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Dissident Island Radio - 100 episodes old!


Friday 16 March 2012 marked the 100th episode of Dissident Island Radio - our centenary! And with that in mind we decided to make it a bit special. Alongside the usual mix of music, banter, and special guests on the mic we be heard an extended piece on the consolidation of neoliberal capitalism in Europe post 'crisis'. The discussion focuses primarily on the situation in Ireland, Spain, and Gre…

Demotix: 'Dance against deficit lies' outside Bank

Activists staged a one hour dance session outside Bank at 1300 hours to highlight the way the deficit is being used to withdraw funding from the arts sector. London, UK, 14/01/2011

: Unions demonstrate against Con-Dem cuts

Around 500 marched from the RMT (National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers) head office to Bedford Square to continue to demonstrate against the spending cuts. London, UK. 23/10/2010.

: SOAS activists occupy BIS

Around 20 people walked into the Department for Business Innovation & Skills making themselves at home just after 8pm, setting up tents, unravelling banners with one eve climbing light rigging inside the lobby. London, United Kingdom, 20/10/2010.

: Hundreds protest against Osborne's Spending Review

Hundreds of union members took to the streets of London to protest against the Chancellor's Spending Review which was delivered today. London, United Kingdom, 20/10/2010.

: Protests at Tory Conference

Over 3,000 people descended on Birmingham city centre to protest against cuts in public spending on the opening day of the Conservative Party conference. Birmingham, United Kingdom, 03/10/2010

: Power 2010 Trafalgar Square

Power 2010 joined with other organisations in Trafalgar Square in order to take back Parliament, with many people with wearing purple and carrying purple banners - the colour of democracy. London, United Kingdom, 08/05/2010.

Beware English Democrat extremists

The English Democrats are posing as a moderate alternative to the BNP in the Euro Elections. Sadly they are cultivating unsavoury links with another neo-Nazi group.