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Parliament Square Demo 9 December


Demo in Parliament Square over raise of tuition fees, London, 9th December.

Dayx3: Short video from Parliament Square 2pm


A short video from Parliament Square around 2pm, people have broken through the police lines and are all over the square, heavy police presence protects the parliament.

Dayx3: Demo leaves Malet Street


Short video of the Dayx3 demonstration leaving Malet Street towards Russel Square.

DayX3: Betrayal and Anger


DayX3 ShutDownLondon: On the day that Parliament voted (narrowly) in favour of raising tuition fees, tens of thousands took to the streets in a display of anger. After gathering at 12 noon outside ULU in Malet Street [Video]. After a loud and powerful march police tried to stop the demo at Parliment Square, but protestors managed to break the police lines and occupied the square [Video] tearing do…

WAG: : They Weren’t Expecting That (Tower Hamlet’s)

They Weren’t Expecting That Posted on December 9, 2010 by whitechapelanarchist| Leave a comment

Hyped up by the bullshit scare mongering of The Evening Standard, tonight’s Tower Hamlet’s Council meeting in Poplar resembled fort knox with the Old Bill in overdrive. Metal fencing formed a ginormous kettle as you entered the surrounding area of Mulbery Place, countless police van…

DayX3: Which Side Are You On?


9th Dec: On the day Parliament will vote on Tuition Fees tens of thousands of students, higher education staff and supporters are due to demonstrate in London and Edinburgh in the latest of a month long series of protests [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] actions and over 30 occupations [1,2,3] including schools in london. With the student protests coinciding with the growth  of a wider anti-austerity cuts moveme…

Don't let the cops trample on you or your rights!

Don't let the cops trample on you or your rights while protesting. Download, print out and share the bust-card attached below. It contains essential info about your rights if arrested or during stop & search.

Why's this important? Even if you've done little or nothing wrong, if you don't know the score you may well find yourself fucked over by the cops. Those who don't know their rights often end…

London Occupations Teach-Outs today & Euston 5pm

From SOAS Occupation blog...


'Come all ye minds of intrigue. After a very successful teach-in day, it is time to once again break out of the university bubble. This time we take to the streets in a form of protest quite different than the usual. Our message that education and access to knowledge should be open and accessible to all will be made all a…

Today at the Goldsmiths Occupation


Update from the occupied library, and events today and this evening...

http://njcooke.blogspot.com/: Kettling at Student Protest 30/11/10

I filmed the last protests and thought many might be interested in seeing the result.


December 08, 2010 12:00

Holloway Road,London Met North Campus,Tower Building

SOAS Teach Out

December 08, 2010 10:00




For the day of action SOAS Students and Staff have decided to hold several creative protest to positively focus attention on the issues of higher tuition fees and cuts to Higher Education and to provide a day of free Education accessible for all, showing London why we value our education so much.


newsshopper: Students occupy Goldsmiths library

STUDENTS from Goldsmiths University have occupied the library in a protest over tuition fees.

Around 60 people are believed to have been in the New Cross building since 8.30pm last night (December 6), preventing staff from working.

A statement on the Goldsmith Occupation blog said: “We have occupied the university library in opposition to the increase in university fees and cuts in education as …

UEL's Public Symposium: Politics of Pain

December 08, 2010 15:00

UEL Centre for Cultural Studies Research


A Public Symposium: The Politics of Pain

8 December 2010, 15:00 to 17:00

'Pain' has become central to the discourse of the coalition government as it embarks on its cuts programme. The cuts are inevitable, we are told, and the pain must be shared in the interests of fairness. But is the pain necessary, should it be shared, is it really being …

Radical Education Skillshare

December 11, 2010 11:00

South London Gallery

65 Peckham Road

London SE5 8UH

UAL: Camberwell College of Arts Occupied


University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Art is now OCCUPIED!We now have an Amazing space at Wilson Road (SE5 8LU) which is occupied…!! The Lecture Theatre will become a space for students to plan action, make work and perform. It will act as a student union and catalyst to create ideas for action and organisation. We call for more support and involvement! The space is open and ev…

London Calling Student Protest

December 06, 2010 20:00



Solisarity with Greek Anti-Cuts Protesters!

December 06, 2010 13:00

The Greek Embassy

Nearest tube Holland Park!

John Pilger: The party game is over. Stand and fight...

The BA workers, the firefighters, the council workers, the post office workers, the NHS workers, the London Underground staff, the teachers, the lecturers, the students can more than match the French if they are resolute and imaginative, forging, with the wider social justice movement, potentially the greatest popular resistance ever. Look at the web; listen to the public's support at fire station…

A Public Seminar: The Politics of Pain

December 08, 2010 15:00

UEL Docklands Campus. Transport: Cyprus DLR station is located right next to the campus (just follow signs out of the station). Room  EB.G.14 (Ground Floor, East Building, which is to the left on entering the main square from Cyprus station)

2030 Zero Carbon Britain - Climate Change March


Hundreds of climate change campaigners yesterday spelt out a giant "2030" in Hyde Park - the date by which they want a 'Zero Carbon Britain'.

The stunt kicked off the latest Campaign Against Climate Change demonstration, which was part of a Global Day of Action on climate change taking place midway through the UN Climate Talks in Cancún, Mexico.

One report detailed Caroline Lucas MP saying that…

Wood Green Tax Dodgers - Topman & Boots targeted


An angry crowd of Haringey residents marched on Wood Green Topman and Boots shops this morning (Sat 4th Dec) in protest against the corporations' tax-dodging activities and against the government's cuts. Protesters gathered outside Boots with placards, leaflets and a banner reading "Make corporations not people pay". Read  more ...


UKUncut protest at Topshop


Protests at Topshop and other shops owned by tax evaders, Oxford Street, London, Saturday 4th December 2010

When this government let Vodafone get away with not paying a £6bn tax bill earlier this year they sent a very clear message to UK citizens: we are not all in this together. Ordinary people must accept savage public spending cuts, whilst rich corporations can avoid paying billions and billions…

bbc news: Topshop's flagship London store hit by tax protest

Campaigners against tax avoidance by big business forced Topshop's flagship store to temporarily close as they took action in 21 towns and cities.

Emergency General Assembly at UEL

December 08, 2010 13:00

University of East London, Docklands Campus, University Way, E16 2RD. DLR: Cyprus

London Oxford St Topshop Shut in Ukuncut Action


11.20am. As part of around 23 decentralised actions across the country London's Oxford Street Top Shop has been shut down by over one hundred UKuncut protestors.

People gathered inside the store shortly before 11am. Security began physically throwing out press or anyone with 'big lenses' whilst a sit down was held, stickers saying "this item is free"  were plastered about, and chants rang out


SOAS Cyber Demo on Tory Libdem Facebook


Yesterday after 11 days in occupation the students decided to have a bit of fun at the expense of the ConDem coalition social media mouthpieces.

Co-ordinated posts with profile pic letters made a nice banner down the pages :)

This is the result.

Brunel students protest at Vince Cable's Surgery


On Friday evening around 20 students from Brunel University visited Vince Cable's surgery in Twickenham to protest against his proposal to increase tuition fees.

Students set up camp outside the Business Secretary's surgery in sub-zero temperatures demanding answers for his decision to vote in favour of increasing fees. The group was joined by students from a local school, and support was offe…

London Met University North Campus Occupation


Last night some students from the London Metropolitan University occupied part of the university's North Campus in protest against the government cuts to Higher Education. They believe the suggested massive hike in fees and cuts to teaching budgets will irreparably damage student education in general and their university in particular.

A rally in support of the occupation was called for today at 12…

National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts

Take action now to defend the Welfare State. We will not pay for their crisis.