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Youtube: Occupylsx Eviction - On The Barricade #occupylsx #

Filmed from the barricade at the eviction of Occupylsx. 

Email richardrowland@hotmail.com if you wish to licence the footage

New site occupied in Bloomsbury


At 10.30am, students, workers and residents from across Bloomsbury occupied a disused University property. From today, 53 Gordon Square will be renamed the "Bloomsbury Social Centre. The building has been empty for three years, subject to a legal dispute over its ownership. One of the claimants, the School of Oriental and African Studies, has this year announced that the property is to be redev…

Demotix: At least 4 arrests outisde Parliament under SOCPA


City police explained to me that protesters were being arrested under Section 152 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act of 2005. This was incorrect as this section is for the 'Power to seize etc. vehicles driven without licence or insurance'.

Sections 132 to 138 of SOCPA restrict the right to demonstrate within a "designated area" of up to one kilometre from any point in Parliament Sq…