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Dissident Island Radio: Occupy LFS, Take the flour back, Free Association

- Refections from participants in the Finsbury Square Occupy camp, which is due for eviction in the near future

- A discussion about the social impacts of default, specifically looking at the parallels between contemporary Greece and the Argentina of 10 years ago

- An interview on 'take the flour back', an upcoming mass action against genetically modified wheat in the UK happening on 27 M…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 97 ready for download

On this show we've got all sorts of stuff and things from here there and

everywhere. We'll be hearing from La Quadrature du Net about ACTA, censorship

and the enclosure of the internet commons.

We'll be hearing from a member of the drive cooperative, discussing London's

newest housing coop. A person from No Borders will be in tonight too, talking

to us about the No Borders Convergence from 13-18…

Barefoot Into Cyberspace


Becky Hogge discusses her new book 'Barefoot Into Cyberspace', the enclosure of the internet, the digital rights Committee, and how she became an activist.

The book is available in print, as well as a free online version and e-book on her website.

New Scientist: Subversive aps help citizens fight state silencing

WHEN the Egyptian authorities realised protesters were using the internet to organise themselves in January, they came up with a simple solution: in an instant they disconnected the nation, cutting off anti-government dissidents from an invaluable resource.

The outage inspired James Burke and Chris Pinchen - both members of the P2P Foundation, a group that monitors how data is shared online - …

Bitcoins, Money (and Credit)

August 16, 2011 19:00


Unit 3J, Omega Works,

167 Hermitage Road,

London N4 1LZ

CommentIsFree: criminalising online dissent - democracy in peril

The disproportionate response to hacking protests means we are in danger of leaving our future leaders behind bars

James Ball

In March this year, more than 150 UK activists were arrested while occupying Fortnum & Mason in a protest against tax avoidance. They were held in cells overnight and charged with aggravated trespass. Earlier this month, the charges against all but 30 were dropped, as i…

deterritorial support group: twenty reasons why it's kicking off in cyber space

In February the Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason very succinctly laid out the radically different nature of recent popular uprisings across North Africa, the Middle East and Europe compared to earlier political movements, and the economic and sociological reasons behind it. This incisive blogpost rang true for many of those involved in those social movements, articulating, as it did, a new se…

Blog: Reflections On Facebook vs J30Strike

Earlier today I posted about a current crisis of censorship on Facebook.


  • Citizen activists created J30Strike.org, a website advocating peaceful demonstration against austerity measures in the U.K. on June 30th
  • Sometime in the last 48 hours or so, anyone who tried to post or share a link to J30Strike on their Facebook account was blocked from doing so, receiving instead an error me…

Made Real

May 27, 2011 12:00

Furtherfield Gallery (formally http gallery)

Unit A2 Arena design Centre

71 Ashfield Road


N4 1NY

OWNI: From Indymedia to Wikileaks

From Indymedia to Wikileaks: What a decade of hacking journalistic culture says about the future of news


The first time I ever heard the words “mirror website,” I was sitting at a debris-strewn desk, hunched over a desktop computer, on the second floor of a nondescript office building on East 29th in Manhattan. I’d recently started volunteering with the New York City Independent M…

libcom: Spontaneous demo on Facebook gets half a million


Following the events of Tunisia, Egypt and other Southern Med States where a popular people’s movement was started over the Facebook and Social networks, a small group of Portuguese youth started up a Facebook page-calling for a million people march on the main street in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade, for March 12th 2011, to fill up the entire street. They called themselves the “Geracao A Rasca…

Richard Stallman: A Free Digital Society 2



Richard Stallman talk at IET London ( see http://london.indymedia.org/events/7625 )

Richard Stallman - hacker, founder of the Free Software Movement, activist and theorist for civil rights in the digital age - about politics and practice of free software, discussing a range of issues which have arisen in the digital age : from the oppressive use of ‘copyright' by media corporations and resist…

Richard Stallman: A Free Digital Society 1



Richard Stallman talk at IET London ( see http://london.indymedia.org/events/7625 )


Richard Stallman - hacker, founder of the Free Software Movement, activist and theorist for civil rights in the digital age - about politics and practice of free software, discussing a range of issues which have arisen in the digital age : from the oppressive use of ‘copyright' by media corporations and re…

Frontlineclub: Role of Twitter and social media in revolutions

I'm afraid I haven't been able to follow events in Tunisia and Egypt as closely as I would have liked as I was determined to enjoy an overdue holiday and a break from computer screens. And my mission was largely accomplished.

As part of an attempt to catch up, I've just been reading Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen and C.W. Anderson on the renewed argument over "Twitter revolutions". The role of Twitter…

Paul mason, bbc: 20 reasons why it's kicking off everywhere


Paul Mason  Saturday, 5 February 2011

We've had revolution in Tunisia, Egypt's Mubarak is teetering; in Yemen, Jordan and Syria suddenly protests have appeared. In Ireland young techno-savvy professionals are agitating for a "Second Republic"; in France the youth from banlieues battled police on the streets to defend the retirement rights of 60-year olds; in Greece striking and rioting have …

Coworking at The Clouds – An Invitation

Every Tuesday (as from last week, January 11th, 2011) United Diversity and VisionOn.TV will be hosting upstairs at Passing Clouds as a Coworking space.

#Netrootsuk : Digital differences or common cause?


Held: Saturday 8th January, TUC Congress House, London. Around 550 attending.

"The idea behind the original Netroots Nation, and behind Netroots UK is to leverage social media and other tools for political action" - NetrootsUK website

For a large number of people at the event this obviously meant to leverage social media to put the Labour Party back in power. First we fight the cuts, then we br…

Virtually repressive: Met shuts down Fitwatch site


Last night the Met police shut down the Fitwatch blog, saying it was "being used to undertake criminal activities". It is widely believed that the post titled "Beating police repression after the student occupation" was the reason for the shut down. The article was advising protestors who were worried about being targeted by police repression following the Millbank protests. The article has in th…

: Government web snooping back on the cards


Jim Killock, 25 October 2010

Government plans to intercept Internet communications and store details of “traffic data” are reportedly back on the cards.

These plans – called the “Intercept Modernisation Programme” – were shelved early last year after campaigning from privacy campaigners including ORG. They are legally suspect and highly expensive.

They were signalled in a coupl…

: Indymedia Suisse-Romande - A work in Progress

((i))ndymedia - work in progress:


In recent months, we received a series of questions and criticism from you. It has often lack insight into the background on how each could receive e-project of Indymedia.

Indymedia is beginning to have a certain age, the project was born in 1999 during protests against the WTO summit in Seattle. Disillusionm…

Booklets by Indymedia London and HacktionLab

Booklets that will be given out for donations at the bookfair, here available as PDFs.

: ElReg - Data for 100m FB accounts published

Underscoring the permanence of data published on the internet, a security researcher has compiled the names and URLs of more than 100 million Facebook users and made them available as a BitTorrent download.

Ron Bowles, who describes himself as a certified penetration tester, said he used some hastily written code to harvest the names of more than 100 million users who had set their accounts to be…

: ElReg: 'hacker' breaks gag order to rant at cops

A while ago, someone came to me and gave me some data involving AT&T iPad customers to publicize, the full story of which I'm sure you're all familiar with from my previous excellent blog posts. I was subsequently raided by the FBI and arrested, though I have been under gag orders and haven't been able to discuss the details of what happened. I am now violating those gag orders because my civil li…

: The Digital Economy: state control of the internet

The Digital Economy. The government’s vision of the internet’s future. This new legislation has been controversial from the outset. Lobbied for by the Recording Industry in an effort to thwart file-sharing, the Digital Economy Act has far reaching implications.

In particular, clauses 9-18 have been especially controversial, not least because they were rushed through parliament in…

Is the internet safe for free speech?

May 12, 2010 18:30


Free Word Centre

60 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3GA

Nearest tube Farringdon

: Guardian: man arrested for running file sharing si

"A British man has been arrested for his role in running one of the internet's oldest file sharing websites.

The man - who started the FileSoup website in 2003 - was taken into custody last week after a raid on his home in Taunton, Somerset, and subsequently released on bail without charge."

FileSoup isn't even a tracker, just a forum were people share links. Once again brit police goes and arre…