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Police officer who beat Ian Tomlinson in court


The family of Ian Tomlinson arrived in court today to hear the case against the police officer, PC Simon Harwood, who was seen to attack him face charges for no reason. THis all happened during the demonstartion against the G20 who were meeting in London in April 2009. The court heard the excuses the police made for why they were hitting people over the head so often which would have been laughabl…

OccupyLondon ‘repossesses’ UBS buildings


500 rooms in abandoned buildings recently owned by Swiss banking giant UBS, on Sun Street just next to the OccupyLFS site, have been occupied today. The buildings have been taken as part of Occupy London and are being transformed into a Bank of Ideaswhich will open on Saturday. The first building for Occupy London campaigners has been taken as they occupy a third space in borough of Hack…

Globalise Resistance Forum

April 05, 2011 19:00

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. (nr tube Holborn)

For a map: http://bit.ly/e2Nllk

Met Police to use Bluetooth for #M26 Public Order


Following the use of bluetooth by police forces around the country in awareness raising schemes, the Met Police intend to encourage protesters to activate bluetooth on their mobile phones at the TUC March for the Alternatives demonstration in London on March 26th. This will allow the MET police to broadcast messages direct to marchers mobile phones. For background see astracasting.com


Judicial review of Met tactics G20 Climate Camp


Metropolitan Police in Court over Protest Tactics

Judicial review of G20 Climate Camp containment and dispersal operation held in Crown Court

Days before mass demonstrations against cuts, the Divisional Court scrutinises the legality of kettling and use of force at G20 . The three-day judicial review of the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the Camp for Climate Action at the G20 protests is to sta…

FSM: Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly (WSF)

As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Dakar, 2011, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of Africa and its peoples in the construction of human civilisation.

Together, the peoples of all the continents are struggling mightily to oppose the domination of capital, hidden behind illusory promises of economic progress and political stability. Complete dec…

vimeo: Photographers, Policing and Protest: David Hoffman

VIDEO Who's Afraid of Photographers?

Legendary photographer David Hoffman talks on the changes in policing of protests over the years and the role and treatment of photographers. It ends mentioning the change in policing seen after the G20, but cautions against a swing back in response to the austerity cuts - a bit prophetic following the recent student demonstrations.

Houses of Parliament 27th Oc…

: Canadian Police Re-Arrest G20 Protest Organizer

In news from Canada, there have been developments in the case of Alex Hundert, the G20 protest organizer at the center of a free speech controversy. Hundert was arrested during the G20 summit in June and then held for three weeks. After his release, he was placed under strict bail conditions that astonished many legal experts in Canada. He was not allowed to speak to the media, he could not p…

Stand in solidarity with Toronto G20 prisoners

August 06, 2010 12:00

Canadian Embassy, west side of Trafalgar Square

Pics From Ian Tomlinson Protest


around 200 people listened to an open mic outside the offices of the director of public prosecutions yesterday afternoon, before taking to the streets and marching to the spot where ian tomlinson was attacked by policeman simon harwood.

A storm is brewing...


Check out the full report for context.

We need to support each other


Sam Rigg-David of the Sean Rigg Justice Campaign. There will be a protest in October, check back for more info.

Check out the full report for context.

Speaking from the Heart


Sadly I didn't catch the beginning of this one. Check out the full report for context.

... still no peace


Although most people had already left at ten minutes past two, the last 25 people left for another march through the city, ending up back at Rose Court. With a few more people the energy would have been even more awesome. Sadly everyone seemed to have urgent appointments (at the pub?). Again the street was taken, and besides similar slogans as before "No Justice, No Peace..." Wwhose street? Our St…

No Justice No Peace...


About 200 people rallied today at Rose Court after it was announced that there will be no prosecution for Ian Tomlinson's murder during the G20 demonstrations in London in April 2009. Quite a few people took the opportunity to express their anger and grief, about Ian Tomlinson and everyone who has died at the hands of the police. Then the crowd took to the streets and after a short halt at Bank we…

Marching into the City


Repost taken from The Vast Minority blog.

Ian Tomlinson Memorial and Protest

July 30, 2010 12:00


outside the offices of Keir Starmer the Director of Public Prosecutions

Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HS

Speakers: Ian Cameron of the George Davis Defence Campaign


After London, hot reception for G8/G20 in Toronto


The G8/G20 jamboree rolled up in Toronto Canada last week. Not to be outdone by the authorities in London last April, over a billion dollars has been spent on security, $4million alone on fencing, and 20,000 cops on duty to stomp on dissent. After the third day of protests on Saturday, the arrest figure stood at around 400. By the end of Monday it exceeded 900 - the highest level of mass arrests i…

: BBC: Toronto man arrested over G20 summit 'plot'

A man in Toronto has been charged with possession of explosives in what police say is an arrest related to a G20 summit in the Canadian city.

Police said Byron Sonne, aged 37, was held after a raid on a home in midtown Toronto.

They said the investigation was part of the ongoing effort to ensure "a safe and secure G20 Summit" held in Toronto this weekend.

Local media said more than 50 offic…

: Dissident Island - on the road to nowhere...

Download the latest Dissident Island Radio - Episode 60 - 18 June 2010 - Featuring:


: Mayday Meltdown

Thousands of people took to the streets of London for International Worker's Day starting from Clerkenwell Green, whilst many turned out to attend the Mayday Meltdown organised by the same people as the G20 demonstration last year. The four horsemen of the apocalypse converged on Parliament square, from different locations carrying effigies of Griffin, Clegg, Cameron and Brown. They were then…

Ian Tomlinson Vigil – Pix-&-Vidz – Thu 01 Apr 10


Dateline: Ian Tomlinson Vigil, Cornhill, London, UK, 10:55-11:40, Thu 01 Apr 10 – Scenario: Citizen A assaults Citizen B in broad daylight, on video, by striking with a blunt infantry weapon and by shoving Citizen B to the ground; minutes later Citizen B is dead.

Q: What happens to Citizen A?

A1: If it were you or I, no doubt we'd be banged up in jail.

A2: But if Citizen A is a body-armoured, wea…

Remember Ian Tomlinson


One year after Ian Tomlinson was killed by police officers on his way home from work during the G20 protests [1 | 2 | 3 ] the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign laid down flowers at the spot where he died [pics and report]. The protests were marked by excessively aggressiv policing, and only recently victing of a raid of a occupied convergence centre where awarded compensation, while the officer…

Remember Ian Tomlinson


One year after Ian Tomlinson was killed by police officers on his way home from work during the G20 protests [1 | 2 | 3 ] the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign laid down flowers at the spot where he died. The protests were marked by excessively aggressive policing, and only recently victims of a raid on an occupied convergence centre were awarded compensation, while the officer who was caught on tape …

: G20 police officer cleared of assault

Sgt Delroy Smellie denied attacking Nicola Fisher, 36, of Brighton, at the G20 demonstration in London in April last year, and was cleared of assault.

Space Hijackers G20 charges all dropped by CPS


All charges against the Hijacker 11 have been dropped

In the months leading up to London's G20 Summit in April 2009, the British press hyped up police warnings of an impending Summer Of Rage when public anger would erupt over the government's bank bailout. The streets would burn and anarchists would …

Dissident Island Radio - tune in tonight!

July 02, 2010 21:00


whitechapel, and pumpin' out of your stereo!

Candlelit vigil to remember Ian Tomlinson

December 01, 2009 18:00


Tuesday 1st December

from 6pm - 7.15pm

At: Royal Exchange by Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LL

Nearest tube: Bank


Climate Camp G20 Judicial Review Granted

Climate Camp Protestors win battle for High Court scrutiny of G20 Policing

Publication date: 25 November 2009

Protestors who were ‘kettled' and beaten during the Fossil Fool's day protest outside the Climate Exchange on 1st April 2009 have won the first round of a battle to hold the senior Metropolitan Police officers involved accountable. Granting permission for their judicial review to proceed…

HMIC Policing Protest Report Condems Police

The long awaited second report by Denis O'Connor, the chief inspector of constabulary, is critical of many aspects of public order policing which alienate the public and infringe the right to protest.

The report "Adapting to Protest - Nurturing the British Model of Policing" looked at the now infamous policing of the G20 protests in london as well as the Climate Camp protest at Kingsnorth and oth…