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10 of the Fortnum and Mason 145 found guilty


Ten of the Fortnum and Mason 145 were today found guilty of “Aggravated Trespass” with Judge Snow saying that they intimidated F&M staff. They were part of the 145 people arrested during the end of the ukuncut planned occupation of Fortnum and Mason during the massive anti cuts demonstrations on March26th 2011.

A statement by those found guilty said: "As the government’s cuts continue …

CPS Drop 109 Fortnum & Mason protest cases


Today the CPS have announced that they will be dropping 109 cases of the 145 arrested at Fortnum & Masons during anti-cuts demonstrations on March 26th. There remains 30 people who the CPS still plan on prosecuting, 13 of which have a trial set for November. But questions remain as to why the decision was taken to arrest 145 people staging a sit-down protest against tax dodgers and why they contin…

BBC: Fortnum and Mason protest charges dropped by CPS

Charges of aggravated trespass against 109 people accused of storming Fortnum and Mason have been dropped. A sit-in organised by campaign group UK Uncut was held at the luxury food store on Piccadilly, central London, in March in protest over alleged tax avoidance by the business's part-owners. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided the prosecutions were not necessarily in the public in…

Neil Jackson - Conflict: Parliament Square taken back (for an hour)

Parliament Square was temporarily occupied by activists during Thursdays union strike and march.

Chris Knight replies to his critics


Chris Knight's approach to revolutionary politics is very controversial. However, it is also thought-provoking, whether you agree with him or not. Here, he replies to his critics in the anarchist scene.

J30 trailer


At least 750,000 workers will be out on strike on June 30th, with more joining the action over pensions and other attacks all the time now. Resistance is growing, and here's a 4 minute montage of just some of the action over the past two months - all of which is on the new Reel News DVD, available from our website from Monday June 20th.

Info_usurpa 6th-12th June 2011

Weekly calendar of activities and events

youtube: Generation OS13

The new culture of resistence

Don't Panic - Organise!

June 01, 2011 19:00

Manor Gardens Centre, 10 Manor Gardens (off Holloway Road), London N7 6JS

Real Democracy Now Revolution

May 28, 2011 16:00

Join the Spanish Revolution against capitalism ! at the Spanish Embassy !

in bed with the resistance: So you think you're a radical?

I've always quite liked those essays and pamphlets that have from time to time been put out to confront politically active people with their own behaviour patterns. They tend to have a provocative edge and slightly supercilious note that I will attempt to emulate in this post. Because this one is for people who think of themselves as radicals. This is a post about how radicalism might not be radic…

Trafalgar Square Occupation 21 May

May 21, 2011 06:30


Trafalgar Square

Weekly Westminster Peace Presence

May 22, 2011 18:00


Parliament Square, Westminster

On the Island of Dissidents in Spring Time


Dissident Island Radio has been having a pretty active spring so far - with several shows, parties (both past and upcoming) as well as organising a new and exciting project - Catalyst Radio!

Here's the low-down on what the islanders have been up to recently, containing links to archives of recent radio shows, as well as information about what we are preparing for the near future. Read more and enj…

Freedom Press: Against the cuts, against the state

The red and black flags flying at the big anti-cuts demo on March 26th have prompted that question again. Why are anarchists – who are against the state – taking to the streets against cuts in public spending and state provision? I’ve been hearing this from potentially sympathetic folk, so it’s a question worth answering again.

Tories, New Labourites and others moot the ‘freedom’ of t…

Statement from Queer Resistance re: Events on 29th

On 29th April Queer Resistance the LGBTQI anti-cuts collective planned a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration in Soho incorporating a picnic breakfast, performances, a zombie blessing and marriage ceremony by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence followed by a zombie flash mob through Soho. 


Guardian: Police raid five squats before royal wedding

Police raid five squats before royal wedding

MP accuses police of launching pre-emptive strikes before royal wedding, but Scotland Yard insists raids are unconnected

Scotland Yard has raided five squats in London 24 hours before the royal wedding - a week after promising pre-emptive action to ensure the day is trouble free.

Three squats in Camberwell, south London, were raided on Thursday morn…

Met Police: Proactive raids across London

(poster says: don't believe everything you read on the internet...especially when it comes from the met!)

From Press Bureau at New Scotland Yard - last updated Thu 28/4/11 13:02

(Please refresh the page to ensure you see the latest update)

Telephone: 020 7230 2171

Proactive raids across London

Police have today (Thursday, 28 April) executed warrants at three addresses in London as part of in…

Londonist: Police Raid Squats Across London

At least two squats - including Rat Star Social Centre in Camberwell and OffMarket in Clapton - as well as Grow Heathrow's market garden area, have been raided by police this morning. We also hear that Petroseige and The Cave squats in Camberwell were the recipients of police attention.

According to journalist Laurie Penny, the Camberwell warrant was to look for stolen goods, yet the officers des…

Demonstration against Political Policing

April 29, 2011 12:00

Edgware Road Police Staion, 4 Harrow Road London W2

Trafalgar Square Anti-Cuts Occupation

April 23, 2011 18:30

Trafalgar Square, Central London

Policing and Protest in the Age of Austerity

May 05, 2011 17:15


Henry Thomas Room, London Met, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

youtube: Meggie, look how we missed you!

another homage to march 26 demo and f&m occupation

Trafalgar Square Anti-Cuts Occupation

April 16, 2011 18:30

Trafalgar Square, Central London

UK Inymedia: Solidarity for M26 arrested activists: GBC Benefit

In solidarity with ALL arrested activists from protests and direct action in London on March 26h, Anonymous Promotions have organised a benefit for Green & Black Cross, who are raising funds for their legal fees.

Red Pepper: The 2011 Budget and its global context

Hugo Radice picks apart Osborne's budget, and predicts difficult times ahead for the UK economy.

The massive turnout on March 26 in London provided a vital public repudiation of the ConDems' austerity programme.  But although opinion polls show that a large majority of the public say that the cuts in public spending are unfair and too fast, more than half still think they are necessary.  As oppo…

Infantile Disorder: The Black Bloc and 'Propaganda by Deed'

The intra-anarchist debate over the black bloc in the wake of the March 26th London demonstrations is the latest stage in a debate that has characterised anarchism - and indeed the radical left in general - since the mid 1800s. One hundred and fifty years on, the controvery is still raging. Where this disagreement has been comradely, it has shown a great strength of anarchism - the belief that a w…

Fortnum145 blog: We’re launching our campaign!

Hi! And thanks for visiting fortnum145.org!

Fortnum 145 is a campaign by friends and family to support the 145 people who were arrested and charged following the occupation of Fortnum and Mason on 26 March this year.

So far, we’ve been part shocked, part amused, by the awful media coverage of the events of that day. Media spin about violence and attacks has been undermined by footage actually ta…

PC Mark Kennedy spotted at TUC Demo


PC Mark Kennedy spotted at TUC demo

Vimeo: March for the Alternative video



Filmed over the day of anti-cuts protest on Saturday 26 March 2011 in London.

(c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk