04, 2012 21:00



Reel News: Free Pussy Riot! at Russian Embassy


On Monday, 23 April, about 100 people, many of whom wearing neon balaclavas, the trade mark of Pussy Riot, protested outside the Russian Embassy in London, demanding “Free Pussy Riot!”. See video.

In February, the feminist punk band Pussy Riot stormed into Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow and to perform their anti Putin song “Punk prayer”. Ekaterina Samusevich, Maria Alyokhina and …

Free Pussy Riot

April 23, 2012 18:00


Embassy Of The Russian Federation

13 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QX London