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Peace For Iran, Peace For Syria - NO TO WAR!

March 28, 2012 16:00


DEMO: Peace For Iran, Peace For Syria – NO TO WAR!

Peace For Iran, Peace For Syria – NO TO WAR! Wednesday 28th March, 2012 16:00 - 1800


Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street (off Whitehall)

Westminster, SW1A 2AH

United Kingdom

Parliament Demo Health and Social Care Bill

February 08, 2012 02:30

Where: Wed 8th Feb. Old Palace Yard Westminster SW1P. Opposite The Lords

When: 2.30 - 8.30 p.m. Bring banners and placards and everyone you know!

Demo "Don't Attack Iran"

January 19, 2012 12:00


Peace Strike




Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street

Westminster, SW1A 2AH, United Kingdom

12 – 2pm,


Thursday 19th January 2012


Bring banners, whistles enthusiasm and energy!


This is the start of the BIG PEACE OFFENSIVE to prevent a war with Iran.

Ian Bone: Route for November 9th demo confirmed

The route will take the march from its starting point on Malet Street, through Trafalgar Square and up the Strand, before passing St Pauls’s and rallying at Moorgate Junction

Video: Strike Occupy Resist! - Block the Bridge!



Video of the UKuncut 'Block the Bridge, Block the Bill' NHS action which saw up to 3000 blockading Westminster Bridge on Sun 9th October 2011. 



Music by Cosmo - Strike! Occupy! Resist! (Flapsandwich Re-Rub)


download the tune FREE here:


www.dissidentisland.org: Dissident Island - Episode 88 ready for download

Episode 88 of Dissident Island sees some of the crew crawl back after their summer hiatus to bring you the latest from the streets of London and beyond.

We had a bit of a look back at the month of August - with riots and multiple deaths at the hands of the police it's been a busy one.

There were words from Tower Hamlets ALARM about what to expect from September 3rd's EDL demonstration in Tower Ha…

Dissident Island Radio tonight - Episode 88

September 02, 2011 21:00


www.dissidentisland.org     //    www.catalystradio.org

Demo at Barnados Head Office


On June 6th 2011, activists visited Barnados HQ in Barkingside Essex to protest against their involvement with the UK Border Agency. Campaigners gave out leaflets informing Barnados staff of the work that Barnados will be doing at the  soon-to-be-opened "pre-departure accommodation facility" near Gatwick and urging them to express their concerns about this to Barnados management.

Barnardo's cha…

Arts Against Cuts March Weekend

March 12, 2011 11:00


University of London Union (ULU)

Mallet Street



United Kingdom

PCS: Scrutiny of cops' plans for 26 March demo

London police chiefs will be quizzed by MPs and Lords tomorrow over their tactics for the trade union 'March for the alternative' in the city on Saturday 26 March.

Members of the joint parliamentary committee on human rights have already expressed concerns about police trapping demonstrators in so-called kettles during recent protests.

The committee will take evidence from police and represe…

Blog: Early Day Motion for banning kettling

Katy Clark, Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for a ban on the use of ‘kettling’ by police as a way of managing crowds at protests or demonstrations.

Public condescension for the technique has become much more vocal in recent months since the use of the technique at student fees demonstrations last year, with cases such as Alfie Meadows bringi…

Sternchen Productions: Afghanistan: Time To Go-Video Report

Called by Stop the War Coalition, CND and British Muslim Initiative

around two thousand at downing street cuts protest


protestors filled whitehall this evening in protest at the savage cuts announced by the con-dem government today.

: End Domestic Flights Now protest

Members of the Campaign Against Climate change gathered at City Airport calling for an end to domestic flights whilst also being against airport expansion. London, United Kingdom, 04/09/2010.

: Zionists rally at Israeli Embassy

Over 200 Zionists gathered near the Israeli Embassy to counter demonstrations by the Palestinian people and defend Israel's raid on the Gaza flotilla. Members of the English Defence League also attended the rally. London, United Kingdom, 03/05/2010.

: Palestinians continue protest at Israeli Embassy

Despite the torrential rain a few hundred protesters gathered on Kensington Road opposite the Israeli embassy still outraged over the murderous activities of the Israeli Navy Seals. London, United Kingdom, 01/06/2010.

: Huge Flotilla protest swamps Downing Street

Hundreds of people swamped Downing Street following attack by Israel killing at least ten on the 'Free Gaza Flotilla' which was carrying constructions supplies, medical aid and school books to Gaza. London, United Kingdom, 31/05/2010.

: State opening protest in London

A number of different protest groups gathered on Parliament Square during the State opening this morning. London, United Kingdom, 25/05/2010.

: London solidarity with Greek strikes

A number of Greeks gathered outside their embassy in Holland Park to show solidarity and strength for the Greek people and the protests that have been continuously waged on the streets regarding the austerity measures. London, United Kingdom, 05/05/2010.

: March for England in Brighton

Around 100 supporters of the March for England campaign took to the streets of Brighton to celebrate St. George's Day at noon, after gathering at the train station. Brighton, England, 25/04/2010.

: London's World day for animals in laboratories

At least 2,000 people took to the streets of London after meeting at Cavendish Square in strength and unity to protest against animals in laboratories worldwide and the horrible practices they are put through as a result of testing and experiments. London, United Kingdom, 24/03/2010.

: UAF protest BNP in Croydon

Over 50 UAF and PCS protesters demonstrated against the BNP rally at Lunar House in Croydon today. Some tried to get into the BNP area and cause trouble. At least one arrest was made.

: Protest at Counter Terror Expo in London

A small group of protesters gathered outside Kensington Olympia to speak out against the counter terror expo, sponsored by arms company Thales and organised by Clarion events. London, United Kingdom, 14/04/2010.

Thousands march to defend welfare state


Over 10,000 trade unionists and campaigners marched through central London today to defend the welfare state and public services. The march was called by the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) and supported by all the major trade unions. It was designed to frame the election debate and send a clear message to all prospective MPs of the opposition to cuts.

Pensioners were prominent on the…

: Demonstration at HM Holloway Prison

Demonstration outside HM Holloway prison called by 'London No Borders' in support of the three Yarl's Wood hunger strikers who were transferred to the prison and detained without charge. London, United Kingdom, 03/03/2010.

: Protest outside Defence and Security Organisation

Around one hundred protesters attend a demonstration outside the Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) based in Kingsgate House on Victoria Street. The protest was organised by SPEAK, a network who connect young adults and students to campaign and pray about issues concerning global injustice. London, United Kingdom. 01/03/2010.

Save Whittington Hospital's A&E


Thousands of protesters have gathered to march against proposals to close the accident and emergency (A&E) department at north London's Whittington Hospital. The protest was organised by the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition. The hospital may have to merge its A&E with London's Royal Free Hospital due to NHS cutback plans.

Photos from demo against police brutality 4 April


Some photos from the demo at Bank on Saturday 4 April against police brutality in the wake of the G20 policing and the death of Ian Tomlinson. Not to be confused with the somewhat larger demo this Saturday.

Activists disrupt Israel's PR operation

Activists disrupted the offices of the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) in central London this morning. The lobby group's media centre, which is playing a key role in Israel's public relations operation during the assault on Gaza, was shut down as protesters occupied the building.

Photographs of civilian casualties from Gaza were pasted on to the computer screens of publi…