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Day of Action in Solidarity with John Bowden


London ABC and friends visit the Parole Board.

Indymedia Ireland: Peace Process Without Due Process

John McGuffin an Ulster Anarchist

John McGuffin an Ulster anarchist was cremated 10 years ago on this coming May Day in Belfast. I met John in London almost 40 years ago, when we got drunk together.John was the sole anarchist of the People's Democracy movement of the late sixties and carried alone an anarchist banner on the infamous Burntollet part of the civil rights march which was viciously …

DMTX Alex Milan Tracy: ACPO Judicial Review challenges extremist database

John Catt and his daughter Linda have brought a case against ACPO and the Metropolitan police to challenge the legality of the publicly funded, secret 'domestic extremist' intelligence database run by the NPOIU. Since 2005 they have been recorded over 80 times in the database for exercising their democratic right to protest. London, UK, 09/02/2012.

Dissident Island: Dissident Island - download episode 94 now...

Dissident Island Radio - 02 December 2011 - Epsiode 94:

This fantastic show features lots of bits n pieces from this week in radical political developments and beyond...

  • We'll be hearing a multitude of voices from Wednesday's public sector strike in London
  • Marty, with a full and frank discussion on Occupy London
  • Richard Minns, with the ins and outs of pensions and financial markets

All t…

: The Cameroon SCNC demonstrate at Downing Street

Members of the Southern Cameroon National Council demonstrate outside Downing Street. On this day in 1961 the British mandated Southern Cameroons became part of the French Cameroun and lost its autonomous status. London, United Kingdom, 01/10/2010.

: Pro-Palestinian Protest at Isleworth Crown Court

A small group of Stop the War Coalition protesters, in conjunction with the British Muslim Initiative and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a protest at Isleworth Crown Court this morning. The protest was in response to the arrests of 7 men in recent weeks, following their involvement protests outside the Israeli embassy. London, United Kingdom. 26/02/2010.