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Dissident Island Radio: Cuts Cafe interview, Porn & Capitalism and more...

This 109th Dissident Island Radio features some lovely people running London’s Cuts Cafe, a radical space in the belly of the beast designed to allow for movement building in the run-up to the TUC demo on October 20th. We also hear about porn, capitalism and sexual desire. Does one lead to the other? Could you have anarcho-porn? And as always the show features rabble rousing, tunes, an…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island Radio - Episode 103 ready to go

Episode 103 of Dissident Island Radio features:

- Our friend Carl live in the studio giving an insider's perspective on prisoner solidarity. He gives some nice ideas on how to offer support and what to say in those all important letters.

- People from SQUASH and the ASS talking about the future of squatting in England and Wales post Clause 145, and what's going to change once the ban comes into effe…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 103

May 04, 2012 21:00




June 03, 2012 18:00


Dissident Island Radio: show 101 - UK Uncut, Corporate Watch, NHS demo...

Dissident Island Radio - April 6 2012 - On episode 101 we heard from:

- Dan from UK Uncut talking their impending legal action against HMRC and Goldman Sachs in a bid to recoup £20 million in tax revenue.

- Corporate Watch in Part 1 of a discussion of tax avoidance by companies involved in private healthcare & privatisation.

- Nick from Housman's bookshop telling us about the entrants to thi…

Dissident Island Radio - 100 episodes old!


Friday 16 March 2012 marked the 100th episode of Dissident Island Radio - our centenary! And with that in mind we decided to make it a bit special. Alongside the usual mix of music, banter, and special guests on the mic we be heard an extended piece on the consolidation of neoliberal capitalism in Europe post 'crisis'. The discussion focuses primarily on the situation in Ireland, Spain, and Gre…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 100

March 16, 2012 21:00



www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 99 ready for download

On this show before the party Dissident Island came at you from

every angle, wild and whacky, energetic and up-for-it - featuring a plethora of

politics to make you ponder and tunes that'll have you pumpin' up the volume to

eleven and a half. Look forward to hearing...

- the latest news from the ZAD, an autonomous zone airport expansion protest

and experiment in sustainable living located in France

- fo…

ASS & D*I Radio bring you...Dissident Dinosaur!

March 10, 2012 22:00


21 sutherland rd - E17 6BJ


call party lines on the night for location: 07570 189 222 // 07539 463 226



the show before the party - D*I - episode 99

March 02, 2012 21:00


pumpin out your stereo

Dissident Island Radio: Listen to #98! SQUASH, M31, No Borders and more...

Episode 98 promises to be an action packed adventure for all the family. This time round we've got:

  • Members of the SQUASH campaign discussing the legal aid bill, political motivations and tactics.
  • Some nice people over from Germany to talk about the global M31 mobilisation against capitalism, discussing their plan to link radical campaigns, and potential actions against neoliberal austerity…

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 97 ready for download

On this show we've got all sorts of stuff and things from here there and

everywhere. We'll be hearing from La Quadrature du Net about ACTA, censorship

and the enclosure of the internet commons.

We'll be hearing from a member of the drive cooperative, discussing London's

newest housing coop. A person from No Borders will be in tonight too, talking

to us about the No Borders Convergence from 13-18…

Dissident Island Radio: Occupy! Resist! Create! Download the latest show..

Dissident Island Radio - 20 January 2012 - episode 96:


Comin' back at you fresh in 2012 with a hot and incredibly topical show as always, we'll be...

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 93

November 18, 2011 21:00


www.dissidentisland.org  //  www.catalystradio.org



Video: Michael Albert: On ZNet + what's wrong with facebook + twitter


Filmed at the Rebellious Media Conference http://rebelliousmediaconference.org/

Michael Albert talking about Znet, facebook and twitter, and new political social network alternatives and ideas around zsocial.

http://www.zcommunications.org currently down due to dos

dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 91 ready for download

On our coop special (episode 91) we had noises from:

- Karola at the well-known and loved Cowley Club, a cooperative social centre in Brighton.

- James from Redfield, an intentional community, giving us the lowdown on his travels around and observations of the UK cooperative housing scene.

- Heavy D, discussing cooperative social care provision.

- Jo, on the ins and outs of being part of the actor's c…

Dissident Island Coop Special tonight! 9pm+

October 21, 2011 21:00


LARC - and pumpin' out your stereo...

a happy bassy dissident birthday - D*I turns 4!


Tonight your local DIY radio crew Dissident Island are set to broadcast their 87th episode - coming to you live and direct from 9pm onwards, the show will feature lots of audio surprises and a farewell set from Dissident Island DJ Deadly Buzz. This episode also marks four years of live, twice monthly, Friday night broadcasts from Dissident Island...celebrate! [click to read more] [show info]

Hack The Media - 1st DIY video media workshop

July 25, 2011 18:30

London Hackspace

Laboratory 24

37 Cremer Street, E2 8HD - 2nd floor Directions and info:http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Laboratory_24/Getting_There



D*I Radio - Stop the rot, squat the lot!

July 15, 2011 21:00


LARC - and pumpin' out your stereo

No sandwiches tonight, just motherf*ckin radio!

June 17, 2011 21:00


pumpin out yer stereo - riding the Catalyst Radio internet airwaves!

Acoustic Insurgency with Dissident Island Radio

June 26, 2011 19:00


the Grosvenor, Stockwell

Dissident Island Radio - episode 83

June 03, 2011 21:00


pumpin out yer stereo...

On the Island of Dissidents in Spring Time


Dissident Island Radio has been having a pretty active spring so far - with several shows, parties (both past and upcoming) as well as organising a new and exciting project - Catalyst Radio!

Here's the low-down on what the islanders have been up to recently, containing links to archives of recent radio shows, as well as information about what we are preparing for the near future. Read more and enj…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 80

April 15, 2011 21:00



www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Mar. 18 show ready for download

For episode 78, the Dissident Island Crew put together something extra hot.. A Sex Worker Special! The show features:

* Ava Caradona from x:talk discussing sex work and border regimes

* Claire, speaking candidly about her experiences of the vulnerabilities of working in different sex work settings

* Luca, a queer sex worker, political activist, and Open Sex Workers' University organiser, talking…

Sex Worker Special - the interviews


Have a listen to the separate interviews that featured on our Sex Workers' Special.

Alt Media, Reporting and Live Info for 26March


Indymedia London is covering the protests, events and actions in the run up to March 26th and on the day will publish a breaking news timelinefeature articles, and links to other sources of coverage. On the day you can:

  • Text sms news updates direct to the Indymedia London website on 07943 103 736
  • Call in breaking news reports to 07929 469 640 
  • A mobile friendly version of the websit…

London Zine Symposium 2011

April 17, 2011 12:00


12noon - 6pm

The Rag Factory, Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ ENTRY FREE/ DONATION

www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Feb. 18 show ready for download

Episode 76 features words from the Cardiff Unemployed Daytime Disco, followed by a live chat with Zebedee about the Lewisham library occupation and the aboutlordbrowne website. Finally, we head up to Manchester to hear about legal proceedings against opponents to airport expansion.

The show also features details of our upcoming party, our swear word competition, music from deadlybuzz, and the us…