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Third Estate: A Message to Critical UK Uncut Activists

Much of what I wanted to say about the fallout from the mass arrests at Fortnum and Mason has already been said in the letter from SolFed to UK Uncut, but in the face of recriminations of the black bloc by many liberal supporters of UK Uncut I thought I would add a voice.

Learning curves are steep. Watching the footage released by the Green and Black Cross of the arrest it was interesting to not…

ukuncut: A message for arrestees at Fortnum and Mason

You might be feeling pretty exhausted right now. Or worried. Or angry. Whatever you're feeling, it's important to know you're not alone in it. We acted as a group inside the store and we are still a group now. And an amazing group at that: a group that stood up (or sat down!) for what we know is right. A group that made decisions together, who stayed together and who left together. Who togeth…

Youtube: what really happened

March 26th London Protests - What Really Happened

at 13:00 into the video:

"The Egyptian police were joining their revolution...and what do ours do? They attack us. So please take that into account when you're watching the news, or reading any articles about the 'violent protestors'."

Video Activist Network London

April 05, 2011 18:30


University London Union - Malet Street - WC1E 7HY - (room tbc, just follow the "visionOntv" signs)

IMC-UK: Why we took out Ann Summers on Saturday 26 March

A response to the confusion emerging from the broken Ann Summers windows on a march about... CUTS?!

We dropped the windows of an Ann Summers shop on Saturday 26 March. It commodifies the act of sex itself. This stands in contrast to the endless marketing of sexual attraction. There is a clear distinction between the notion that sex sells and selling sex. Sex is and should always be free. Fre…

26 March photos


Here's a link to a few Photos I took on 26 March...


Ceasefire Magazine: March for the Alternative: Exclusive Photos

Some exclusive photos of Saturday's protest.


M26: Latin American bloc - photos and report



British Workers, migrant workers, one class, one fight!

The Latin American Coalition Against Cuts (COLACOR) came together to form a Latin American bloc on the south London feeder march leaving from Kennington park. We were joined by activists from the IWW to demonstrate against the worst attack on the working class in living memory.


Reel News via Youtube: TUC March and UK Uncut action

Reel News say: The second biggest demonstration in British history...but it'll only mean something if it marks the start of a serious battle to bring down this government and everything they stand for. The anger that everyone who was there feels needs to be turned into a general strike as soon as possible.

(Thanks to Reel News for providing a 10 minutes video that glimpses the diversity of th…

Evening Standard: Thugs stripped off their anarchist 'uniforms' to h

Anarchists suspected of attacking banks and shops during the TUC march used extraordinary cat-and-mouse tactics to avoid detection.

Police now believe as many as 1,000 extremists rampaged through the West End on Saturday, causing millions of pounds' of damage to banks, hotels and stores. CCTV footage seen by the Evening Standard shows groups of black-clad thugs stripping off their "uniform" a…

Libcom.org: Broken Glass; perspective on TUC March


Broken Glass; perspective on March for the Alternative Submitted by JoeMaguire on Mar 28 2011 23:11

“The argument of the broken pane of glass is the most valuable argument in modern politics.”

Emmeline Pankhurst, whom Ed Miliband likened himself to this weekend.

the commune: 'this is just the beginning'...but of what?

We all know this march won’t stop a single cut

None of us really believe that marching from A to B convinces the government of anything much any more, still less the predictable and boring speeches at the end.  Labour didn’t listen to the million or more of us who marched against war eight years ago; and the ConDems won’t listen to us today.

Why should they?  This poses no threat to t…

Ecolabs: Just the beginning

Estimates of a half million people on the streets yesterday. The 26th of March was a great success but only the beginning if we hope to stop the destruction of decades worth of social progress, save education, social services and the NHS. I am proud of the people this weekend who are willing to stand up for what they believe. Because of them today there is just a little more hope that our resi…

Transition Heathrow blog: David Cameron - here is your big society

Saturday 26th March saw the biggest wave of protests in the UK since the march against the Iraq war back in 2003. First estimates suggest 500,000 people turned out to voice their opposition to the horrific cuts being imposed by the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition government. The majority chose to show their anger by marching to Hyde Park, others chose to smash windows and throw paint at the businesses who …

Owen Jones: About those “peaceful” suffragettes...

(Publisher's comment: Miliband is a politician - scum. I'm not sure I would support this defense of him below but the comments on the role of Suffragettes, and Miliband's completely incorrect reference to them in his speech, is interesting, especially in the context of the current mainstream "good" vs "bad" protestor rhetoric, providing us a bit of historical context of the role of direct action a…

Youtube: Newsnight interview Black Bloc, UK Uncut

Report on the events on March 26th, followed by Interview with UK Uncut on Newsnight (Shown 28th March) following Occupy for the alternative. On the 26th of March after the March for the alternative UK Uncut went to Oxford Street to Occupy for the alternative, culminating in the occupation of tax avoiders Fortnum & Mason. Newsnight spoke to Laurie Penny and Lucy Annson.

(Publisher's comment:…

Pics: Marching against the Cuts!


Loads of people and some nice signs.

Violence and Antiviolence

Violence and Antiviolence

The Guardian: Protesters can't disown the 'violent minority'

Protesters can't disown the 'violent minority'

Article by: Leah Borromeo

The state sees anyone who publicly opposes its policies as a threat. Protesters, violent or otherwise, are all in this together.

The day after any major demonstration always brings out the hungover "mostly peaceful, shame about the violent minority" mantra from the meeja-darling bloc. Whenever there's an alternative popular…

Oxford Circus to Picadilly


Going for a wander in Occupied London

#Extraterrestrials join #26March


Aliens are being stopped and search for no reason at all.

#M26: Odeon on Leicester Square occupied


London was a crazy, exciting and wonderful place on Saturday, 26 March. Taking a walk around town, and passing Leicester Square, we happened upon the occupied Odeon.

Guardian: GBC Video: UKuncut @ Fortnums Tricked by Police

Green & Black Cross legal observers took the footage inside Fortnum & Mason and handed it to UK Uncut, which passed it on to the Guardian 

Campaigners for the tax-avoidance protest group UK Uncut have claimed senior police officers "tricked" them into a mass arrest after a peaceful protest inside Fortnum & Mason's in London on Saturday.


Thugs hijack peaceful action in London!!


Saturday saw a small but violent minority of bankers, politicians and tax avoiders bring chaos to London. Police have identified several troublemakers by studying the FTSE 100 share index and are hopeful that prosecutions will follow. In the meantime they have warned the public to be on the lookout for the groups mysterious leader known as 'Osbourne'.

Meanwhile Police spokeman paid tribute to the…

Youtube: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason March 26.

Occupy Trafalgar Square for the Alternative

April 02, 2011 18:30


Trafalgar Square, Central London

visionontv: March 26 2011 - the grassroots story

The timeline of the events of the biggest protest in the UK since February 2003. Citizen reporters give the real story, as it happens. Embed this story and all the best anti-cuts videos: http://visionon.tv/web/grassroots/embed

#26march Trafalgar Sq in the evening Pics & Report


After a full day of determined activity, protest and action around central London hundreds of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square from around 5pm. For the first few hours the square turned into a big party with people dancing to several mobile sound systems, a samba band as well as enjoying live performances over an open mic. But later in the evening, at around 8pm, huge numbers of riot police…

March 26th: The Big One


In the run-up to March 26th, I developed two criteria by which to measure success: (1) it had to be big, i.e. the biggest thing since the February 15th anti-war march; and (2) it had to be a clear statement that the anti-cuts movement would not allow the TUC to strangle its militancy. On both counts I think it can broadly be considered successful.

Photos from March26March


People Power Pics