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Until Our Land Is No More.


The city of Bonn hosted the UN Climate Change Conference last month (14-25 May). Over 3'000 representatives from 181 countries participated in the talks which are supposed to outline an extension for the Kyoto Protocol (1997). This is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change, and the mandate ends later this year. The signing parties of the Kyot…

windsor eco-occupation (regularly updated)


a group calling themselves 'diggers2012' and loosely affiliated with the occupy movement, are attempting to set up an eco-village on a piece of disused land on the windsor great park estate.

this article is getting regular updates (including an arrest and court hearing) so keep checking back

April/ May sorta Critical Mass ride report

The ride last Friday (25th May 12) was pretty huge. The first ride of the summer always seems to go like this. So, last month - April - was rainy and grim and only a few hundred turned out.

Dissident Island Radio - Episode 105

June 01, 2012 21:00


LARC - and pumpin put yer stereo...

Critical Mass London: Police violence at well-attended Critical Mass

Police violently attacked cyclists in May's Critical Mass demo through London last Friday.

At least two people were arrested as mounted police provoked and terrorised the monthly ride that pushes for the rights of cyclists to ride around London without being harrassed or intimidated by other road users.

In one incident on Charing Cross Road, police became embroiled in an incident where a black c…

Film on Murray Bookchin


Spectacle productions need help making a film on the political thinker Murray Bookchin, the founder of the social ecology movement. Please visit here.

BOOKCHIN ON BOOKCHIN is an independent feature-length documentary about the life and times of Murray Bookchin, who made history as the founder of the social ecology movement and was a significant social theorist on the Left. Bookchin was an a…

"A Life without Money" book launch

May 30, 2012 19:30

Bolivar Hall,

54 Grafton Way,

London W1T 5DL,

Occupy Oil the Sequel and #RIPShell


“These people have more rights than us” was the response of the police to an irate driver.  He was attempting to refuel at the Shell Garage in Old Street, London.  Protesters had managed to blockade the station in the last action of a very successful day against Shell Oil.

Activists from Occupy Oil in solidarity with Anonymous UK closed the station for almost an hour. The protesters were ca…

protests at shell annual general meeting 2012


yesterday was the annual general meeting of oil giant, shell. the main international AGM took place in holland at the hague, but uk shareholders joined in by videolink at a meeting at the barbican. despite a massive security operation, the AGM was hit both outside and in by a stream of activists from 'rising tide' 'occupy oil', 'shell to sea', and 'tar sands uk' among others.

this short film…

Spectre of Shell Reapers hangs over AGM


today was the annual general meeting of oil giant, shell. the main international AGM took place in holland at the hague, but uk shareholders joined in by videolink at a meeting at the barbican. despite a massive security operation, the AGM was hit both outside and in by a stream of activists from 'rising tide' 'occupy oil', 'shell to sea', and 'tar sands uk', among others. see: [ video of the acti…

Open Letter 'Enough is Enough' on Leyton Marsh!

CONTINUED ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS AT LEYTON MARSH We are sending this email to you and to local and national press, community, health and animal welfare organisations near to Leyton Marsh, London E10. Please see below a copy of a two-page open letter, from the Save Leyton Marsh campaign, for your urgent information and action as appropriate. We have sent the top copy of the open letter to the fol…


June 04, 2012 12:00



June 05, 2012 12:00



June 06, 2012 12:00



June 07, 2012 12:00



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June 09, 2012 12:00



Newsnight: Take the Flour Back defend Direct Action

Jyoti of Take the Flour Back defends the role of direct action in defending farmers and our food system.... and cuts through all that GM 2.0 nonsense.

Ever taken part in a public consultation? Maybe you took part in the UK's biggest ever public consultation "GM nation", well guess what, they didn't listen, despite a resounding 'NO' from the British public, the government has carried on pumpi…

Summer Board Games and Picnic

June 30, 2012 13:00


Furtherfield Gallery

McKenzie Pavilion

Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ

ODA Meeting: Why So Scared To Have Your Statements

On Tuesday night there was a meeting of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Lea Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) and local residents at a small nursery on Riverside Close, Hackney to discuss the 'reinstatement works' for the marsh.

Anti-nuclear protest hits Centrica AGM


On Friday 11 May, Stop Hinkley, Kick Nuclear and friends held a two dozen-strong demo outside the AGM of Centrica (owner of British Gas) at the QE2 Centre in Westminster. Recent news reports suggest that Centrica may be getting cold feet about partnering with EDF Energy in its nuclear new build projects at Hinkley Point in Somerset and other sites in England. This protest aimed to reinforce the me…

Shift Magazine: “A Vaguely Useful Thing?”- the Big Six Energy Bash

In February 2011, Climate Camp produced a statement which contained the following: “As a movement, to be relevant, we need to move with the times. Therefore the Camp for Climate Action has decided, after much discussion and reflection, to change.”


This meant no more national Climate Camps, with the intention being to “allow new tactics, organising methods and processes to emerge in …

Imprisoned 4 telling the truth about the Olympics

On Thursday 26th April Mike Wells, a citizen journalist who writes for the Games Monitor website, was filming unsafe working practices on Leyton Marsh at the chaotically managed Olympic construction site.

As a result of his attempt to film and draw attention to the unsafe practices of an excavator working close to pedestrians on Sandy Lane (the pathway running adjacent to Leyton Marsh), Mike was …

Connecting The Dots of climate pollution


Today many activists including; envirionmentalists, occupiers and supporters, gathered at St Paul’s for Climate Impacts Day and International Stop the Tar Sands Day to #ConnectTheDots between people, polluters, power and profit. The Occupy General Assembly heard from communities impacted by the extreme flooding in Pakistan, explored the most devastating industrial operation on Earth, endangering…

SURVIVING PROGRESS+panel discussion

May 17, 2012 20:30


Tricycle Cinema, 269 Kilburn High Road, London 

Big 6 Bash Roundup


A roundup of the Big 6 Bash mass action at the UK Energy Summit, targetting the big corporations and government who are pulling in profits while people suffer from fuel poverty, climate change and cuts.

Big 6 Bash - shutting down the UK Energy Summit


Today is the Big 6 Energy Bash- an action against the Big 6 energy companies and the government raking in billions of pounds while people suffer from fuel poverty, climate change and the cuts. Over 300 people are trying to shut down the UK Energy Summit.

Big Six Energy Bash targets Energy Summit


Around 300 people took part in the Big Six Energy Bash climate and cuts protest targeting the UK Energy Summit in London [pics].

Setting off in four blocks from different locations people converged on the summit and there were several attempts to get inside the hotel venue.

By 12.30 there had been at least two arrests with one person reported to be unconscious (unconfirmed). At 1.30pm the protes…


June 03, 2012 18:00


Criminal neglect at Leyton Marsh


The Olympic Delivery Authority, Waltham Forest Council, Lea Valley Regional Park Authority and Nussli AG put the building site workers and community at risk to save face.