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dayx2: Demo leaving Trafalgar Square 12 noon


Dayx2 gainst cuts and student fees: About 600-800 people met at Trafalgar Square at noon.

Almost on the minute at 12 the crowd started mooving, but the police had blocked off Whitehall completely with vans and police lines.

The whole demo spontanously - to the suprise of the police - turned right into St James Park.

Slade School of Art has been Occupied


The SLADE SCHOOL OF ART has just been occupied by students, which means two buildings in the stunning UCL campus are now under occupation.  They are planning 3 days of alternative education, art, activism and disobedience this weekend,  from Friday night 3rd to Sunday 5th December.

NCAFC statement on DayX2 london demo policing

After, in good faith, having provided thorough information and help to the London Metropolitan Police yesterday, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

is appalled with the police aggressiveness towards students protesters in London today.

Whitehall had been, despite the Met’s agreement with the route to follow, pre-emptively blocked.

Several police vans (including one with horses for …

UCL Occupation Respond to Police Aggression


Wordpress: The Return of the Public

At the weekend I spoke at the student occupations at UCL and Cambridge University. I was incredibly impressed by the levels of organization and the commitment to collective decision-making. The students are learning very rapidly how to coordinate their activities, how to decide on objectives, and how to pursue their objectives. They are also avoiding most of the pitfalls that have beset simil…

White Flag Revolution

December 01, 2010 10:00

Downing Street

Lewisham's democracy


Labour's Lewisham Council votes Mayor Bullock's cuts in behind closed doors, and defends the vote by riot police.

Hide And Seek at student demo: cops keep fit


LIVE TIMELINE (for info on what happened when) and check TUMBLEWIRE too

After the Lewisham Council meeting was disrupted the previous night [video 1, 2; article 1, 2] with mainstream reporting 4 arrests, and Top Shop being blockaded, there was a call for the 2nd day of action, or DayX2, against the cuts today. A Kettle Carnival is announced for noon at Trafalgar Square, as well as a Black Triangl…

Lewisham Town Hall Storming - Report


Inspired by the recent student protests and angry about proposed local cuts people in Lewisham stormed the Town Hall where a vote on the cuts was taking place after the number of people allowed into the meeting was cut.

Around 100 people tried to force their way into the building. Extra riot police were sent to the town hall along with police horses and dogs to disperse the protest using force.

Angry Clashes at Lewisham Town Hall

ANGRY clashes broke out in Lewisham, London, on Monday night as police stopped campaigners from attending a key council meeting.

Clashes with police at Lewisham Town Hall


Video of clashes with police at Lewisham Town Hall 29/11/10 when protesters interrupted a crucial council meeting.

Direct Action : ConDem Cuts

November 30, 2010 12:30


"Building the Big Society 2010 Conference"

Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

108 Stamford Street

South Bank

London SE1 9NH

words from a police kettle


David Graeber and Clare Colomon speak from inside the police kettle on 24th November 2010.

Flashmob blockades Top Shop in solidarity


"Philip Green, national thief, pay your tax or we won't leave!" and "Philip Green's taxation could pay for Education" are two of the chants causing Top Shop in Oxford Street to try turning up the music to drown out the protests in Oxford Streets TopShop flagship store. 

One Top Shop employee begged flashmobbers to trash the store, explaining that even though Top Shop's profits have risen by 19%, e…

Coalition of Resistance conf - report and comment


more than 1300 people came from all over the country to yesterday's COALITION OF RESISTANCE (CoR) conference at the camden centre. it is clear that students have kick-started a game-changing new era in british politics and there is a real sense that the cuts can be defeated and a new order may just be possible. my only reservations are about the inevitable manouevreings of the old left who hope to…

24/11 Demo Roundup + Analysis

What REALLY happened on Wednesday in Whitehall? A whole generation of london kids got a crash course in protest politics.

newstatesman.com: Inside the Whitehall kettle - an account

It's the coldest day of the year, and I've just spent seven hours being kettled in Westminster. That sounds jolly, doesn't it? It sounds a bit like I went and had a lovely cup of tea with the Queen, rather than being trapped into a freezing pen of frightened teenagers and watching baton-wielding police kidney-punching children, six months into a government that ran an election campaign on a platfo…

camden journal: classroom revolution

camden journal about school walkouts and SOAS occupation

More legal advice for student occupations

Advice from GBCLegal Team relating to possestion orders and injuntions for univeristy occupations.

Hard Times - for Police Credibility

Rounding off an extremely bad month (for them), the past 12 hours has been hard on police credibility as they try to address the fallout from the 24 November demos.  First, they denied that a serving officer discharged a BCF halon fire extinguisher point-blank into the faces of young demonstrators during the student demonstrations this past Wednesday.  However, with the help of one of our very ow…

mounted police charging protesters at whitehall


mounted police charging protesters, they said they didn't, my camera says they did.

Dear diary...describing the march ULU to Whitehall

If I kept a diary yesterday, this is what it'd look like...

Hot or Not - Don't #fail at #protest


Lots of people got stuck in the kettle on the day of action 24. November 2010. Many were ill prepared for being held against the will exposed to the elements without food or water. Here’s some dos and don’ts for the next round.

Read full article for the Hots and Nots in style, accesoires and preparation. Share with your mates!


  • hot: Shoes you can walk in comfortably for hou…

LSE students Occupy Simon Hugues office


Recent Student Protests news:

20 LSE students are currently occupying the offices of Simon Hughes, LieDem Deputy Leader at the Blue in Southwark.See pic below ...

Students occupying UEL Docklands

Students occupying a room in the East Building join rally in solidarity with UEL contract cleaners.

Next Day of Action – 30 November! DayX2

November 30, 2010 12:15



Organise: A committee in every college, A co-ordination for every city.

We need to keep up the momentum of the 24th: our campaigns need to speed up.

Wherever you are, organise something for Tuesday 30th November!

Guy: Protest Pics - beyond the corp media lines

As always awesome pics by Guy Smallman

Student Activism: Why wasn't #demo2010 trending on twitter?

Today’s massive student protests in Britain have produced a huge amount of Twitter traffic, much of it using the #demo2010 hashtag. But although a number of tags and phrases connected with the demonstrations have trended in the UK over the course of the day, #demo2010 has been strangely — and entirely — absent from the country’s trending topics list.

read full....

As of right now (n…

No Ifs, No Buts...!


This is not an exhaustive report. There were so many of us and everyone has their story to tell (why don't you tell your story?). So basically, they want to take away the right to education, and we won't let them. It was brilliant seeing all those people turn out, 13, 14 year old school kids amongst them. We started off at ULU. Everyone's really angry. How do those who got an education get to mess…

Women Against the Cuts Demonstration

November 30, 2010 17:00

The Treasury, Parliament Street (nearest tube Westminster)