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IMC Reporting Numbers + MobileNews 4 Climate Camp


Help report what's happening by sending your reports from the streets/fields - your reports will be used to update the Indymedia websites covering the camp.

There are three Indymedia reporting numbers (starting Wed 26th August):

07556 251 105
: For calling in reports from events - remember the 'who what when where why'

08444 872 207 : For calling in to leave a short audio recording that can be uplo…

Indymedia Meeting

July 14, 2009 20:00


Royal Festival Hall, Southbank

Meet at door G in green area on level 3

Next Tube: Waterloo

Imc London Meeting

June 30, 2009 20:00


Royal Festival Hall

Why Indymedia Sucks - Thoughts From Conference09

During the Anarchist Conference this weekend, some of us from Indymedia London took the time to ask people what they thought of Indymedia, what our job is in relation to the anarchist movement, how well we're doing it, and so on.  Here's what we found out.

IMC London Meeting

March 10, 2009 20:00


InfoShop 56a

56a Crampton St

SE17 3AE

Nearest Tube: Elephant & Castle, Northern and Bakerloo Lines

Apologies for downtime

Apologies for the minor downtime just now (as far as we can tell it was only a few minutes).  Due to the recent server seizure, Indymedia London has been crowded onto a new machine with relatively small disks, and we ran out of disk space, which has all kinds of strange effects on a running website.  We'll be looking to improve the situation in the near future.

Istanbul Indymedia Shut Down by Turkish Authority

Istanbul indymedia reports

Letter to IMC London contributors


Our grand new site has been up for a while, and besides struggling with events that transcend the sphere of our influence, we've been trying to get rid of bugs and generally improve the site. In order to do so, we've been looking closely at how people use the site. Doing this, I have noted some things that I don't understand. Lacking a general way to get in touch, I've decided to write an open let…

Sorry, sorry, sorry... but we're back now


We are so sorry about the downtime and the loss of media, we can't even tell you how sorry we are. A lot of things came together to make this happen and we spent the beginning of the year feeling extremely stupid. We are specially sorry for all the contributors that have been posting to the site, and for all the groups that had created their 'Group' pages. Be reassured that we have done our best t…

BNP Threatens Free Media

This is a repost of the current Indymedia UK Feature, even though it does not relate to London, it does relate to Indymedia.

Indymedia is yet again facing legal threats to prevent the free flow of communication, this time from a political movement known for its hostility to free speech. On the 21st November 08 Indymedia UK received an email from someone claiming to be a legal representative for t…

Indymedia and the Enclosure of the Internet

There has been controversy recently on the global imc-communication and imc-tech lists over the issue of a $200,000 grant application sent to the Knight Foundation by IMC Boston to do Drupal development work for Indymedia sites.

The grant application was blocked by IMC Rosario in Argentina. As a working technical volunteer who has been building a new Indymedia website for the past year or so, I t…

New Indymedia London Site Ready For Action!

It is now almost five years since Indymedia London came to life as part of the United Kollectives network of IMC's throughout the UK. Now, in 2008, things have moved on; the reality in the streets is very different from that of 2003, and so there has also been a change in the way people experience the internet. The kollective in London has been working hard for the last few months to ad…

Welcome to IMC London

Ok, so you've just been to a demonstration or an action then? Good on you. We hope you had a great time! And now you feel like telling everyone about it, even better! You've come to the right place. Or maybe you've just been to a great benefit party, or gig, or workshop, or talk, or film screening, or exhibition, or .. whatever else you think you should let everyone know about it.  This is the pla…